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Full Version: HALEY TWEETED ME!!! (Twitter, FB and Instagram posts BY Haley)
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It was great to see you too!! I Heart ALL HALIENS and Haley.
(05-16-2014, 06:30 AM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]It was great to see you too!! I Heart ALL HALIENS and Haley.

YUP... I got my NUG HUG!!:
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Quote:Bryan W. ‏@bryanthemeerkat 27m
#wcw @HaleyReinhart pic.twitter.com/H0vos0DWJ5
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Me.I Am Faded ‏@Amberhoney18 13m
@bryanthemeerkat @HaleyReinhart I love this! this is where u can see the Britney spears inspiration (though not in music)

Not so much, Dodgy
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3 hours ago
All in all is all we are.

From the Nirvana song "All Apologies"

Are we in Wonderland again?!

@claireclaraclarita As Alwayssss Claire
2 weeks ago
Bacon Egg and Nuts

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My photo skills, thank you very muchWink
Quote:haleyreinhart Check it!! LA peoples, come watch me & these bad boys play at #Room5lounge on June, 25th! Doors open @ 7pm

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Quote:‏@HaleysTusk 22m
@RClovesHaley Haley Instagrammed it too
(seems she's moved on from Twitter to Instagram lately)

Quote:‏@HaleysTusk 19m
@RClovesHaley kind of makes sense if you think about it, she gets a whole lot more responses/likes on Instagram than when she tweets
Dannig's Instagram

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Love this
Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR 12m

haha pic.twitter.com/ayIibSyWhe

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Quote:Avelene✿ ‏@IHARTHALEYDAILY 12m

@PJHaleyR Omfg. Lol.

Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR 10m

@IHARTHALEYDAILY I guess Haley's not a swiftie
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2 hours ago
These are a few of my favorite things! #Fun #Sun #Pool #flowers #nature #party #Skyline #fireworks #4thofJuly
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26 minutes ago
I miss taco Tuesday's back in the Chi.. I'm gonna make some more guac as I sulk & daydream of beautiful summer nights back home. #Chicago #summerlovin #tacotuesdays