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(11-18-2014, 07:51 AM)My Alter Ego Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-17-2014, 05:55 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Scott Bradlee @scottbradlee · 7h 7 hours ago
New Postmodern Jukebox video today ft @CaseyBassy - and it's featured on @billboard! http://m.billboard.com/entry/view/id/107...ce=twitter

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 1m1 minute ago
@scottbradlee Hope you & @HaleyReinhart could get together on a PMJ project
Haley with @IrvinMayfieldJr: "At Last": http://youtu.be/yRSOiB5YCmM

What a great group and what fun! Scott Bradlee, besides really knowing his way around that keyboard, has the most active right knee/foot that I believe I've ever seen on a piano player. What a hoot! And Jacob plays clarinet too. Where does it end?

I wrote about this group about 2 wks or so ago in the Casey thread. There is a longer article about Scott Bradlee and why he formed this group in my post

Scott Bradley left very nice comment about Casey in the comment section of the video:

New Video! It was only a matter of time before a Casey Abrams / Postmodern Jukebox collaboration happened - if you haven't seen Casey perform yet, get ready to meet one of the most talented young performers in the world. Here's our New Orleans - style remake of Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One" - now on iTunes

Scott B plays some great piano & all the musicians are very talented. In fact, Jacob will be playing with PMJ next week in Hollywood. Not sure if Casey will be there.

Some of the songs PMJ covers are pretty mediocre or downright lousy and he makes them sound much better with his arrangements. The Sam Smith song covered on this vid is a nice song on it's own IMO. So, this is a different twist on it. More upbeat and fun

Hoping to see some of Casey buddies share it out--he usually shares out everybody's stuff
Quote:I wrote about this group about 2 wks or so ago in the Casey thread. There is a longer article about Scott Bradlee and why he formed this group in my post.

Thanks, Lauraliz. I thought that I'd remembered seeing/hearing of this group before, but couldn't remember where (or when -- to quote the song). I'll have to go back and read more thoroughly.

Scott's musicians are talented -- and skilled. I hope they find an ever-growing, appreciative audience that will allow them make a living doing what they love (and are good at).

Quote:Hoping to see some of Casey buddies share it out--he usually shares out everybody's stuff.

They owe him, don't they?
^^^^^^ It would be nice if they did. Recently, he tweeted out for Paul Mc and Stefano and Jacob and Pia and I'm sure others. I'm sure they area all busy--but it would be thoughtful of them

"Where or When" I love that song Heart I think it fits Caley very well --cause I think they must have knocked around this world together a time or two before
@ephcto Amazing photos of Haley on your site! You should get some of her NOLA black gown. Wink
11:40 AM - 17 Nov 14

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Casey was at a "FriendsGiving" party with Sarah Hyland the other night, I wonder if Haley was there too. Sarah was a Haley fan, stopped by to see her last year in Vegas

[Image: 10755820_796644143712343_1966056099_n.jpg]

13 hours ago
I went to a sweet friendsgiving. #goodvibes #goodfood #UverseTVApp Thanks for the good vibes @imthekatie

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9 hours ago
My friends are my everything Heart Happy friends-giving!!!

[Image: 10808727_616396355153053_1920852826_n.jpg]

[Image: 10810041_562837340483878_806999863_n.jpg]

[Image: 10507850_1503168069955293_949915124_n.jpg]

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[Image: 923833_649690201814809_418153359_n.jpg]

[Image: 10755831_469888406482589_1055088030_n.jpg]
^^^There's a bevy of beauties in one of those pix -- no wonder Casey's a happy boy.Big Grin
Quote:Thanks for the write up, The Daily Dot!
Catch Casey Abrams performing this tune with us at our Speakeasy Party at Hyde Sunset tonight!

Quote:Back in LA for tonight's PMJ Speakeasy Party at Hyde Sunset! Tonight's guests include Shoshana Bean and Casey Abrams! We'll be playing our new Sam Smith cover with Casey- have you seen it?
We'll also have immersive dance performances by the La Follies!

TED talk by Scott Bradlee

Shoshana Bean at Hotel Cafe (who dat on guitar?) Wink
(11-19-2014, 06:00 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-19-2014, 05:50 PM)lauraliz Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure if Haley is interested in singing with them she could just have Casey make the introductions. It's possible that she is trying to be more of a solo artist-and may just want to focus on her EP.

This would be about exposure and jamming with some talented professionals, I don't see how doing something with them precludes having a solo career... When I spoke to Haley at Room5 about possibly appearing with NOJO in San Diego (this week, or next?) she said she'd love to but she has a commitment during the same time period, and there is that she had a twitter exchange about doing some 'sessions' in LA with her writing pal, Anders Grahn:

Quote:Anders Grahn ‏@andersgrahn Nov 9
@HaleyReinhart doing a sick version of #better written by me, Haley & @alexreid12
Can't wait for our LA sessions H!

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart · Nov 9
@andersgrahn @alexreid12 Awa thanks Anders! I can't wait either, see you soon. Smile

I think you misunderstand me Tusk. I know that she could easily do a video with PMJ while focusing on her EP/career. And if she wants to do a collab with them I'm sure it could happen. In fact, for all we know--it's already happened. (Casey filmed his video a couple of weeks ago or more.) So what I'm trying to say is--if she is interested she could just have Casey set it up. I'm sure Scott B would love her. The one reason I could think why Haley might not be into it right now is that her plate is full with writing recording etc.

It will be interesting to see if she is at the PMJ show tonight. If she is there--I think a video is sure to follow.
Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 12h 12 hours ago
I wonder if Haley'll be there to watch Casey perform with PMJ. Nice opportunity to maybe Network with them, get a collab going Smile

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27 minutes ago
So much talent at our PMJ Speakeasy Party tonight! @caseybassy @haleyreinhart @mikecottonemusic @jsayswho #hydesunset
Apparently Haley was All About That Bass with PMJ last night also:


Seems like a PMJ/Reinhart collab appears practically certain, doesn't it? Cool