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Full Version: HeeJun music video released less than 2 weeks ago has 1,131,700 views
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Comment from a few days ago:

Quote:Why are the view and likes´╗┐ fake?

This video was featured on a very´╗┐ famous Korean Music site.

Lots of people view that site.

Heejun is now signed to Polaris Entertainment.

A Korean record company.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Quote:The video, directed by Sylvian White, boasts a guest appearance by rapper Pusha T and is a prelude to the release of Han's first EP on Polaris Records.

"To be honest, when [Pusha T] agreed to do it I was surprised," Han tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I thought he was more into the serious urban rap."

Equally surprising to the Idol alum? That former Pussycat Doll Vanessa Curry would come along for the ride. In the clip, she flirts with Han throughout a series of scenes, including a jamming party outside of the same motel featured in the video for "Free" by season 10 semifinalist Haley Reinhart.

...The 24-year-old Flushing, Queens, native describes "Bring the Love Back" as an "anthem" demanding love return to the world. One thing fans are questioning, however, is the use of auto-tune on the track. Han explains the decision to use the effect was not arrived at lightly. "It's not because I can't sing, but it was more of the mood and the atmosphere of the song itself," he says.

The video is nothing special (except for performers name recognition) but the song is contemporary and very well produced. An easy fit for radio and club play.