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[Image: Lauren-Alaina-acm-2016-billboard-1548.jpg]

Quote:Lauren Alaina banks her first No. 1 with her sixth entry on Billboard's Country Airplay chart (dated April 22), as "Road Less Traveled" ascends 3-1 in its 34th week, increasing 9 percent to 43.8 million audience impressions, according to Nielsen Music. Co-written by Alaina, Meghan Trainor and Jessie Frasure, the song is the title track from Alaina's second LP, which debuted at No. 3 on Top Country Albums (Feb. 18).

"It feels very weird, almost surreal," Alaina, 22, tells Billboard of her new leader. "I have been waiting five years for this. I handed in this song four years ago, so seeing it rise to the top feels so good. My goal was top 20 at first, and when it got into the top 10, I wanted to go all the way. Thanks so much to everyone for sticking with me this long."
Wonderful for Lauren!

Danielle Bradbery won The Voice the year after Season 10. Her and Lauren get compared quite often (and Lauren and her have actually become very good friends.) It'll be interesting to follow both of their careers. Danielle has some wonderful original music, but nothing is set to release.

It seems like country music is still willing to develop artists, whereas that doesn't quite seem to be the case with mainstream artists in other genres.
Lauren's going to be in a movie?

Quote:KnoxvilleFilmOffice‏ @knoxfilmoffice 3h3 hours ago

Congratulations Lauren Alaina on your #1 single! We can't wait to see Road Less Traveled. Everyone check out the...

The movie was first mentioned in Sept. 2016.

Lauren has some screen presence.

Quote:MarVista Entertainment is an independent studio that creates, acquires and distributes some of the most widely seen films and entertainment in the world...

Judging by their imdb, they primarily distribute. Since 2012, they have 424 titles listed under "Distributor - filmography." Going back to 2005, they have 109 under "Production Company - filmography." 34 of those are episodes tied to a tv program.

The ninth most recent entry under production is Lauren's movie. They list it on their website under "MIPTV Titles."

Wikipedia says, "(Marché International des Programmes de Télévision) is an event which takes place annually in Cannes, France)... it's essentially a content market for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content."

The annual event concluded last week.

Hollywood Reporter:

Quote:MIPTV: With TV Transforming, Can MIP Survive?

The empty corridors of the Cannes Palais and the empty tables at the Majestic, Carlton and Grand Hotel tell the story: MIPTV, once an essential stop for anyone and everyone in the international TV business, is in trouble.

This year's MIP, which wraps today, was notable for what it lacked: big new series (History Channel's Knights Templar drama Knightfall was the only major U.S. show with a MIP 2017 premiere); big name execs (Roy Price, head of global content at Amazon Prime Video was the only A-list suit around); and big deals.


I would guess there's a good chance the movie ends up on Netflix or Amazon. Marvista also provides MIPTV content to "cable and satellite providers."
Another commentary video -- this one for Stacey's Mom. Since Casey is Haley's original musical buddy I thought I'd put it here. Interesting that Scott chose this for his first commentary video.

feeling silly Tongue #meep

Anders Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BS2dHOrF9oJ/
Saw Morgan James last night at City Winery Chicago (after a 12 hour drive to get home yesterday):

which she acknowledged after her show:

Steve Klumpp‏ @Himm2 Apr 18
I'll be driving 12 hours to get to your show in time as I leave my family reunion in New York the morning of your show. Exhausted Steve.

Morgan James‏Verified account
Replying to @Himm2 @CityWineryCHI
Whoa!! Thank you and drive safe!!

[Image: Morgan%20%20Hubby_zpsgjasnqjb.jpg]
[Image: Morgan%20seated_zps8zlpli8r.jpg]
[Image: Morgan%20%20Band%20City%20Winery_zpsf2ybqsez.jpg]
[Image: Steve%20Morgan_zpsnjefmjq0.jpg]
April 5th:


I enjoyed a nice lunch with Richard Podolor and Bill Cooper at the Cheesecake Factory today. I was introduced to these two after they came to see me play at the Dresden a few weeks ago. These guys produced "Joy to the World" (JEREMIAAAAH WAS A BULLFROG!!) and "Mama Told Me Not to Come" for Three Dog Night in '70 and '71 and were also behind some of Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Alice Cooper's greatest work. They shared stories with me about recording with the Wrecking Crew, hearing the Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" the night it was recorded, guitar techniques, Chuck Berry's legacy, etc. I respect people like Richard and Bill very much and am always so grateful when people who have done so much for music come into my life and share their knowledge with me. You've gotta know where you've been to know where you're going. Awesome day.



How cool is that! You're right where you ought to be, amongst legends! Cool


@haleyreinhart Thanks for saying that, my friend. Means a lot. You already are one in my eyes.
Maxim Magazine Cool


[Image: savalas.jpg]

Quote:For those of you too young to know the legend that is her badass pop Telly—who also happens to be Jennifer Aniston's godfather and a believer in ghosts—watch him playing the hell out of his iconic role on Kojak.

Quote:Yeah, now you know where Vin Diesel gets his entire schtick.