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Finally found evidence of Haley and Casey at Mark & BC's wedding (I think Blush ) From this article about BC's wedding ....they are way in back corner, last row? on the left. Casey's head is blocked, but you can see his hair, to his left, you can see Haley's signature smile...her head is in front of the standing guy w/ the white shirt (the smile or the hair, always give her away Wink )

[Image: C1gpsQ1UkAELVmr.jpg]
Since we're playing "Where's Haley", how about this?

[Image: WheresHaley.jpg]
Quote:Clare Reynolds
It's out worldwide.. A song I wrote with the sweet beauty Arlissa Ruppert and the king Bhavik 'Knightstarr' Pattani https://t.co/GpYeMXe6BG

Bhavik Pattani is co-writer on my favorite from Better, Behave....also co writer on two 'new' songs with Haley, "20th Century Love" & "Gypsy Boy"

If you recall, Behave was what "auto-correct" would change Bhavik's name to, so they changed the song's name from, "A Guy Like You" to "Behave" Tongue
Quote:How to Keep the Gig
by Neara Russell (Haley's first keyboard player)

...For touring musicians, here are a few common scenarios for losing a gig:

Personality differences
Musical Capabilities
Casting decisions (gender, skin color, hairstyle)
Logistics (live in different city, out of budget)

This being the Wild West of careers, you may lose a gig for any number of other reasons. (Halitosis, anyone?) There may be no quantifiable reason at all for your termination. Much of this business is decided on instincts and vibes, not resumés. If someone up the ladder doesn’t like you, they won’t hesitate to find someone else.

Before you throw your hands up and surrender your entire life’s work to divine luck, there are some concrete steps you can take to keep a good gig in your favor. Just like you did your homework before your audition, you also have an ongoing barrage of assignments that can help you stick around for the long haul.

She then elaborates on 4 things to learn before concluding:

...Okay, I’ll admit … I’ve learned a few of these lessons myself, the hard way. But I’m grateful for every experience lost and gained. You may not always be right for the job, and that’s an important lesson in itself. Bottom line is, if you can rock your instrument and be the person everyone wants to hang out with, you’ve got a long and fruitful career ahead of you.

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Let's go to the Grammys, shall we? #nominated #secondyearinarow #losangeles #staplescenter #ziggy #delasoul #kehlani
Jacob is a co-writer on Gangsta
From Suicide Squad: The Album
[Image: 16585288_1862196300732446_6046008162450931712_n.jpg]

Performed at Clive Davis Grammy Party with Mike Posner in front of all our hero's. Leaving the room I received a compliment from a gentleman who said Joni would like to meet me. After our introduction Ms.Mitchell told me she loved my sound and asked me where I was from (she loves Ojai!). It was a great honor to tell her "I love you" and to thank her for everything she has done so sincerely in a lifetime. Info. exchanged, we will definitely see each other again Joni Mitchell

Its been a while since i posted. Im still very much a Halien. Ive just been lurking.

I dont know if this has been posted here but Brandon Anderson aka Anderson. Paak, Haley's former drummer, performed on the Grammys main awards show with Busta rhymes and A tribe called quest. And they blew the house down. Easily the best performance of the night. You can watch it here.


This is the only quality video i could find that hasnt been blocked yet.
He'll always be Breezy Lovejoy to me.

He used to go by Breezy Lovejoy

[Image: Anderson-Paak-Grammys-Highsnobiety-066.jpg]

Born Brandon Paak Anderson, the artist’s first introduction to the public as an entertainer came under the moniker “Breezy Lovejoy” – releasing two projects, O.B.E. Vol. 1 and Lovejoy. During the period, he described it as “making music and nobody cared.”

According to the LA Weekly, the Lovejoy moniker, he hoped, would make him sound more “dramatic or, like, romantic. You know, something for the ladies. I thought it was something that made it a little more star-studded.”

Ultimately, Breezy Lovejoy morphed into who we know as Anderson .Paak today in 2014 with the release of Venice.

Drumming was his first musical hustle
[Image: Anderson-Paak-Grammys-Highsnobiety-326-1200x800.jpg]

Quote:When Anderson .Paak performs alongside his band, The Free Nationals, he spends about half of the performance behind the drum kit and the other as the clear frontman of the eclectic ensemble.This isn’t merely a ploy to make him seem more musical.

“I started playing drums in church in Oxnard, a church called St. Paul’s Baptist Church,” he said. “My godsister invited me to church when I was about 11 years old after I had learned to play a couple beats. She was like, ‘You should come to the church. You gotta see the choir and you gotta see the church band.’ I went, and I saw the choir and the church band and I was hooked. I’d never seen any kind of playing — I’d never been in a black Baptist church before that. I was just in love with the energy.”

.Paak honed his talents in Los Angeles while taking drumming classes at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood – with hopes of becoming a session musician.

Ultimately, he toured in 2009 with rock singer/songwriter, Mandi Perkins, where he opened up for her and also played drums in her band. He would then parlay that experience into playing drums for former American Idol contestant, Haley Reinhart, before choosing to focus more on his own work.