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First Pia, now Lauren...

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Being yours forever has a nice “RING” to it. #HoppilyEverHopkins @_alex_hopkins WE ARE ENGAGED. EEEK. Heart

Lauren often uses puns in her posts
Scotty got married last month. Both Scotty and Lauren have been dating their significant others for 6 years. Which is like a 1/4 or more of their lifetimes. Congrats to both, I hope their relationships and Pia's are everlasting.
You know how much I enjoy Ray's drumming, but, is Haley's most recent drummer (The Troubadour & Ribfest) 'more than meets the eye'? I just got this post on Haley's Ribfest "Sunny Afternoon" video....

Quote:Virgolino Luis 21 hours ago
The great Mike Shapiro on drums? Howcome? I saw him play live in Lisbon more than 20 years ago with Toots Thielemans, Ivan Lins, Eliane Elias, Oscar Castro Neves, Ricardo Silveira, Brian Bromberg. That was awesome. Now he's doing it with a great singer, Haley. Very good. Greetings from Portugal.

I try my best to credit every musician performing in the description section of my videos. For Mike, I couldn't make out if Haley introduced him as "Matt" or "Mike" so I put "M. Shapiro" Tongue
Don't know if that's how the commentor knew it was Mike or he just happened to be a fan of Haley's and recognised hiim behind his kit? (Also, from Portugal? #ReinhartWorldDomination Cool )

Mike's bio on his website

Quote:Michael Shapiro has enjoyed a successful thirty plus year career as a drummer, percussionist, producer and educator. A self-taught musician from Washington D.C., Shapiro has performed with many legendary artists spanning multiple genres.

Mike has worked with such noted artists as will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Natalie Cole, Macy Gray, Al Jarreau, Toots Thielemans, Frank Gambale, Yellowjackets, Randy Travis, Ivan Lins, Dori Caymmi and Sergio Mendes. Currently working with the legendary Herb Alpert and wife, singer, Lani Hall, Mike has recorded, co produced and done arrangements for several albums. They continue to tour extensively.

His movie soundtrack credits include, Shrek the 3rd, Rio, People Like Us, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, Jersey Boys, The Peanuts Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, Despicable Me 3, Pitch Perfect 3, Jumanji and Live Like Line. Michael is currently teaching at UCLA.

That had to be quite an impression to be remembered 20+ years later? Big Grin

video is 8 years ago

Strength in Brazilian music.... LKG anyone? Seems Haley's chosen a musician maybe signalling the direction she's considering for HR4?
He played on WTS. I recall discussing his bio a while back. Bend around for sure.
I've had the opportunity to listen to Alex (Alex Fritzel, Angela's boyfriend) a handful of times and I'm already convinced of his talent. Seems he's pretty versatile. Here's his new single, an instrumental he just posted it to Youtube. Cool

Quote:This song includes Carl Sagan's timeless speech, "Pale Blue Dot."

Thank you Carl Sagan, for your lesson to all that science is the ultimate candle in the dark.

You are listening to the music of Cosmic Data, "Pale Blue Dot."
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Super pumped to announce that my band @dirtyhoneyband will be opening up for @Slash this fall for 3 shows: Pheonix, Salt Lake, and Denver. Come see us if you’re in those cities!!
Quote:Clare Reynolds shared a video.
2 hrs ·
Miss you already Haley Reinhart
Reminded me of us! Xoox

Quote:Clare Reynolds shared a video.
2 hrs ·
Miss you already Haley Reinhart
Reminded me of us! Xoox

Quote:Clare Reynolds shared a video.
2 hrs ·
Miss you already Haley Reinhart
Reminded me of us! Xoox

Haley was in NY w/ BC Jean last night, they went to see Mark Ballas in "Kinky Boots"


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