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There was this moment in the after after show, Michael stepped up to the stage as Irvin was singing. He had on, this long heavy scarf, each end hanging a little over arms length long hanging from his neck. He proceeded to sit at the drum kit and play the drums (adeptly) with the knotted ends of his scarf instead of drum sticks Big GrinCool
Quote:Dylan Chambers ‏@dylan_chambers 4h4 hours ago
Y'all, I think I found something a little better than the Batmobile.... #DuckDynasty
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Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 7m7 minutes ago
The last PMJ Speakeasy Party of 2014 is happening at @HYDEsunset tonight! Hope to see y'all there

Another Haley appearance?
(12-03-2014, 04:52 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 7m7 minutes ago
The last PMJ Speakeasy Party of 2014 is happening at @HYDEsunset tonight! Hope to see y'all there

Another Haley appearance?

It seems Scott has been hanging around California for a while. Hopefully, he has been doing a lot of recording of videos with some L.A. based artists. Wink
How quickly has this 'blown up' for Scott Bradlee? At the end of his "Careless Whisper" cover, posted in February of this year, he shows off his plaque from YouTube for getting 100K subscribers.... as of today, he has 839,000+!!!

Probably a very dizzying time for him, his past efforts, to get the "Mega" recognition this fast, in such a short period of time Cool

Also, the reason why the tour he just finished up with PMJ was humourously called the "Eviction Tour" was because he was being kicked out and not allowed to play music in his apartment (?) any more...

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5 days ago
The now empty apartment that was once home to so many Postmodern Jukebox videos. Feeling nostalgic.

But not to worry, they will be touring Europe starting next year...Big Grin
Quote:Scott Bradlee

We'll be playing this with @CaseyBassy at @HYDEsunset tonight! 10pm youtube.com/watch?v=_1azJW…

6:51 PM - 3 Dec 2014

so does one follow the other? Wink
8 hours ago
Had the pleasure of sitting in with #PostModernJukebox tonight and watch my friends Casey, Shoshana & Haley kill! What a great way to end an amazing day.

Moving this to this thread....

7 hours ago · Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktails
Her voice is just ... Oh so fierce ! @scottbradlee #postmodernjukebox oh so good!Follow

Last week
1 week ago
Wow! We re all about that bass @adamkubota_bass and that singer @haleyrhinehardt

@HaleyReinhart last night, "Yup, partied with Bill Maher" with @CaseyBassy #PMJ http://instagram.com/p/wMWLOcNvJG/#
Quote:Scott Bradlee
2 hours ago
We just wrapped up our last Postmodern Jukebox Speakeasy Party of the year at Hyde Sunset, and what a show it was! Big thanks to the amazing vocalists that joined us: Cristina Gatti, Ariana Savalas, Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, Shoshana Bean, and Blake Lewis! Another big thanks to our incredible horn section, our DJ ROOK, and to the La Follies - it's been so much fun sharing the stage with y'all.

We're going to be on hiatus for a bit, but keep your eyes peeled for the return of these parties in January.

I just grabbed this post off of Scott's FB page. Below the post are the pictures of Haley and Casey that are in Tusk's post above this one. None of the other performances are pictured, so I'm glad to see he choose to give Haley and Casey some love. I hope it is a harbinger of good things.