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(11-20-2014, 08:24 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently Haley was All About That Bass with PMJ last night also:


Seems like a PMJ/Reinhart collab appears practically certain, doesn't it? Cool

That girl was on american idol. I love her
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 1h
@scottbradlee WhAt a blast! Had so much fun watchin/dancin/& sittin in. You guys took us all back in time while keeping it crazy current!??
(11-20-2014, 12:32 PM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 1h
@scottbradlee WhAt a blast! Had so much fun watchin/dancin/& sittin in. You guys took us all back in time while keeping it crazy current!??

Very enthusiastic tweet from Haley.

As with Casey, much of Scott Bradlee's sound sits right in Haley's wheelhouse. A lot of the work she has done lately is a testament to that. I was looking at her FB timeline and notice she just put up the picture of her doing a sultry, jazzy take on Bennie and the Jets.

Not sure when Casey taped his PMJ video but at the Room5 show at the end of October, he and Haley changed up At Last in a major way. I wonder if they were influenced by the way PMJ changes modern songs wholesale. I could see them grooving on some of the TMJ material and having fun with some of their own covers.

Thumbs up for Morgan James
Different photo from same shot from Jacob

[Image: B26NbwRCIAAlKA7.jpg:large]
Quote:Jacob Scesney @JSaysKnee · 8h 8 hours ago
Great time last night! @CaseyBassy @scottbradlee @PMJofficial @HaleyReinhart @LingtonSax What a talented group!

BTW, not mentioned, but Bonx was there too Tongue
.... He did this seconds after I tweeted it....Big GrinExclamationExclamationExclamation

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 11s11 seconds ago
@HaleyReinhart OMG #Haliens cross your fingers harder than you've ever crossed them before X)

[Image: B3BiDBMCEAAw0Bp.jpg]

I tweeted him "Pathetic"

[Image: B3BluxMCMAElxZl.jpg]
Quote:Chad Richardson ‏@chadofalltrades 2m
Thinking of great songwriters we know @clarereynolds @HaleyReinhart @MariaMarcus1 @MaeganCottone @andersgrahn

[Image: B3JbxRmCIAA2rbz.jpg]
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 34m34 minutes ago
Our Xmas album on @PledgeMusic is over 200% funded! I guess this was a good idea http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/scottbradlee

[Image: 0.jpg?1411403030]
Quote:The Christmas Album
We did it to Miley, we did it to Lorde, we did it to Nickelback… and now we’re doing it to Christmas.

Haley does Christmas music...

Maybe something like this
And this is a reason I'm especially excited if Haley gets to do a video with these guys, #Exposure

Quote:William Crawley ‏@williamcrawley 2h2 hours ago
I am now officially addicted to “Postmodern Jukebox”.


Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 54m54 minutes ago
@williamcrawley enjoySmile

Quote:William Crawley ‏@williamcrawley 44m44 minutes ago
@scottbradlee I'm making my way through your entire back catalogue, googling every artist as I go. Quite fabulous.

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 41m41 minutes ago
@williamcrawley thank you! It's been a labor of love

Quote:William Crawley
@scottbradlee and it's the love that comes across

Quote:William Crawley: William Crawley has presented a variety of factual TV and radio programmes for BBC Northern Ireland, BBC 4, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3 and the BBC World Service. He regularly hosts news and current affairs programmes, and specialist arts, books and religion & ethics programmes, and writes and presents history documentaries on radio and television.

These guys are international, globally respected... I mean, check out their upcoming European tour dates!!:

6-Feb - Belfast, UK; Empire Music Hall
7-Feb - Dublin, Ireland; Vicar St
8-Feb - Manchester, UK; Academy 2
9-Feb - Gateshead, UK; Sage 2
10-Feb - Glasgow, UK; Old Fruitmarket
11-Feb - Edinburgh, UK; Queen's Hall
13-Feb - Sheffield, UK; Leadmill
14-Feb - Birmingham, UK; Library / Institute
15-Feb - Bristol, UK; Thekla
16-Feb - Brighton, UK; Concorde 2
17-Feb - London, UK; Shepherd's Bush Empire
19-Feb - Amsterdam, Holland; Paradiso
20-Feb - Breda, Holland; Mezz
21-Feb - Sint Niklaas, Belgium; De Casino
22-Feb - Bordeaux, France; Barbey Club
23-Feb - Madrid, Spain; Caracol
24-Feb - Barcelona, Spain; Festival Mil-Lenni - Apolo
3-Mar - Oslo, Norway; Parkteateret
4-Mar - Gothenburg, Sweden; Nefertiti
5-Mar - Stockholm, Sweden; Fasching
6-Mar - Copenhagen, Denmark; DR Concert Hall
7-Mar - Hamburg, Germany; Knust
8-Mar - Berlin, Germany; Lido
10-Mar - Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg; Rockhal (club)
11-Mar - Lyon, France; Transclub
12-Mar - Paris, France; Alhambra
13-Mar - Cologne, Germany; Luxor
14-Mar - Frankfurt, Germany; Zoom
16-Mar - Zurich, Switzerland; Kaufleuten
17-Mar - Prague, Czech Republic; Lucerna Music Bar
18-Mar - Warsaw, Poland; Stodola
19-Mar - Ostrava, Czech Republic; Garage
20-Mar - Vienna, Austria; Porgy & Bess

Can you imagine the networking and experience Haley can get being attached to such a positive, fun loving group?

I know I'm jumping the gun, but it really does look like the possibility of Haley collaborating with PMJ might happen. The 'favorite' I got from ScottBradlee when I tweeted "Pathetic" and suggesting working with Haley, was the fastest response I've got from a 'famous' person to my tweet I'd ever gotten.

(I admit, I've been 'greasing the wheels' so to speak, previously, I'd tweeted a number of Haley's performances (Including Room5's "Cry Me a River") to Scott requesting a Haley collab Blush)

That has to mean something, right? Wink

Oh... and I'm looking forward to more Kate Davis' performances Blush

^^ Tusk, it seems that the PMJ has struck a chord in the listening public. They are sizzling and it would be a great time for Haley to join the party. Smile
[Image: fingerscrossed.gif]

I have a few tunes by Kate Davis posted on the music videos thread. I like her.
I'm eyeing that PMJ date in Paris. I've been thinking about paying my relatives a visit next year... wonder what the odds are of cajoling Scott into getting Haley to make a 'special appearance' at that show (or even part of the tour) ?

(LOL JOKING..... or am I? Tongue )

I know Haley will likely be very busy moving her career forward, actuating her plans into reality, just saw the date and my mind started into that direction LOL Blush