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Full Version: Haley's First Publicity Photo
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Does not say Pop Star in the making:

[Image: k4gkkg.jpg]

Stevie Nicks back in the day (October, 1975):

[Image: stevienicks1oct1975g.jpg] [Image: steveinicksbitd.jpg]
Now thats a class A pic of Haley.Back in the day Stevie was hot as hell,than comes Haley. A 21century hippy chick DA-DING
That should be the picture on her first album. the pic alone would sell millions
Looks like we're positioning ourselves to sell a line of jewelry here:

[Image: haleyjewlery.jpg]
WHY NOT all the other chicks have there own line of perfume, lipstick ,body spray, shoes ,socks, and underware so Haley can start her own line of things girls like
Haley, please bring bell bottoms back in style, gotta love em, btw, i love this pic !
I actually like the cropped photo better (on the cover of the new haley2.0 site)--the full photo of the bell bottoms make haley's legs look strange and deformed, and we all know she's got GREAT legs!