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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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They likely brought the vinyl records to the show.

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(09-04-2017, 03:06 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]I thought the 45 was part of some kind of framing, but John's right, it's a separate 45, so there's also a chance she bought "For What it's Worth"

LOL talk about synchronicity... just as I was typing this, Ken Smith texted me to confirm Haley indeed bought "For What it's Worth" 45 rpm. Ken likes to travel to see older singers as well, recently saw James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. A happy coincidence he went to this show and Haley and Drew were at the front of the line to get autographs.

This morning when I looked at Haley's Instagram post more clearly, I noticed she hashtagged, #thanksken..... I thought to myself, that can't possibly be the Ken I know? LOL guess it was Blush

Here's a better video of Stephen Stills singing "For What it's Worth" live w/ Buffalo Springfield (David Crosby is also there) when the song came out in 1967

PS Ken stayed behind so he could play "For What it's Worth" for Stephen to listen to Cool
As that picture above shows, Stills and Collins go way back and were in a relationship at one point. This 1969 song is about their breakup:

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

CSNY started out as CSN, with Young soon added. The first big name concert I went to was in Dec. 1969 -- CSNY at the Masonic auditorium in Detroit. CSN started the show then brought out Neil Young. For an encore they brought out their friend, Joni Mitchell to join in.

Sold out show, and it turns out it was recorded and is now on YT (audio). LOL (the times we live in). Many of the songs they performed were from Deja vu, which was not released until March 1970. Here is the final song Woodstock (written by Joni but she did not come out until after this), with intro by Graham Nash:

This was a very early performance of the song -- Woodstock was in Aug. 1969, so this was only 4 months later (to the day).

One of my memories from that night is all the Hare Krishna folks outside the venue.
In LA to visit relatives, for some reason, I randomly decided I'd tweet Haley for suggestions of what to do while I'm in town, not really expecting a reply, but.....

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk Sep 16
@HaleyReinhart since you're not performing, any suggestions what to do in LA tonight?

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 10h10 hours ago
Replying to @HaleysTusk
I actually got to perform last night at Tyler Perry's for his birthday!!! What a sensational evening it was HeartHeartHeart


Earlier, she had posted a short clip on her Instagram story, I figured she was going to someone's wedding ....

H/T Avelene

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Quote:Eric Zayne
10 hours ago ·
Only in LA do you end up jamming with Usher, Childish Gambino, Al Pacino, Suzanne Sarandon, DJ Khaled, Janelle Monae, Maria Carey, Puff Daddy and Tyler Perry in one room...

Quote:Jonathan Smith
20 hrs ·
Tonight was crazy. Got to perform at Tyler Perry's private birthday day party with Charles Riley Partied all night with so many legends/artist I admire. Usher, Janelle monae, al Pacino, P Diddy, DJ Khalid, Samuel L Jackson, Childish Gambino, Dwayne Wade, magic Johnson, Gabriel Union and the list goes on! This is not to brag but to say dance has taken me places I thought I'd never be. Don't let anyone tell you you can't make an impact as a dancer. We are just as powerful as any other artist. Tonight was a big stepping stone. Only up from here ??#MAI#jonboogz#lilbuck

Quote:Romeo Johnson
Yesterday at 12:53am ·

Having a ball celebrating Tyler Perry's birthday at his LA home. Thanks to My Buddy Ronnie Garrett for reaching out to #SANGAHZByRomeoJohnson to supply BG SANGAHZ. Shout out to Angie Fisher and Coco Moe for joining me in the BG section. Star Studded: Ledisi, Anthony Hamilton, Monica, Usher, Childish Gambino, Kelly Roland and more performed. Other attendants included Cecily Tyson, Al Pacino, Samuel L Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Kerry Washington, Debbie Allen, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Terry Cruse and the list goes on. . #HappyBirthday #TylerPerry #RomeoJohnson@OfficialRomeoJ #VocalCoach. #Blessed #GodisAwesome

Quote:Eric Lewis
18 hrs · Los Angeles, CA ·

Time to Ride.
Early as all hell too. Chicago Bound.

Had quite the night in LA tho. No cams allowed.
So basically stuff like me at the piano in a packed room having a street corner Love shout out exchange with Al Pacino, getting down about the legacy with Samuel L. , escorting/jiving with Childish Gambino/Donald Glover to the stage, rocking Smells Like Teen Spirit in front of Cicely Tyson, re-reconnecting with Rosario, reminiscing about Greenwich Connecticut performances with Susan Sarandon, a quick goodbye to Mariah and P Diddy and sharing an Escalade off Tyler Perry's compound with Magic Johnson.

Maliboo peeped and experienced the whole thing with a dress on that Ms Universe had decided to try and rock but not like the Boo tho.
Chicago awaits.
The Theme for the party was Speakeasy which might suggest what Haley sung, likely Creep is a good guess....Vin Diesel was also in attendance
Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) just won two Emmy awards.
Quote:On Sunday night, show star and creator Donald Glover broke new ground by becoming the first black person to win the best-directing comedy award. The night only picked up from there, with Glover, who was nominated in four categories, also picking up the best actor in a comedy prize. Atlanta, a genre-bending comedy that was unafraid to veer into surreal, dramatic territory, was a crowd favorite at the Emmys this year, nominated for six awards overall.

Romeo Johnson - "vocal coach to the stars" P-Diddy etc

Jonathan Smith dancer aka Jon Boogz (has longer hair)

I wonder if Haley's connection to the animation world and/or her showcase concert in LA had anything to do with her invite to the Tyler Perry party.
I wonder how big her role was, and who she performed with.

Quote:Romeo Johnson

this party is POPPIN'!!! Every amazing musical artist as well as actor you can imagine and they are all having good clean fun. jammin on great music.

Quote:Romeo Johnson

I was told that Tyler literally said this was his best bday party ever!

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(09-18-2017, 01:38 AM)john Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if Haley's connection to the animation world and/or her showcase concert in LA had anything to do with her invite to the Tyler Perry party.

My guess is Haley might have got the gig through Dina...... She's been associated w/ Soul Cycle for a while now....

Quote:Tyler Perry @tylerperry Sep 15
Birthday Sunset @soulcycle ride. Thanks @shapewithangela & all my soul brothers & sisters who rode last night. Thanks @soulcycle, God bless.
[Image: DJxTwImXoAAacNc.jpg]

[Image: 21373692_478098172547423_5997173886079205376_n.jpg]

Thanks to my pals who came out for my FIRST @SoulCycle class back after 4 1/2 months! #soulcycle #upswing #health #fitness #friends
Quote:Cyndi Brown

I feel like I can't have a fan girl moment anywhere but on Facebook lol, I went to Tyler Perry's house for his birthday party. Y'all. He shook my hand! I was in an intimate room full of A and B list celebrities.. liiiiiikkkkkeee God (praying hands emoticons) and then came home and had to fly back the SAME day to shoot boss lady and kelly Rowland... granted I'm exhausted but God is showing out and I'm so blessed ❤️

She's a photographer. I think "boss lady" is Monica the singer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_(singer)