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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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Haley with the "Pants on the Ground" guy at the filming of the Idol segment that was on the Jimmy Kimmel show Big Grin

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 4m4 minutes ago
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How cool is it to think what a great influence @EspeSpalding & this album has had on me... My Dad gifted it to me as soon as I got home from playing Monteux & Umbria jazz fests w my high school jazz band from Chi. Flash forward 9 yrs & we’re on the same label! Heart @ConcordRecords

I tweeted yesterday suggesting Haley & Casey should tour, if even for a hanful of shows, I re-enforced how amazing they are when they performed together starting a thread of my favorite Caley performances from my channel. Haley's referring to her and Casey's performance of Esperanza Spalding's "Precious" almost FIVE years ago on Stageit

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Equality at its finest! @equalityvodka #ahhhh #digit #preshow #shot #tastessomuchbetter #foragoodcause #lgbt #pride

Seems to be some kind of sponsorship. She's posted about this vodka on her Instagram story before
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Channeling my inner @britneyspears in the #oopsididitagain vid ? Hope all you cool cats are havin’ a lazy Sunday! ? #sundayfunday

Haley had her #WTS? tour crew (Dave, Ray, Pat) to play a wedding last night, I think in South Carolina? Stepping in at guitar was Harry instead of Dylan.

[Image: DlA0x57VsAAUAal.jpg]
[Image: 40616632_248953082446457_8943539243522022662_n.jpg]


Quote:haleyreinhartIT’S THIS VIRGO’S BIRTHDAY Y’ALL! Still a lil flower child though Tongue Thank you for the warm hearted & thoughtful messages! So many beautiful moments and projects have transpired this year. Timing has been on my side along with the universe! You can find me Nashville tonight, dancin’ my booty off! I’ve already managed to drink way too much coffee, buy too many clothes at a vintage shop, hear @thebeatles & @therollingstones eeeeverywhere I go! Oh and record som DOPE new material I can’t wait to share witcha’s... I love you all & I love life! Thanks for it alllll Shot by: Monika Lightstone @lightstonpix
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Love this & love you ALL!!! #haliens #forever
New Song!

Heart 9.14.18 Heart #DKHTLY** ?


**Don't Know How To Love You Tongue

I put it into my editing machine to hear the audio go the 'right' way....


"Oh I, I don't know..." Tongue
It was Casey's Birthday yesterday, Haley sent him an Instagram story birthday message yesterday, 

Quote:Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends in this world, Love ya @caseybassy

Today, Casey posted a sweet minute video of them singing the Beatles' "Love Me Do"

Quote:Casey AbramsVerified account @CaseyBassy 3h3 hours ago

Love Me Do-wop!Singing with @HaleyReinhart is the best birthday present.Thanks for melting faces with your voice and jamming with me.She melts faces.
I sing and play basses.
@thebeatles cover #beatles #haleyreinhart #cover #caseybassy #lovemedo #duet #sing #upright #bass #jazz

He also posted it on Instagram, Haley replied


Ahh always a blast jammin’ with ya Case! Heart

PS according to Haley's, Anders' and Rich (Haley's Tour manager) Instagram stories, they are playing a private party in Denver today.  Along for the Ride, Drew's oft times Bass Player, Baram Garcia, PMJ drummer, Martin Diller and Dave Gorospe on keyboards.  They hired the whole band, so I'm guessing it's likely a corporate event.  Normally on smaller private parties, Haley brings one  musician, maybe two.  This private event brought a full band
[Image: DzTjxi8VsAA_n_1.jpg]
[Image: DzTjxi8UYAAaji4.jpg]
Happy Valentine from Haley  Heart



Here’s to alllll you lovers out there ♥️ i hope this takes you straight to the Venice canals, truly one of the most romantic places on this beautiful planet! More love 'n' fun to come... tomorrow!!!#lofisoul#venice #italy #lastkissgoodbye#happyvalentinesday Shot by my sweet lovin’ valentine @drewdolan_
Casey posted another clip of them singing today...  ABBA's Dancing Queen (watch for the end when Haley actually plays a few notes on the piano Smile

(with the weird formatting on the updated HF, if I post the link separately, everything goes out of whack.  To see Casey's tweet and their performance, click the "7 hours ago" after Casey's name at the top of this tweet)

Quote:Casey AbramsVerified account @CaseyBassy 7h7 hours ago

@HaleyReinhart is the Queen of singing, hair and..  Dancing.  @ABBA makes us happy.
Haley serenades you.I play & harmonize next to h.e.r.
#dancingqueen #disco #piano #haleyreinhart #caseybassy #abba #jazz

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 1h1 hour ago

Replying to @CaseyBassy @db_ros @ABBA
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Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 7h7 hours ago

Replying to @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart @ABBA
First Beatles, then ABBA.... numbers one and two of my all time favorite groups...love this [Image: 1f495.png]