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Quote:Scott Bradlee

An Ed Sheeran / Marvin Gaye mashup ft Dylan Chambers
Quote:John Notto

Looking for any visual artists to collaborate with for my psychedelic funk album. Other dimension meets reality is the vibe. Collage art would be great too. Any references are welcome! Thanks.
Quote:Scott Bradlee ā€¸Verified account @scottbradlee 2m
So honored to have co-arranged the #TonyAwards2017 opening w/ @KevinSpacey! Also happy to have the talented @lomo212 help me on it. So cool!

Quote:Tony Awards 2017 updates: Kevin Spacey's opening is a hit

@lomo212 = Lauren Molina

One of the people behind the Skivvies (on cello)
Quote:scottbradlee So honored to have co-arranged the #tonyawards2017 opening with #kevinspacey!! Thx to @lomo212 for helping me - we used to write mashups and skits for small shows in NYC back in 2010, and last night we got to see #StephenColbert sing lyrics we wrote for him. Crazy!
I think Scott doing work on the Tony awards is significant. He may be on the cusp of bigger and better things, in addition to what he has going on now. I'm glad he is a fan of Haley.
Dylan is movin' on UP
[Image: 19227897_353381685078600_1453134302643486720_n.jpg]

I made my @pmjofficial debut today with these awesome people. What a fun experience it was to contribute some vocals and guitar. Can't wait for you guys to see the video!
Funny that Scott is pointing in that picture. I wonder if he looked through some of Dylan's and noticed how much he points.
I couldn't quite catch what he was showing on his Instagram Story, but Jacob Luttrell has a song out in collaboration w/ Snoop Dogg (I think it was a chart showing the song at the top and Jacob saying it was a 'big' deal )

Dimes Only:

Also, apparently, Jacob is looking into doing some stand up comedy

[Image: 19425477_1927123370904023_4905882911607095296_n.jpg]

Soooo you guys said you wanted to see what this is like..... well, here it is.... my first comedy showcase and it's happening in NYC!! Don't make me tell you how it was. Just be there. Honestly if you ask me how it went and you weren't there, I won't tell you
Jacob and a former girlfriend seemed interested in doing some comedy a few years ago.
Turned some of the video from their wedding into a music video....