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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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Quote:y o a v ‏@yoavtweets 9m


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@yoavtweets I will!!! I got the itch too, believe me!???

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“@conjadecious: Plot twist. This explains a lot @HaleyReinhart pic.twitter.com/mfUPewbABl” Hahahah yes lawwwd???
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Love listening to @HaleyReinhart - her voice is just ridiculously amazing. Ever since American idol! pic.twitter.com/POHxyGi7tU
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#NewOrleans #MardiGras2014
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“@flintybraz: @HarryConnickJR u said u watched every year HCJr. What say u about my fav idol @HaleyReinhart ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6dxNsWMb_E&feature=youtube_gdata_player …”

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@suggahNyerteeth @CaseyBassy I've been waiting for Casey to get back from Ethiopia..... Saw him yesterday. ThanksSmile pic.twitter.com/Xeb56E4upI

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I missed this the first time around. Suggah made the knit caps for Haley and Casey. I believed they swapped them so Haley ended up with the blue gorilla.
Haley at WitzEnd in Venice, Ca, watching Casey perform with The Gingerbread Band
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Mango Trees all ova da place!!
posted on her instagram
1 day ago
Luhhh me some #CHANEL #CoCoMademoiselle
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Boy am I missin' this!! #StPatricksDay #ChicagoRiver #EmeraldCity #KissMeImIrish

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Evolution or revolution?

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Surfin safari

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Malibu Babies.
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@HaleyReinhart give @PalmerSquares some publicity!! Theyre amazing you know it! They should be sooo big

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@KatelynASR4 @PalmerSquares Damnnn straight! Love dem boysSmile
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Only way to get yo hurr did. Wink @HairByEvelise pic.twitter.com/sWRwAR4Svs

Getting ready for Atlanta?
Most likely.

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@HaleyReinhart @HairByEvelise weave and wine. True HR.