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Full Version: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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Quote:According to @andersgrahn 's wiki, these are the songs he's co-written w/ @HaleyReinhart:
"Good or Bad"
"Talkin' About"
"Bad Light"
"Somewhere in between"
"Let's start"
"Last kiss goodbye"
"Don’t know how to love you"
"Broken record"
"Crack the code"

You might recognise the guitar player, Tony Pulizzi from Season 10 Idol, he was on stage w/ Haley during "Piece of My Heart"
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We have the #1 song in America on Active Rock radio. We are the first unsigned band to ever top this chart!! LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!

John and his band "Dirty Honey" have been opening some shows for Slash and Myles Kennedy Cool

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Bill Burr is now canonically in the Star Wars universe.  He'll be in Disney+ "The Mandalorian"

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