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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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(01-17-2013, 03:56 PM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]I recall reading that. I guess there's some sort of cosmic connection between you two (assuming MaxIt10 and MaxIt14 are one in the same).
haha yeah
Quote:~ Beast of Burden ~ ‏@borntobemybb
@HaleyReinhart girl u don't even know The Beatles so shut yo mouf.

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart
@borntobemybb haha girl you funnay

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart
Hey hey, Tune in to @americanidol tonight! I'm gonna pop in and say hi at the chi town auditions! Smile

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart
"Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head You better get yourself together..."

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart
"...What in the world you thinking of Laughing in the face of love What on earth you tryin' to do It's up to you, yeah you!"
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart

On my way to Boston for the show and look what I see... Sorry mister, but I couldn't resist haha.. It's not http://instagr.am/p/Ur3ADTgulk/
[Image: 86c37670629711e2b60722000a9f09f0_7.jpg]

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart

It's not everyday you get to see the elephant man.
Hahahaha Haley creeping on the elephant guy. It would be so fun to walk around with her and find random stuff to take creepy pictures of!
(01-19-2013, 06:41 PM)Haleylvr4evr Wrote: [ -> ]Hahahaha Haley creeping on the elephant guy. It would be so fun to walk around with her and find random stuff to take creepy pictures of!

I agree - I love when she takes / posts the random pics.
Quote:Macy reinhart!!1/1!! ‏@iHartHReinhart

it's funny cause usually people take creeper pictures of haley cause she's famous but it's haley taking creeper pictures of random men
(01-17-2013, 03:33 PM)midnightblues Wrote: [ -> ]Tea and fruit , tea for the morning buzzBig Grin

Thanks, but I drink coffee...with a little cream...[Image: party0047.gif] [Image: happy0045.gif]


LA to Boston (round trip):

The dreaded cross-country flight for one appearance...sounds like the Yanni stink eye trip, or is that the red eye? Either way, flying is not glamorous anymore...in today's world. But you do get to see some strange things at times, like the Elephant Man. [Image: happy0057.gif]
A retweet by Haley:

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart

@KEiTHPHELPS "check this baby girl jammin' to the boss lady's HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' @HaleyReinhart http://youtu.be/ZEXjAaNi2CE ” CUTEST THING EVA!!

Quote:Abigail Lane ‏@abigailane

@HaleyReinhart that video of the baby dancing is my niece! Tried to send it to you yesterday but it failed- glad you saw it!

Quote:Lydia Summers ‏@lydiarsummers

@HaleyReinhart @keithphelps That's my baby girl! Great taste in music and some moves to go with it!

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart

@lydiarsummers I just tweeted your sister perhaps? Your daughter is sooo adorable! I couldn't contain my smile.. What a groovy little girlSmile
The baby is so cute!
Quote:steph ze soundrel ‏@ArchuletaCrazy

@HaleyReinhart i know you didn't like that those songs leaked, but honestly let yourself be beautiful has helped so many of us already.

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart

@ArchuletaCrazy Well if you say it like that.... Then I'm happySmile