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Quote:clareabel ‏@clarereynolds 4m4 minutes ago
Rolling Stone is giving everyone a preview of the whole album Jordie Lane and I wrote and produced together...

Quote:There are plenty of signposted displays of this tact across Glassellland, most notably the swooning pop-shrug of "Act Like This" and the playfully plainspoken "America Won't You Make My Dreams Come True?", featuring a brilliant back-and-forth duel with the album's producer Clare 'Lollies' Reynolds.
(09-14-2016, 11:23 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like Haley was out with Jeanette last night, Jacob Luttrell's fiance, at the Hotel Cafe where two of her "Musical Buddies" were performing, Ariana Savalas & Neara Russell

[Image: 14262827_926799470765104_1282849708_n.jpg]
[Image: 14295006_1025178290933573_1991246476_n.jpg]

Not only was it my birthday yesterday, but it was also the christening of PMJ Manor- the new headquarters of all things #postmodernjukebox. More about that later - looking forward to filling its walls with music. Thank you all for the birthday love!
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Flashback to the days when you were my manager & it was us against the world, to traveling all over the globe.. Now years later, we've remained such good friends! Brings me much joy to see you so happy in your life having found your soulmate! Such a blast sharing stories & laughin with you & the girls. Lookin' forward to the weeding fiesta!!! Heart #hammanitup #bridalshower #champagne #cupcakes & #burritos

Ha! Look at my face in this picture! ? words cannot describe how much I ❤️ you. You're such a bright light in my life. ✨✨✨ I cherish all our adventures, past, present, and future! Love yas!!!
According to Jacob Scesney's Instagram, he got to party with the Rolling Stones last night. He said he got to talk Reggae with Keith Richards Cool
BIG news for Drew and his band Smile

[Image: 14733648_650079668507008_9188028351544033280_n.jpg]

We're stoked to announce that we'll be showcasing our tunes for the former President of Atlantic Records and one of the most notable music industry professionals of all time, Jerry Greenberg, along with other A&R execs on the WorldArts Stage tomorrow!

In addition to signing many amazing acts during his career, Jerry has worked with some of the greatest artists in music including AC/DC, Aretha Franklin, Bad Company, Bee Gees, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson.

We look forward to introducing him to our groove revolution.
theproofmusic.com #theproofband #aandr #atlanticrecords #michaeljackson

I know of Jerry Greenberg and his work in the 70's as President of Atlantic records. Atlantic was the First US record company to sign and distribute records for my guilty Pleasure, ABBA, ( my 2nd favorite group after the Beatles ) who were the 2nd best selling group world wide after the Beatles with over 650 Million ALBUMS(not singles) sold Cool

This is Greenberg talking about ABBA in their A&E show. Interesting his view on the difference between US and European promotion when he tried to get ABBA to tour the US.... his stance was they needed to Tour to get to #1, while ABBA's management, Stig Anderson, believed the opposite, get us a number One, then we'll tour.... that number One was Dancing Queen Cool


Want to have your music heard by the man who worked with The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and countless others?! Music industry icon Jerry Greenberg (President of Atlantic Records) and a team of leading A&R execs want to hear the best of what the LA music scene has to offer! Every month WorldArts and Jerry will select one band or artist to play for him and his team of A&R execs at the WorldArts Studios!



Quote:WorldArts Music, a start-up music company based out of Culver City, CA, has announced a new partnership with record mogul Jerry Greenberg. Greenberg was the youngest president of any major label when he headed Atlantic Records at age 32 in 1974.

...Greenberg is currently in the process of reviving Mirage Entertainment to be under WorldArts (possibly to be renamed to WorldArts Entertainment). Founded by entrepreneur Larry Underwood, WorldArts focuses on providing opportunities and experiences to artists and fans. The company has worked with Nic Harcourt and his show Nic Harcourt’s Transmissions, SXSW, South Bay Film & Music Festival, TuneCore, Boiler Room, MUSEXPO, Musica Fusion LA, among several other brands. As an opportunity platform working as a small team, the company is able to cultivate relationships with the artists that they work closely with and act as a liaison between artists, their fans and brands.

So Jerry is around 74 now.

[Image: Jerry_Greebverg_Phone.jpg]
From the video clip I posted, i was wondering how old he must be now? (Pre-2000's?)

You just know Haley will be coming with....maybe rub a few elbows, make more people fall in love with her personality and expanding her network in the industry. I've listened to some of their stuff, she's definitely correct, describing their music as 'swampy'. Some songs I wonder what it would sound like with Haley on Vocals, though Drew's voice definitely fits their style.

Good luck to them Smile
Mark Ballas debuted as the last "Frankie Valli" for the show, Jersey Boys, which will close on January 15th

[Image: CvJVYewUMAABa3a.jpg]