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^ Nice find Miguel. This is the second full length film released this year that he has directed. Unfortunately both films have had bad reviews, with the first, Bronx Bull, mostly ignored. In addition to directing Haley's video, he did some producing on her record and is seen playing the keyboard and showing Haley something on his phone in the Letter video.
Haley watching Drew perform whilst wearing a #whatsthatsound T-Shirt

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Our brother from another mother, Drew Dolan ... Thanks for sharing this journey with us ... come join us! (link in the bio!)

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Big thanks to @radiovenice.tv for having me back! Congrats on 2 years!
#venicebeach #livemusic #radiovenice

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You can watch him perform here (Haley shows up in the video from behind Drew as he gets up after his set @ 21:18)


suspected for a couple months now, but it's official in Drew's bio on the site...

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(09-24-2017, 10:32 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.radiovenice.tv/live/

suspected for a couple months now, but it's official in Drew's bio on the site...

[Image: DKi0JMHUMAAsg3x.jpg]

What's official?
That he's no longer in his band
When Ariana said 'hope to see you in Seattle", I thought she meant w/ PMJ.... turns out, her recent Menage a Tour is over and she'll be located in Seattle for a few months Exclamation

When I saw her earlier in the year, I had read that Teatro ZinZanni, the show she is joining, was moving, so when I heard she'd joined them on some type of basis, I expected it was going to be a touring act....I guess it's going to stay in Seattle for awhile Cool

The Ménage a Tour is over, but the adventure is just beginning! Tomorrow I begin my new life as the Madame of one of the most fabulous vaudeville circuses in the world, the @zinzanni_sea ...somehow it's not surprising that I ended up in the circus, see you in the tent baby!!
She used the video I took of her show in Seattle

First show is October 19
From their web-site:

Quote:Ariana Savalas

A singer, dancer, songwriter, comedienne, and professional pussycat, Ariana Savalas is a consummate showgirl who will seduce, surprise and touch you – sometimes literally. After attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Savalas made her way to LA and became a member of Playhouse West, Jeff Goldblum’s repertory theater, from whom she gleaned the art of combining the quirky and the alluring. She has travelled the world as a resident headliner for the Postmodern Jukebox, performing in renowned venues like Radio City Music Hall, The Greek Theater, and the O2 Apollo in London. Ariana Savalas first graced the Teatro ZinZanni spiegeltent for a one-night show in 2016 and knew she had found a circus to call her home. Madame ZinZanni is a title she wears with pride…and seven inch heels.

The Show:
The Show – Love, Chaos, and Dinner

It’s opening night of the new Teatro ZinZanni, and the staff anxiously awaits the arrival of a world-renowned restaurant critic. They are trying to put their best foot forward, without stepping on each others toes! Getting swept up in the madness is the magical Maître d’, who has staffed his restaurant with mechanical waitresses, chefs that defy gravity, and an amorous busboy who has finally met his match. With an aim to impress, the crew literally bends over backwards to give this critic the experience of a lifetime.

Quote:Enjoying A Limited Engagement Run at King County’s Marymoor Park – October 19, 2017-April 29, 2018
Ariana Savalas also gave Harry Reinhart a special treatment in her "Playboy Bunny" performance. ...Hugh Hefner R.I.P.

She really got me good performing "Nutcracker"

and speaking of Drew Dolan:
Ariana will be in Seattle when Haley comes to town ....good odds they will see each other's show? Tongue

[Image: 22069303_171705173379367_7638049296654270464_n.jpg]

What a scene! Fun times with the @pmjofficial fam at @arianasavalas show at @vibratogrilljazz Wish Madame Ari luck as she joins the circus!!! It's about time one of us did...Check her out with @zinzanni_sea! Ciao! #meow Maxi Dress by: @desipah
Quote:Curtis Jones

Support The Local Talent!!! This Is The First DJ Gucci Girl She Is The One Who Sings Dj Gucci Is In The Houussseee!!! Yah Haley Reihart! Seee Told Yall All My Friends Star'zzzz #BurrrGang

posted the "Let's Start" video
Looks like Casey has taken over the reigns of singing "Creep" on PMJ's tour, yesterday they were at Red Rocks Park, in Colorado....all the PMJer's were in awe of the venue, including Casey....

[Image: 22220514_156487291607139_3728345682411520000_n.jpg]

I will never forget this moment at @redrocksco I had chills.
Phot by @timkubart #pmjtour

earlier, Haley sent her best wishes to Casey....

So happy for ya! Wish I was there! Have the best show evaaa

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Quote:Haley Reinhart‏Verified account @HaleyReinhart 36m

Haley Reinhart Retweeted Clark Beckham
Check out my good friend, @ClarkBeckham's new soulful single. Proud a you Clarky! Heart (peace icon) #INeed

Quote:Clark Beckham‏Verified account @ClarkBeckham

"I Need" thanks @JohnMayer for letting me borrow your boys! @Sharkey335 Steve Jordan and Pino CRUSHED this record.

Quote:Clark Beckham‏Verified account @ClarkBeckham 19h

Humbled to announce that I've officially signed with @QuincyDJones for management. Big things are coming. Stay tuned tonight!!

Quote:Haley Reinhart‏Verified account @HaleyReinhart

Replying to @ClarkBeckham @QuincyDJones

So proud a you! He is the MAN!

Casey, Haley, Clark and Anthony Federov were judges at Rally Idol in January.