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#tbt this time last year, with @haleyreinhart. Back in LA and feeling the vibes!

Looks like Morgan is back on the west coast, her tour starts soon, I'll be seeing her two days in a row, then Haley 2 days in a row, 4 shows in 4 days Smile
Nice performance by these two:

Came across this bio for Maiya Sykes:

Quote:Maiya Sykes is the 36 year old from Los Angeles who competed on The Voice Season 7.

Maiya is one of a few people who can say they’ve achieved the “trifecta” of being accepted to Yale, Princeton and Harvard. Maiya attended Yale with a triple major in political science, African American studies and music composition. After graduating, she followed in her parents’ musical footsteps. She became a background singer and toured with Macy Gray for six years, but now Maiya is ready to step into her own spotlight.

She is now part of a group called, "The Endangered." They will be performing at The Hotel Cafe tomorrow.


Wembley Stadium, 6th largest stadium in the world, 80,000+ people sold out. I'll never forget this sight until the day I die. Footage soon, no picture can do this justice... @mikeposner @ben_darwish @capitalfm_ #stb2016 #capitalsummertimeball

Billboard article about Casey's visit to Ethiopia 2 years ago, tonight on the Africa Channel at 10pm (eastern)

Jacob looks like he is having fun these days Wink

Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Live At Capitals Summertime Ball 2016)

Chicago last night
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The Mike Posner Band. @JSaysKnee @theNateHarold @bendarwish @RealKevinRice @jamesbowen85 http://mikeposner.co/BHJYyoogbLF
Quote:Greg Koester
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So cool I just played Better by Haley Reinhart. Her guitarist John Notto is an Aroostook County boy who made it big, and is visiting for the weekend and wanted to hear the song.

The County might be small but man big things come from here and John Notto is proof of that! Great job brother keep up the hard work!

WHOU 100.1 FM

John maybe trying to get Haley some radio play? Maybe he did a radio interview, and suggested it? I don't think he's on the studio version.
Ha, I was just going to post that. Nice to see John get some hometown recognition and glad he's thinking about Haley. Aroostook County is the northernmost in Maine -- much of it is north of Montreal. Definitely rural.
Followup comments:

Quote:Jim Zabierek

I had the opportunity to meet/jam with notto once. He grew up with some good musician buddies of mine from southern aroostook. Killer player and chill guy. Let me use his amp and pedalboard even! Haha!

Quote:Greg Koester

I hope to interview him one of these days! Maybe he brings Haley with him that would be something.

Quote:Jim Zabierek

He has played with her on American idol...legit!

Quote:Greg Koester

Also Nico & Vinz, we play them all the time.

John performed "In Your Arms" with Nico and Vinz on David Letterman
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From the @MikePosner band, meet the kind hearted, sax prodigy Jacob Scesney (@JSaysKnee) Play that thing Jacob!
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