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Apparently, Haley wasn't done tweeting yet. I tweeted the above Caley video that InIt posted.....

Quote:Avelene ‏@IHARTHALEYDAILY 46m
@HaleysTusk @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Oh my goodness.Heart

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 41m41 minutes ago
@IHARTHALEYDAILY @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart can't wait to hear their studio of it on Casey's coming album

Quote:Avelene ‏@IHARTHALEYDAILY 40m40 minutes ago View translation
@HaleysTusk @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart Me too!!! Asdfghjkl.

Then out out of the blue, over an hour after her 'marathon' tweeting session:

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 37m37 minutes ago
@HaleysTusk @IHARTHALEYDAILY @CaseyBassy the whole EP sounds sooo good

CoolBig Grin

28 tweets/ 68 favorites and 13 mentions..... she must be feeling good today on her day off Smile

Good news is, we'll at least be able to hear Haley on Casey's EP while we wait for what ever is going on w/ Better to work itself out Wink
Courtney's been touring constantly, recently w/ Sheila E

[Image: 12132786_904636392947498_214435290_n.jpg]

I'm so happy to announce my first print ad in Bass Player Magazine! Big shoutout to @yamahaguitardevelopment for the opportunity to be a part of the family! #HollywoodLiveMusic #blessed #dreambig

That's what I'm talkin' about!!
When I saw Tusk’s Troubadour Better video I thought what is Courtney Leonard doing there? We haven’t seen him in what, 3 or 4 years?!? Then I heard his pretty awesome bass riff just after the one minute mark. Someone on here said the 30-second sample stopped just when it seemed like something big was about to happen. Yep, it stopped right at the first note of Courtney’s riff . . . like they wanted to keep it a surprise. When I heard that same riff on the recorded 90-second preview it all made sense: Courtney is playing bass on her single, and it also meant that her backing band would be at least in part real musicians instead of just a bunch of synthetic electronic crap, which seems to define pop music today! His little ditty was pretty stunning and it sounded like the audience agreed! It was more pronounced on Tusk’s video than on the 90- second teaser because the ambient recording was “hearing” it louder than on the preview. . . . thankfully! That will be such a great hook on "Better!"
Billboard magazine:

Quote:This Dry-Sounding Music Business Course at UCLA Is Secretly an Industry Must-Attend

Tort reform is easy, it's learning the guitar solo on 'Sweet Child O' Mine' that's hard," says entertainment lawyer Dina LaPolt. For the past 16 years LaPolt has taught Los Angeles' most in-demand music industry class: "Legal and Practical Aspects of the Music Business," a UCLA extension course which, despite its paint-drying title, has become a breeding ground for some of the music industry's best and brightest.

Take Brad Rains, who enrolled in LaPolt's class in 2002 after landing his first music biz job at Windswept Publishing. "Dina would swiftly move between teaching us with actual examples and having the best guest speakers from different fields in the business," says Rains, "this knowledge was the basis for my career." Rains is now vp of brand partnerships and commercial licensing at Atlantic Records.

Other LaPolt alumni concur, including Irene Richter, svp of operations at Dr Luke's Kemosabe Records; Nettwerk's Coleen Novak who manages Family of the Year; Robert Von Blasko, of Mercenary Management who oversees Black Veil Brides and Black Label Society (and has played bass with Ozzy Osbourne for last ten years); Carly Mann at Three Six Zero management, part of Calvin Harris' team; the Creed Company's Jack Minihan who works with Sara Bareilles; Red Light Entertainment manager Cailin Sundry and even artists like American Idol season ten runner-up Hailey Reinhart and Kori Withers, a musician and daughter of the great Bill Withers.

But it's not just students who benefit from LaPolt's class; the industry itself has sent many execs Dina's way. This includes such music biz pros as Apple Music's Julie Pilat, eminent music exec and chairman and CEO of Azoff MSG Ent., Irving Azoff, Three Six Zero's Dean Wilson and Larry Rudolph of Reign Deer/Maverick Management.

"I'm a huge fan of Dina's, and of her class," says Rudolph, whose clients include Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears." Dina is always finding new and better ways to give back to the artist community and help train the bright young minds of the future to help fix this broken business."

What these students learn from LaPolt -- whose firm LaPolt Law P.C. represents Steven Tyler, Deadmau5, Xzibit and previously the Tupac Shakur estate -- can be boiled down to a few words: "Making money in music, that's what the whole class is about," says LaPolt. While many in the music business would agree that benjamins are what they most want (though they might call it "having sustained career"), attaining the cheddar is no easy feat.

"You have the artist -- who's like the content, the product, the brand -- and you have to figure out how you're going to make a business with that artist. There's a ton of things you have to know," LaPolt says breaking it down. "There's copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, how those intellectual properties are monetized, what rights do you convey, what rights do you hold back so you can convey them to someone else, what rights pay, what rights pay a residual royalty -- it's all about trading on intellectual property and building the artist's brand as a business and continuing to monetize their music. That's how it is. As a lawyer, if I'm not doing things that make my clients money then they should fire me."

More... http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6...ce=twitter
(11-13-2015, 10:38 AM)BrandHaley Wrote: [ -> ]When I saw Tusk’s Troubadour Better video I thought what is Courtney Leonard doing there? ...When I heard that same riff on the recorded 90-second preview it all made sense: Courtney is playing bass on her single

I could be wrong but I thought Brandon K Brown played on Haley's EP. He played for Haley at Citywalk and Vegas ( I believe he also toured with ZZ Ward)

"Bassickbrandon" the guy I quoted congratulating Courtney is Brandon K Brown..

Just checked...it was Brandon on Haley's EP, not Courtney...as I posted, Courtney's been pretty much touring all year...


[Image: 11378677_382473895290437_788247636_n.jpg]


Excited for my homegirl @haleyreinhart 's new EP!! Honored to be playing bass on it!! @charlieontop @qmzigler #OleAllDay #OleMajorlyIndie

Here's Brandon at Citywalk for Haley (and Casey)...he would later play Vegas for Haley along w/ Keith

(11-13-2015, 11:36 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Just checked...it was Brandon on Haley's EP, not Courtney...as I posted, Courtney's been pretty much touring all year...

That is what I thought. I much prefer Brandon's style of bass playing.
In Vegas, I believe someone described Brandon's style as a 'slap bass player'?

Quote:With the bass guitar, slap and pop playing is used in disco, funk, and related genres. It involves slapping the lower two strings with the bony part of the thumb and popping notes on the higher two strings by pulling the string until it snaps against the fingerboard, producing a percussive sound.

One of the more well known "slap bass" players is "Flea" from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers..

RHCP FLEA BASS SOLO 5 red hot chilli peppers

From Wiki
Quote:Some prominent bass guitar players known for their use of slapping in their playing include:

Les Claypool (solo artist, Primus)
Bootsy Collins (solo artist; Bootsy's Rubber Band, Funkadelic, Parliament, Praxis)
Fieldy (Korn)
Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Mike Gordon (Phish)
Larry Graham (Sly and the Family Stone, Graham Central Station)

don't forget the late great Wayne Pedzwater from BS&T:

On the date we thought we'd be getting "Better", Morgan's new Acoustic EP is available on iTunes

Quote:morgan james ‏@morganajames 3h3 hours ago
New acoustic EP is out!! Feat. @dougwamble @ndogomusic & #JeffHanley get yours:

[Image: CTtA9X3WsAAb7wF.jpg]
Here's a picture of me crying on a beach.


Congrats to Chiara and Chaz on their engagement.