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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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Could it be the dark days of Haley Interent/social media absence might be over?
For all what we see lately I can say YEEES IMHO she increased her
participation on this sites and I'm really glad for that because she deserve
to be apreciate for too much people and the social/media nets can do that
I let Jeff know Haley posted his video on her FB and she thanked him for taping it
Quote:Thanks for the heads-up. And I think she nailed it with "random audience member Jeff Murphy" :-)"
Big Grin

I know it's not getting the popularity of Rachel's AATB vid post on Haley's FB, but this is the biggest bump in subscribers I've had in some time, almost 30. Haley's posted a video from my YT before, usually it results in a slight uptick in views, not so much subscribers.

I think this might be a result of the recent positive Haley news, possibly reviving dormant fans waiting for movement in her career
Quote:Kenny Poo ‏@SirKennyPoo Nov 18
Her risqué photo shoot was so hot I'm thinking a tasteful @HaleyReinhart @Playboy spread should be in order. Wink pic.twitter.com/P62mOqJrG1
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DrScanlon ‏@DrScanlon Nov 18
@SirKennyPoo @HaleyReinhart @Playboy Yes, I'll have a Guinness and a basket of Haley Hot Wings, please.
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Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 8m8 minutes ago
“@DrScanlon: @SirKennyPoo @HaleyReinhart @Playboy Yes, I'll have a Guinness and a basket of Haley Hot Wings, please.” U guys find everything Blush
Kenny you dirty old man Get your mind right
So much for his fight to end Global Sarcasm and the social digs against young people.
[Image: 10802694_765581956811532_59863099_n.jpg]

44 minutes ago
#tbt American Idols Live! Tour 2011. I'll never forget the people, the places, & the experiences. A 50 city international tour in sold out arenas... Anything is possible folks. #DreamOn #AI #memories #tourlife #Chicago to the #Philippines #sultry #songstress #BennyAndTheJets #HouseOfTheRisingSun
21 minutes ago
Feeling happy, motivated, & free... That's the way it outta be. #timeisoftheessence #intuitioniseverything #itsourworld #livefree #validation #manifestaion #appreciation
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nice selfie Heart


I wonder where the "free" part comes from.
I guess she got her way. Cool
So pretty! HeartSmile
I'd tweeted about how I still love the video for "Free"

Quote:Mike Stoddard ‏@MStoddard2 Dec 2
.@HaleysTusk we need another 50's retro time-traveler song like @HaleyReinhart's first video/single: "Free"

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk Dec 2
@MStoddard2 I still have visions/hope of @HaleyReinhart video for "Wonderland" done in a retro, #DianaRoss #Supremes

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk Dec 2
@MStoddard2 Have @HaleyReinhart play lead & back up singers, like @CaseyBassy in his vids, he could direct Wink #Hint

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 23m23 minutes ago
@HaleysTusk @MStoddard2 @CaseyBassy Funny.. I've wanted to do something like this for wonderland for so long haha.. Spot on Mr. Tusk! Wink

That she still has Casey tagged in the tweet makes me hopeful they might consider doing it Angel

She must still Heart "Wonderland" because she earlier retweeted my #TBT for it
(She was working her way backwards thru her mentions)

Quote:Haley Reinhart retweeted
Tusk @HaleysTusk · Dec 4
#TBT @HaleyReinhart "Wonderland" from "Listen Up!"

I think Mike was one of the people who thought I was working for, part of Haley's Team, he Tweeted this twice to me (after our video talk) , until I hinted to him I was just a fan, not connected to Haley, so he tweeted it again tagging Haley (then unfollowed me Tongue)

Quote:Mike Stoddard ‏@MStoddard2 Dec 3
The aircraft boneyard in Mojave was a great backdrop for #SMYM; use the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas for your next retro song @HaleyReinhart

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart · 41m 41 minutes ago
@MStoddard2 Thanks dude!

[Image: 10838459_1385273168437301_943183701_n.jpg]

14 minutes ago
I really can't stayyy, but baby it's cold outside! ? Get in the holiday spirit w/ @caseybassy & I. ? Check out our version on @iTunes & @Vevo ✨ #BabyItsColdOutside #Studio #video #recording #throwback #ItsTheHolidaySeason #Jazzy #Christmas #Classic