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So I actually just noticed that in Casey's Orchestra of People video (Great Bright Morning) One of my favorite early exit contestants from The Voice (season 4) appeared.

Audrey Karrasch. She had some vocal flaws on the show, but I really liked her tone. She ended up losing out to Michelle Chamuel. (She said she knew she was going home when she got paired with Michelle. Which I think contributed to her nerves in her performance, as well as influenced her decision to try and go for her high note in her chest voice, instead of in the head voice that Usher suggested she used. It didn't work out well for her though. )

She actually recently came out with an EP. Her lead off single was Euphoria. (Major points from me for the name of her self released label)

Quote:Casey AbramsVerified account ‏@CaseyBassy 17m17 minutes ago
Mad times with @HaleyReinhart and @PuddlesPityP
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The "House pianist at the World Famous Comedy Store:"

Quote:Jeff Scott
2 hrs · West Hollywood, CA ·

This brilliant singer, Haley Reinhart, did a solo song at Puddles Pity Party last night (and sang the F outta "Creep" & "Habits" with PMJ!) And she's doing a voice on Bill Burr's new show. So glad I got to chat with her after the show.

<posted "Mad World" ft. Haley and Puddles>
Billboard: Anderson Paak: Dr. Dre's Golden Child Goes From Protege to Solo Star

"I put a list together," he recalls. "It was like: Get health insurance, get a car, get a bigger ­apartment, travel more, get a record deal, get a publishing deal, sell 10,000 units, be a part of a No. 1 album, make a million dollars. I got to check off 90 percent of the stuff last year. I hit some serious landmarks in 2015."

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter-­instrumentalist born Brandon Paak Anderson, whose style ­hybridizes gut-wrenching soul howling and ­rappish sing-speak, doesn't have much need for such ­resolutions ­entering 2016. Last night he was in the studio with Travis Barker. Before that it was T.I. He recently recorded with Macklemore and has plans to link with Kendrick Lamar. It all began last spring, when an Aftermath A&R rep called Paak in to sing over a beat for an unnamed Dr. Dre project.
The journey has been far from easy.
For a decade, Paak bounced around among family's houses, friends' couches, odd jobs and sporadic music gigs (his early stuff is credited to Breezy Lovejoy)
After a stint at a Chinatown motel, Paak finally found his family a permanent home, thanks to a tour ­drumming gig with American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart.

Paak, under the name Breezy Lovejoy, was Haley's original drummer and performed with her when she returned to American Idol to sing her then new single Free. It's sad that that tour gig never really materialized but if it had we might not be where we are.
Also the drummer for Haley at Lollapalooza. I was told that even Keith thought they would tour with that iteration of the band (John Notto and Courtney Leonard) so somewhere after Lollapalooza was when things started unraveling as far as LU tour plans.

BTW Casey's EP release party is tonight at Hotel Cafe. BC Jean and Mark Ballas play before Casey and his Gingerbread band that looks to include Haley who was tagged in Casey's promo Instagram and was in Casey's Snapchat from last night

[Image: CYuzRP6U0AEKgcN.jpg]

Casey really liked ISCAT's video of Sweet Child O' Mine from Austin City Limits. He tweeted me thanks for posting, also used my screen capture of that video (used for video thumbnail) in his Instagram promo Smile

Quote:Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy 26 Dec 2015
@HaleysTusk @PMJofficial dude, thanks for capturing this. This was fun to watch again

Also used Ken's Photo from SF that I posted on Instagram to advertise tonight

Quote:Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy 28 Dec 2015
Hotel cafe
Jan 15th
10 pm
Cd release party
@JSaysKnee @HaleysTusk @kensmith

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(01-15-2016, 12:44 PM)InItToWinIt Wrote: [ -> ]Paak, under the name Breezy Lovejoy, was Haley's original drummer and performed with her when she returned to American Idol to sing her then new single Free. It's sad that that tour gig never really materialized but if it had we might not be where we are.

Comment on Haley Reinhart - Wasted Tears (Live At TouchTunes):
Quote:Holy motherfucking shit, that is Breezy Lovejoy drumming.
(05-06-2012, 05:30 PM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-06-2012, 05:04 PM)My Alter Ego Wrote: [ -> ]However, musicians don't pay bills by sitting around, and Haley's summer tour is not confirmed, so I can understand why this might happen. Actually, Haley probably does as well.

He took the Haley gig to pay the bills, and being seen on television was a treat for his family, but that's not where his heart is at. Last week, he/they tweeted a video from a performance they gave at the House of Blues. In abbreviated form, it showed them getting in the car, arriving backstage, performing before a huge, enthusiastic crowd and being giddy backstage afterwards. It's clear things are looking up for them.

Back in the day
Monika posted video of Casey's back to the future show... Here's Jacob "You're All I Need to Get By" Cool

They also performed outside "Lean On Me"

Scott is "Jefferson" Big Grin

Stacey's Mom

Quote:@YogiEsquire as Young Biff @RookFlair as Old Biff #RapBattle @scottbradlee as Jefferson @PMJofficial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnLwhUQHv58