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Full Version: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
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The Beatles – Yesterday

The Beatles – Hey Jude

The Beatles – Let it Be

well this the whole album if you got the time
Here is another one for your listing enjoyment
A couple of my favs midnight, here's a few more...Tongue


Rooftop concert

Quote:In 2006, George Martin and his son Giles were presented with a new project: a total mashup of the Beatles career into just over an hour, to be used for the new Cirque de Soleil of the name Love. The grammy-award winning album only uses Beatles recorded material to create a soundbed from the original two, four, and eight-track tapes. Using over 130 commercial and demo recordings, Love is, according to Giles Martin, "a way of re-living the whole Beatles musical lifespan in a very condensed period."
Verry cool you beat me to it. I think thats all of the albums. So its Beatles all day long.Got to love Hard Days Night and Help.Lots of memories there
I think thats the last of one ????Cool Or is it. What say U John. This is Old school Beatles at it's best
I think that's about it for original U.S. releases, Midnight.
First Ed Sullivan appearance.

All of those live performances are so fantastic! And I didn't think to look for complete albums, but they sound better than my vinyls, so it's great to have them now too. Thanks guys for all that work to post that all for us all Big Grin

There is so much that could be said about the posts and the Beatles, but I especially love "A Day in the Life” from Sgt. Pepper. IMHO that song is the crowning achievement of the group – a five and a half minute song composed of two suites – one by John Lennon, one by Paul McCartney – that are totally different in sound and texture, yet complement each other perfectly. The song features two cacophonous crescendos from an orchestra, the final one climaxing in a single E major piano chord that lasts 42 seconds. Awesome! The Beatles were definitely the most influential band and best song writers of the 20th century (or any other century for that matter).

The Beatles were so magnificent in so many way that I feel like I'm treading on holy ground by posting this next video, but I make change in the offering plate at church, so here it goes:

"Smack My Bitch Up" performed by the Beatles

^^^ SMBU: Clever, well done, obviously a lot of work but, unfortunately it's blasphemous in this thread. As is this (but it's catchy):

A Day in the Life was a reminder at the time that the Beatles stood alone as the best. And it has stood the test of time.
John and Yoko I love this song.And the sad ending of a legend
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