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I thought I'd create a place to put information, videos, etc. relating to musicians or others that Haley performs with, or are friends or associates.

Dylan Chambers is a singer/guitarist/songwriter in L.A. He has performed with Mark Ballas periodically over the past couple years, and once opened for Three Dog Night. He also auditioned for The Voice, singing Valerie, but none of the chairs turned. Ouch.

He just posted this cover....

Dylan with Caitlin Hart

Comment on the "I Want You Back" street video at Room 5
Quote:Christine Chambers
I love watching all this talent! I love seeing my son Dylan out there with such wonderful musicians having fun!

Mark Ballas

Perhaps if Haley continues to perform with him if he will bust out some moves when she sings SMYM.

On DWTS Ballas shows some moves with his partner (remember the no politics rule Tongue)

Performs his single "Get My Name" on DWTS

Quote:Corky Ballas @CorkyBallas · 14m
New Video: 'Hit the Road Jack' @MarkBallas @BCJean @HaleyReinhart @dylan_chambers and @CaseyBassy http://youtu.be/SQ0nn-cpLGw
Mark Alexander "Corky" Ballas, Sr. is a retired competitive ballroom dancer who holds several Latin dance championship titles. He is Mark's father and has 134K twitter followers.

Mark is an interesting guy with lots of talent. Here is a promo bio that he uses:
Quote:Bio: Emmy-nominated Mark Ballas is recognized worldwide as a multifaceted performer. Known for his dynamic energy and bold choreography, Mark stormed the US scene over six years ago, captivating over 20 million viewers per week on the ABC sensation, “Dancing with the Stars.” Named by Clear Channel as the 2011 “Artist to Watch,” he has emerged as a recording artist, signing a major deal with publishing powerhouse, BMG.

He is currently working on his first solo full studio production album with some of the most influential and respected producers in the music industry. This includes producers from the Timbaland camp such as, Jim Beanz and Wizz Dumb. He has also been working with the Stereotypes and doing co-writes with Jozzy, BC Jean, and Clarence Coffee Jr.

Mark has recently opened for Robin Thicke . At one of these shows in Los Angeles, he received two standing ovations at the Wiltern Theatre. After his sold out show at the Trouabadour in West Hollywood, he performed at Will. I. Am’s “Trans4rm” Pre-Grammy party where he shared the stage with the Black Eyed Peas Band. In the same line up was Estelle, Ludacris, Bobby Brown, Alicia Keys, andWill.I.Am.

In 2011, Mark was the winner of MTV’s Freshman Five and he was highlighted on the network. He received over 100 million documented views, and his music appeared on feature reels in over 100,000 retail and business locations worldwide.

As part of the professional cast of “Dancing with the Stars” for the past eleven seasons, Mark has proven to be not only a fan favorite, but is also no stranger to the coveted mirror ball trophy. He is a two-time champion (Season 6 with Kristi Yamaguchi and Season 8 with Shawn Johnson), and caused a media frenzy when he took performance newcomer Bristol Palin all the way to the finals in Season 11. In season 13, he and his partner, Welsh singing sensation Katherine Jenkins, made it to the finals, finishing in second place which was rather controversial as they were seen as front-runners throughout the season. Recently, they reunited for a final dance together on the UK hit “Strictly Come Dancing.”

In addition to dancing, Mark is widely respected for his choreography and was nominated for a 2011 Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Choreography for Season 12 alongside the industry’s most celebrated talent. That same year, he was also tapped to choreograph the hugely popular television commercial for Diet Pepsi starring Sofia Vergara.

Born in Houston to a family of international dance stars and musicians, Mark moved to London as a child, where he attended the world-renowned Italia Conti Performing Arts School and graduated with honors. Here, he was required to not only dance, but also sing, act and play an instrument. He began playing the guitar at the age of nine, training in classic flamenco. By age twelve, he was writing and performing his own music, playing guitar, drums and bass. With guitar influences ranging from Paco de Lucia, Gypsy Kings, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, and Kurt Cobain. Mark is carving out his own niche in the music world best described as Pop/Urban/Rythmic with percussive guitar. His style and soulful melodies showcase his talent not only as an accomplished singer, but also as a skilled guitar player.

