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Full Version: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
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Just watched the first episode and loved it... In the short clips released of little Bill it always sounded like Haley to me, but in the full episode it sounds just like a 10 year old boy!! She does a great job!!

The only thing missing is her name in the opening credits - hopefully corrected in season 2!!
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‘F Is for Family’: Bill Burr’s stiff salute to the brutality of being a ’70s child

Rare is the comedian who can turn his profanities and peeves into something more meaningfully positioned against the current tide of safe spaces, trigger warnings and other demands for respect that are seen, by many, as an undue rush toward political correctness — and a threat to provocative comedy. ...

...It’s never quite clear if “F Is for Family” is a work of nostalgia or regret or some combination of the two. Is it a paean to lost freedoms or a send-up of the emotional brutality that came with being a kid 40 years ago? Is the cheek still stinging from the slap or is it wishing for the return of the father’s angry hand?

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5 Reasons to Love 'F Is for Family' on Netflix

4. Remember American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart? Love her! She makes her voice acting debut here as Bill, the family’s youngest son....
Quote:Haley Reinhart’s animated comedy, F is For Family premieres on Netflix. You can watch all 6 episodes now if you have a subscription. Haley voices the younger son in a 70’s era working class rust belt family.

(12-18-2015, 11:49 AM)Jastal Wrote: [ -> ]The only thing missing is her name in the opening credits - hopefully corrected in season 2!!

That's why I made this clip that I tweeted out, adding Haley's name to the intro credits

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 8m8 minutes ago
.@HaleyReinhart added "Introducing Haley Reinhart as Bill" to #FIsForFamily intro credits, hopefully for Season 2


Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 5m5 minutes ago
In intro credits for #FisForFamily, did you notice the men's names appear in the lower right corner, ladies in the upper left? Intentional?

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 3m3 minutes ago
Originally, I put the "introducing Haley Reinhart..." lower center screen, but then I noticed the pattern, so it ended up upper left
I've watched half the series and I have to say if I hadn't known Haley was Bill I wouldn't know Haley was Bill.

Popzara: F is for Family (Netflix) Review

To me, that’s the saving grace of the series, having the family learn lessons and values that sometimes remind me of the hit show The Wonder Years. If the show was all about Bill Burr cursing and yelling his way through everything, it would be a waste of time for most. As with BoJack, the situations the family gets into can be a wild ride, as the show doesn’t know if it wants to be a sitcom or a sad ride into depression which can be a little jarring for viewers.

F is for Family is a fun way to spend a sitting with Netflix, thanks to it’s short length and interesting stories of living life in the 70’s. Those who can work past the insane but sometimes funny rants of Bill Burr will find an enjoyable show that’s working through its growing pains, and will hopefully become a real contender to match the awesomeness of BoJack Horseman.
Haley's answering questions about the show on Twitter right now...has been for about 45 minutes.
I asked if she recorded her parts or w/ the others

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account ‏@HaleyReinhart 14m14 minutes ago
@HaleysTusk @netflix We did table reads and some recordings together, which I guess is pretty rare.. Pretty awesome! #FisForFamilyAskHaley

I asked if there's any plans for her to record a Christmas album

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account ‏@HaleyReinhart 6m6 minutes ago
@HaleysTusk @netflix @twitter Hmmm, perhaps someday we will do "The Reinhart Family Christmas Album - Volume 2!" Wink) #FisForFamilyAskHaley

Advice for Little Bill?

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 8m8 minutes ago
@JulesAlveria @netflix Always continue to try an make sense of everything in life.. Connect the dots.. Read the signs! #FisForFamilyAskHaley
Haley's character is cute, I watched episode 1 then skipped to the Halloween one she sings on the credits at the end Wink
OH MY: Ep.6 at 12:00
¡¡¡¡She singing a Christmas song on the radio!!!!! HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
¿Some one can tell me the song's name? HuhHuh
(12-18-2015, 06:15 PM)riley Wrote: [ -> ]Haley's character is cute, I watched episode 1 then skipped to the Halloween one she sings on the credits at the end Wink

I thought that sounded like her.

(12-18-2015, 10:21 PM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: [ -> ]¿Some one can tell me the song's name? HuhHuh

I think it's Holy Night.

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Binge-watched all 6 eps. When is s2? A+ voice work. Couldn't believe that little boy was you! U brought him to life