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Quote:Mozella‏Verified account @mozellamusic
Nov 28

Mozella Retweeted Kelly Clarkson

Congrats @kelly_clarkson on best pop vocal #Grammy nom!This tweet makes my heart beam! @jesse_belief @PriscillaRenea #GrammyNomination #grammy2018 #lovesosoft #KellyClarkson

Quote:Kelly Clarkson‏Verified account @kelly_clarkson

Thank you so much @PriscillaRenea @mozellamusic and Jesse Shatkin for writing me such a badass song! Love So Soft is so much fun to sing and perform, and this Grammy nomination is for all of us! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #grammys2018

11:28 AM - 28 Nov 2017
Hannah and Casey are currently touring w/ Haley and PMJ in Europe, on their day off, they recorded this Smile

Scott is now an author....

Quote:Scott Bradlee‏ @scottbradlee 4h4 hours ago
Surprise - I wrote a book! Learn the story of how I built @PMJofficial from scratch (and all the crazy adventures I had along the way). Pre-order on Amazon:

or B&N:

[Image: DRgmIj1VoAAtBjV.jpg]

Quote:Scott Bradlee‏Verified account
4h4 hours ago
I wanted to write a book dedicated to all the creative dreamers that wish to make a career doing what they love. It's entirely possible, and you don't need a label, reality TV, or "connections" to do it...

...after all, if I can make ragtime versions of pop songs marketable, there is no limit to what is possible in the 21st century...

"Outside The Jukebox" is part memoir, part entrepreneur "how to," and part madcap adventures with a crazy cast of insanely talented characters. Think "$100 Startup" meets "Entourage," with way less product placement.
Haley's first performance of 2018?

[Image: DTOlHztVMAE8W47.jpg]

Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy 35m35 minutes ago
This Friday will be epic, with very special guests.
Come to the FunkHaus!
[Image: 26404835_144713299562860_7381468233859072000_n.jpg]

[Image: 26066233_396521364137916_7272106645537161216_n.jpg]

Casey Abrams @caseybassy with Haley Reinhart @haleyreinhart at the Hotel Cafe @thehotelcafe tonight. #caseyabrams #haleyreinhart #hotelcafe #thehotelcafe #hollywood #losangeles #livemusic
Thnx Yanni Cool

quite a band Casey gathered for a small space like the Hotel Cafe.... Cool

Jacob Scesney-Sax/Woodwinds
Enrique Lara-Drums
Quinton Zigler-Keyboards
Wes Smith: Sax/Woodwinds
Lemar Guillary: Trombone
Ludovic Louis: Trombone
Jeremy Bieber: Guitar
Roland Gajate-Garcia: Percussion
^^I wonder what ever happened to Casey's Guitarist Taylor Tesler ?
Taylor Tesler is living in Colorado. https://www.instagram.com/p/BShPSlFB0Mh/...aytesmusic

He shared Casey's "Robot Lovers" video on FB back in Nov (he plays guitar on it).

Someone asked if there was any chance "you guys" would be coming to the Chicago/NW Indiana area anytime soon.

He replied, "Hey Darold. Talking about some kind of tour next year. Nothing in the books yet though!"