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DEBUT VIDEO: "That's What I Like" by @brunomars ! Link to full video in my bio! Pussycats I am so delighted to debut a new series of cover songs on my YouTube Channel called The Kit Kat Covers! Bringing the fine art of vintage vaudeville, cabaret, and burlesque to the modern world, one pelvic thrust at a time! Ironic that I'm calling these covers when I'm barely wearing anything hehe...I hope you enjoy watching it as much as me and my amazing men enjoyed making it, more are on the way! And as they say, like, subscribe, comment, and CHER! XO Ariana

My amazing team:
@thetoddschroeder :producer/arranger/piano
@blakemciver :dancer/choreography/co-arrangement
@tiago215 : dancer
@joemartone :drums
@keyanshoots @movingimagesent :cinematography/director

Overshadowed by her cabaret & Femme Fatale act, I think Arianna's vocals are often overlooked & very under rated Smile

There's a quality to her voice, soothing & mature....this from 2014.

Quote:Casey Abrams
Yesterday at 11:26am ·
Red Carpet with Haley Reinhart 's Perspective with Aubrey Logan Dave Tedeschi Dani Armstrong Angela Reinhart Ariana Savalas Postmodern Jukebox #pmjtour #blendingin #redcarpet

You might remember Ryan as a Chicago TV personality who has interviewed and known Haley for years (was at her Lincoln Hall tour show and after party)

Haley liked this post. Shameless I think is based in Chicago, is also one of her favorite shows, she's met some of the stars of the show too

[Image: 20582487_1404542706281943_2814424105506308096_n.jpg]

Wrapped on the set of Shameless. Awesome experience with a great cast

She took pictures with a couple of the show's stars over a year ago....

[Image: 14052252_173542076409889_1864280241_n.jpg]

Any chance Haley might eventually find herself on the show, even for a cameo? Tongue

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 15 Dec 2015
It was great meetin ya's! Bein' a Chicago girl & all, @SHO_Shameless is my fav ?? @stevehowey @realjeremywhite @cameronmonaghan @emmyrossum

Quote:Haley Reinhart‏ @HaleyReinhart 23 Feb 2014
Who else watches #Shameless ?! It's my fav. Wish I could be in it hah.. Ya know, bein from Chicago & all. Wink #sogood
Quote:Rachel Espiritu added 4 new photos — at Alto Bar.

Yesterday at 5:05am · Las Vegas, NV ·

Ahh so much fun rocking out with Pia Toscano and Stefano Langone tonight, this time with live band! And surprise Jacob Luttrell sighting, he actually remembered me from the El Rey over a year ago! I hope there's a round three!

Pia's set in Vegas (via "Pia's Paradise")

[Image: DG1A3EdUIAAgF0y.jpg]

Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy 1h1 hour ago
August 18th

Don't forget, Haley's on this album too Wink
In other news, Jeannette Steiner has her first single coming out today

[Image: 20635077_158166328070603_3349236864883097600_n.jpg]

TOMORROW Big Grin it's one of those words that starts to look wrong the longer you look at it, but it also describes THE DAY MY 1ST SINGLE IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE/STREAM/DOWNLOAD/SHARE!!!! Help a sister out Heart I want to keep doing this forever and always!! .
Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy 39m39 minutes ago
My First alive Album
Out Tomorrow!
With a very special guest. Can you guess who?
Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy 7h7 hours ago
I'm so proud to share this Live Album with you guys. ??❤️


Quote:Casey Abrams‏ @CaseyBassy 8m8 minutes ago
@HaleyReinhart stopped by for the party. Much love Haley ✌Big Grin
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/casey-...1269366349 … I'll be on her record she's putting out as well Smile