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A S10 contestant who said Haley was one of her favorites as a singer and a person now holds a fairly influential position.

Quote:Molly DeWolf SwensonVerified account @mollydewolf

I awake torn between a desire to improve the world & to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. CIO @maverick @livenation | Co-founder @thisisryot

CIO in this case means "Chief Impact Officer"


Rediscovered her from this tweet:

Quote:Molly DeWolf Swenson Verified account @mollydewolf

Thrilled to announce the launch of @LiveNation Women Fund, an early-stage investment fund focused on female-led live music businesses!

We want to give capital to women innovating in the live entertainment space: https://womennationfund.livenation.com/

Have leads?
Scott is also doing a reddit AMA, tomorrow early in the AM

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee 44s44 seconds ago

I’ll see you on @reddit tomorrow at 1:30pm Eastern time for an AMA!

[Image: De3bWxWUcAAHUpr.jpg:small]
Scott's book comes out in 2 Days, here's a short clip where he talks about Haley and Creep...

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee 2h2 hours ago

Learn the story behind the most famous Postmodern Jukebox cover in today's story from #OutsideTheJukebox. The book comes out in 2 days!!

For the record, Haley first performed Creep w/ PMJ in Lyon, France March 11, 2015, 3 days after she joined PMJ in Berlin at the Lido, March 8th

Quote:Tusk @Haleystusk
Fun @HaleyReinhart "Creep" fact:

The same day @PMJofficial recorded "Creep" & "All About that Bass" in Zurich, Switzerland, March 15th, 2015 , @scottbradlee saw a meteor

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee

Anyone else in Europe see that meteor?!?! That was crazy
1:09 PM - 15 Mar 2015

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee Apr 7
Scott Bradlee Retweeted Tusk
True story!
Jacob is in this new video by a band called Magic. In his Instagram he says he hopes to be able to play the song live...

Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee 2m2 minutes ago

The @PMJofficial #1billion party is happening LIVE on our @YouTube channel tomorrow at 2pm PST!
Should be streaming here in 10 minutes

Scott being interviewed for his book dropping today, and at the Troubadour...Haley is prominent in the AATB video they use, and Scott mentions Creep and Haley at the end

Last Night Haley's local friends & family decided at the last minute to go see Casey Abrams show at the Skokie Theatre. Barb, Penny, her friend, Me, Harry & Patti Reinhart all attended even though we didn't think any of us were. Casey reserved seats in the front row (that remained empty) for Harry & Patti but with Casey's knack for getting them to perform with him, they chose to relax & enjoy the show from the back.. He had Haley's European Tour music director Jesse Elder & keyboard stylist on Keys & Dave Tedesco on percussion. Casey was his usual wild & wonderful self. Here's a little sampling (Babbs photos):

[Image: CuRW0O.jpg]
[Image: NQXfKs.jpg]
Haley left the Josh Wolf show in time to hop on stage for Scott Bradlee's book signing for a song or two...

[Image: DfiyBeeUEAc1Oaz.jpg:large]

Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 2m2 minutes ago

We Popped into @theTroubadour for @scottbradlee & bam! Look who joins him @HaleyReinhart surprise! Catch up Thursday June 21st at the #Troubadour

Jay says he has video of Haley's performance w/ Scott at the Troubadour

Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 7m7 minutes ago

Replying to @HaleysTusk
Oh yes!!! I have video Big Grin blew the house down!

Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 2m2 minutes ago
Replying to @HaleysTusk
@HaleyReinhart will post a video!

Haley sang "Creep", From Tim Kubart's (Tambourine Guy) Instagram story
Haley also performed "All About That Bass" w/ Sara Niemietz & Joey Cook at Scott's book signing