As an actor, Mark has played the lead in the musical Copacabana. He also took on roles in the UK National Tour of Maria de Buenos Aires, and was an understudy for one of the leads in Buddy, The Buddy Holly Musical, which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical. In television, he has guest starred on “Melissa and Joey” and “Samantha Who?”

When Mark isn't performing, he is passionate about speaking to school age kids about acceptance and mental health. Nine years ago, Mark and his family were forever altered by the suicide of his Uncle David. Mark and his mother Shirley (David's sister) formed The Ballas Foundation in the fall of 2010. Mark and Shirley are committed to removing the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide by raising money, awareness, and volunteerism in support of suicide awareness.
BC Jean (Brittany Jean Carlson)

An excerpt from an interview...
Quote:Q: How old were when you moved to LA?
A: When I turned 17, but prior to that I was picked up by a nationally acclaimed cover band, My very first gig was seven nights at the Sahara in Las Vegas. I was on tour with them for six months; my mom came with me. I remember after performing everyone would get together having fun, but I was back in my hotel room doing my homework. I had to finish high school while on the road. It was an awesome experience. That is where I learned to harmonize, but singing covers was not for me. I wanted to do my own thing; write my own songs. So at 17 I moved to LA. It's been a cool journey so far.

Q: So who are your biggest influences?
A: Gwen Stefani...I love her. She is my idol. The No Doubt cd, Tragic Kingdom, was the first album I ever bought with my own money. I also grew up with Britney Spears, Pink, Alanis Morissette...all big influences of mine. I loved Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane" album, and then of course there is Guns and Roses, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Blondie, I had a variety of music I listened to.


Her influences are interesting. Haley, of course, names her parents, the Beatles, followed by many others. This quote from BrainyQuotes is attributed to Haley
Quote:My folks have played everything from rock, disco, pop, funk, and blues. My dad has always brought and played different genres like jazz, classical, and Latin. With all this in my pocket, I feel I have a taste of everything for my influences.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/author...o7tbbEK.99

This is a video of Mark Ballas and BC Jean performing her song "If I Were a Boy"

She appeared on the Tonight Show in 2012
Quote:Drew Carey @DrewFromTV · Jul 3
Wow. Great new song by @dylan_chambers w some Nashville-level guitar playing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnbhzXlI1ZE&sns=em

Quote:TheArtist KiKi
June 29 near Los Angeles, CA
My Husband Erick Walls is a Beast at that guitar and might I say other things too ... I won't go there... LoL anyways.....Okay Erick u Better Kill Em Sir.... Claps at the TV screen...... YAssssssss #Star
They've been married 10 years. They have two sons. She's a drummer/singer.
^^The young woman with blond hair in the front row far right is gorgeous! The one directly in front of Dylan.
17 hours ago
Happy 4th ?? @cherylburke @markballas @bcjean @sir_twitch_alot @allisonholker @travisova @gymdom @tjparadise80 @mishagabriel @haleyreinhart @kymjohnson1 @daltonheinrich @michaelnunez_ @nicklazzarini
[Image: 10507996_688719487865410_1938846412_n.jpg]

Stephen "twitch" Boss (@sir_twitch_alot) and Allison Holker (now they are married).

Quote:It'll be a lifelong duet on the dance floor for Stephen "Twitch" Boss and Allison Holker, who were married Tuesday in Paso Robles, Calif.

Fittingly, the So You Think You Can Dance costars tied the knot at a winery owned by the show's producer and judge, Nigel Lythgoe, who joined the happy couple to Tweet photos of their "rustic chic" big day. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,...19,00.html
Tongue Hey it's Uncle Nigel

Twitch starred in Step Up Revolution. Given the step up franchise seems to have a built in audience, perhaps SMYM could be featured in the next one. Wink

Quote:Misha Gabriel @mishagabriel · Jul 3
TBT. Too much fun. Sidewalk jam with @MarkBallas and friends http://youtu.be/vphD7T3aIZU

Quote:Misha Gabriel, also known as Misha Gabriel Hamilton, is an American dancer, choreographer, and actor. He is known for dancing mainly in the shows of Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson, and for his role as Eddie in Step Up Revolution.

