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(11-13-2015, 12:50 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]On the date we thought we'd be getting "Better", Morgan's new Acoustic EP is available on iTunes.

Well, it was strange how Better got pulled maybe just a mix up - I am still hoping we get an album (I know). So many things have been popping for her lately in her career and I think if she keeps it going it could be a game changer for her.
(11-20-2015, 08:52 PM)riley Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it was strange how Better got pulled maybe just a mix up - I am still hoping we get an album (I know). So many things have been popping for her lately in her career and I think if she keeps it going it could be a game changer for her.

Careful what you ask for, some of us were talking about this possibility, but being on this ride this long, we know that something might pop up that might further delay putting the album out, then we wait, then we wait...we've already waited almost 3 years.

An album would be amazing, but not in place of the EP. By all accounts, the EP is practically ready to issue. Lets have the EP first, lets see what it could do riding the recent momentum from PMJ and CHFIL...

THEN we could start talking about an album.

I think it might be unwise to look to the horizon while ignoring the potential pitfalls that may be around the corner based on promises and expectations.

Just my opinion Tongue

I want badly to hear new Haley music, and I don't want to have to wait for more 'soon' situations Tongue
Haley apparently does more than sing a duet w/ Casey on NKWLCD....

Quote:Casey Abrams News ‏@Lauralizzy292 23s23 seconds ago Baltimore, MD
@HaleysTusk @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart Yes--she sings backup/harmonies on two songs & duets or NKWLCD

Pre order the CD here if you can't get it at a PMJ or one of his live shows...

Quote:Casey Abrams News ‏@Lauralizzy292 13m13 minutes ago Baltimore, MD
Holy harmonies! @CaseyBassy & @HaleyReinhart "Shining a Light" Gorgeous! #TalesfromtheGingerBreadHouse #EP http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/iamc...m=activity

Thought i'd help support Casey and make a post about his EP!
^^^ Casey posted a pic of he and Haley in his crowd funding tweet for his EP

Quote:Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy 2h2 hours ago
Tales from the Gingerbread House update: Haley and I are back in the studio together Smile http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/iamc...m=activity … @PledgeMusic #newep

[Image: LnJbw5Xt.jpg:large]
^ What a great photo. Big Grin
Quote:Rob Kleiner
19 hrs · Edited ·

Sia sort of mentions me in this
smile emoticon
- not by name... but when she says "engineer" that's me.


Quote:. I probably get 20 or 30 tracks a week from my producer friends who are hoping that I'll write lyrics and melody on top of them. I write over them in my house, and I record demos of them, in my house. I have an engineer come over. If I know Rihanna is looking for a single, I'll actually choose tracks that sound like a Rihanna-like jam, and then I'll start the writing process over it. That will come first with melody, and then I'll chose lyrical content from a list of concepts I have in my phone, and whenever I think of one, I write it down.

So I'll just scroll through all of my notes and look for concepts that feel like that particular artist. I might have something called "Bubble Gum," and I'll think, "Yeah, that's not Rihanna, that's more for a younger artist." Or I might have something like "Liquor," and with that as a concept, I can imagine that she would sing something about someone not being able to hold their liquor. Melody comes first, and you have to feel like she can sing it, and then I have to choose lyrical content that also feels aligned to that particular artist. That's kind of how I do it. I'm often wrong, and then the song ends up in a different home, and sometimes it ends up in the trash.
Quote:Rob Kleiner
10 mins ·

I have been nominated for another Grammy! Co-writing and producing on R&B album of the year Andra Day . Maybe 3rd time's a charm.
Interview with Casey, he had some nice things to say about Haley:

Quote:I saw where you had Haley [Reinhart] in the studio with you. How was that to work together?

Oh, we constantly work together, it happened to be in the studio this last time, and it was awesome. She kills it. She does backgrounds for a couple of the songs. On “Cougar Town”, she’s singing in the chorus with me. She takes direction really well, but she also adds so much. She added this whole gospel choir in the middle of “Cougar Town” that had harmonies that I would not have thought of. Not only is it fun to work with her, she adds so much to the project.

What do you love most about her vocal?

I love the fact that she loves to do it. Her voice and her crackliness is awesome. Her passion outshines that. She loves being in music, and she is going to keep fighting for it and that’s what is most attractive.


I'll post other excerpts and a link in the thread devoted to him.
Quote:Adam Kubota
November 30 at 12:45pm ·

Hey FB Fans! Just wanted to let you know that I run a music booking company for all your live music needs:



Redux Booking is owned by Adam Kubota, the regular bass player for Postmodern Jukebox. The ensemble features many of the performers who appear on Postmodern Jukebox’s YouTube and in their live shows.

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