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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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I think the difference in views is almost exclusively attributed to the billboard shoutout. Haley's "All About That Bass" video jumped in views too. Billboard is a huge outlet.

Habits is a huge song right now, and Stacey's Mom is quite old, so I doubt it's that. And I'd buy that it has to do with Casey's promotion of himself..if Casey typically got more views than Haley. He doesn't. (Not saying he doesn't get himself out there more than Haley. He does. Haley could take some notes from him. But Casey also seems to be a common connection between a lot of people, so I think he's an incredible people person..I'm just saying he's not Christina Grimmie or Jessica Sanchez when it comes to social media presence.)

And I really hope Haley does more videos. That is my absolute favorite studio from haley because there's hardly any production on her voice. You can hear all the colors and raspiness and everything special about her voice in that recording.
Looking at the little graphs that YT has under statistics, the pop that Casey got from the publicity is apparent. I think that pretty much accounts for the difference in views.

New PMJ video is out
I Want it That Way - 70's Soul Backstreet Boys Cover ft. Shoshana Bean
I wanted to be the 200,000th viewer but I guess 1,049 people beat me to it:
Habits - Vintage 1930's Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart
Add to
Since the views meter only updates intermittently, perhaps you were the 200,000th viewer.

The "thumbs up" counter updates continuously though, so I unliked then reliked to be the 10,000th "Like." (okay, not really).

However, Haley has reached the 10,000 "Likes" milestone.
Also..can we have a Shoshana and Haley duet. Please?
When was the last time Haley dueted with another female, right off the bat I can only think Lauren on AI

Talk about explicit adult themes TongueRolleyes
It's a song about guns and shooting which is perfectly fine in 'Merica Wink
I was thinking the same thing- their voices and styles would mesh well
Shoshana and Haley will be together in Vegas with PMJ.

....or maybe not. Shoshana shows up on the link for Blake here but not when you click on Scott, Haley or Shoshana's name. Perhaps she is replacing Shoshana for Vegas.

Scott Bradlee retweeted:
Quote:Blake Lewis ‏@BlakeLewis 2h

My friend @ShoshanaBean can sang! Can't wait to be on the road with these amazing humans. http://youtu.be/a6HtMqVRzQg @skulleeroz @PMJofficial
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