...Misha has been in a long term relationship with dancer/actress Alexa Anderson who was a finalist on the ninth season of So You Think You Can Dance, a dance competition show. The two are represented by the same agency and met on the job. Misha is good friends with actor Kenny Wormald. They grew up dancing together and have worked together as dancers and actors. Misha is also good friends with choreographer Travis Wall.

^^Whoo boy! Haley's hanging with the SYTYCD superstars: Travis Wall, Twitch and his wife Alison! Travis Wall was a contestant on the show in its second season, and has since consistently provided wonderful, if not outstanding, choreography for the show (although I don't know when he began doing this).

Here are my two faves of his choreography:

Eliana and Alex (Freaking) Wong (2012):

Amy and Travis (2013):

Twitch (who tried out 3 times before he before he made the top 20), is sooo good in his genre but is such a generous partner as he's moved into the "All Stars" category of SYTYCD. He also has been an adjudicator during the AI equivalent of "Hollywood Week."

An example of his work as an All Star with Alex (Freaking) Wong:

Alison is a superb dancer, but never moves me and I never remember anything she's done (unlike the 3 above video posts), but again she is technically a superb dancer, she's Twitch's wife and thus a part of this party.

So it becomes more possible that Haley's SMYM might become a song, as Babbs hinted at, used for a DWTS or SYTYCD routine, and/or next year's National Dance Day routines.
In the Instagram post previous to that one, MB promoted...

4 days ago
The debut full length album "I'm Not Falling" with @ThePaulMcDonald & @iamnikkireed will be available starting July 8th and pre-orders start tonight at midnight. Check it y'all

[Image: 10454033_310967185729370_587116448_n.jpg]


Quote:SteFano Langone ‏@Stefano

Everyone go check out my good friends new album @NikkiReed_I_Am and @thePaulMcDonald! comes out tonight!!!

Stefano posted this May 22nd:

1 month ago
This is happening in the #SpeakerMind studio right now @iamnikkireed #NewMusic #NikkiIsComingWithSomeHeat #WatchOut #FlyWithYou #SpeakerMind

[Image: 10354387_1450976971814509_847868500_n.jpg]

And this on the 27th of May:

1 month ago
@iamnikkireed in the booth! #DoinWork #ThatHeat #speakermind[/quotie]

[Image: 10358383_1441880766069344_1353497600_n.jpg]

Quote: daveronmadden
1 month ago
Chillin in the lab makin some HEAT for @iamnikkireed #NewMusicComingSoon #SpeakerMind #BoutThatActionBoss @stefanomusic

[Image: 10296668_1422410281364389_101722851_n.jpg]

Daveron is apparently a friend of Stefano's from Kent, WA. In April, they formed an LLC to create a production company (SpeakerMind studio). It looks like Daveron also works as a property manager and became a father in February.
Quote:janelle ‏@CamilaCaceIIo 1h


Quote:dani ‏@UmbilicalKordei 59m


Quote:dani ‏@UmbilicalKordei

@iHartHReinhart camila and haley met and haley was like "do i know you? are you in that girl group" an camila was like "yeah, are you haley

Quote:dani ‏@UmbilicalKordei

@iHartHReinhart reinhart?" and they talked about haley's music video and stuff at the salon or something
Camila Cabello is a member of Fifth Harmony, the girl group created on X-Factor.
[Image: 230px-Tumblr_n3dp36tZ5D1rmhua8o1_500.jpg]

She has a million followers on twitter. Apparently she had a video chat tonight and janelle (@CamilaCaceIIo) asked if she was still listened to Haley Reinhart and she talked about meeting her.

Quote:carol ‏@johnwatsan 41m