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This beauty came in the mailbox yesterday as an early x-mas gift from my manager. It will hang on this wall at my parent's place above my first guitar. Very proud! :-) #Gold @riaa_awards @amnthewilderness @b_uniquerecords @spiritmusicgroup #devg

How incredible Anders! Congrats & well deserved my friend
Congratulations to Chiara and Chaz.

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

If it wasn't for the one on the right, I'd have never met the two on the left. Thank you @haleyreinhart for putting @chiarakramer and @chaz_h into my universe... #hammanitup



This makes me so happy. Los quiero mucho!


The happy bride:


The newly married couple:

Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR 29m

video of Haley Reinhart singing at Chiara's wedding https://instagram.com/p/BN4aluiF3ao/
Jeanette is Jacob Luttrell's fiance, he proposed to her during Haley's show at the El Rey in LA.... She also did some manager stuff for Haley as well as manned the merchandise sales

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#grammys2016 nominations are out and I'm #overthemoon #proud to have cowritten Greyhounds featuring @usher on @wearedelasoul #bestrapalbum #andtheanonymousnobody check out these legends ya'llCool
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Sharin' some guacamole with my new amiga in sweet sweet, Sayulita! ?? #vivalamexico #swingbar #hamminitup

#hamminitup was the hashtag Chiara attached to her wedding posts

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HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart #hammanitup

Last name is Hamman.
Aubrey Logan of PMJ fame and one of Haley's buddies was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, sitting in with the band.

Kimmel Guests This Week
Casey stopped by to support Aubrey.....

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Look who shows up in the green room on @Jimmykimmel @jimmykimmellive! It's @caseybassy ! (You know he's on my up-coming album...right?)

He's also racking up the credits as a guest performer....w/ Haley on CHFIL, w/ Jennie Lena on her new album, and apparently also on Aubrey's album.... He's posted/performed w/ #Caley friend Aly Ryan too, wouldn't be surprised if he shows up on her album too Tongue

Come out tonight at 8:30 for some music & fun ?
Playing a free show and @caseybassy will be my special guest

Speaking of Aly, she just had a photoshoot w/ SMYM photographer ephtco

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Which goes to show how smart it is for Haley to stick to the 'no burning bridges' philosophy from the beginning. Theirs is a small community, everyone works w/ everyone...you may not like someone now, but in the future, people change and you might find yourself working with and being helped by that person Cool

(the opposite is true too, burn a bridge, you potentially close many doors in your future ....)
Quote:Paul McDonald @thepaulmcdonald

LOS ANGELES! Tonight is the night! Full band show at thehotelcafe at 11pm with special guests…

No guaratees, but Haley was at his show last time Tongue
(12-16-2016, 03:35 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]No guaratees, but Haley was at his show last time Tongue

The only reason I wish I lived in LA Tongue

Quote:Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy 5m5 minutes ago
Hanging with Rockstars @HaleyReinhart and I saw an amazing show with @thePaulMcDonald at @thehotelcafe

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