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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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We came up with the name "Team HaleyFans" at CityWalk and for the "Trifecta" because some Haliens approached me wanting to help with making videos, giving me their video files, audio files to use to put together the videos.

They didn't need or want their credit for helping on the vids, but I didn't want to take credit for someone else's work. But it's been my thing since starting the channel that I would always put something, credit, as a sort of 'watermark' on the videos, in case someone snatched it from youtube and posted it as their own.

So the compromise was to create Team HaleyFans as a catch all for credit on the video. Any one that has helped on videos was considered Team Haley Fans. Miguel with his Audio at BGDays for Better and Cake is part of Team HaleyFans, Yanni provided audio for my Hotel Cafe vids and others, so he is too....

So if anyone tried to snatch a video from my channel, it would still have "Team HaleyFans" still on it

Basically, it's turned into a catch all for all of Haley's fans that have worked to support and spread the word about/for Haley Big Grin
Cool I do have 200 some+ photos of the Hales I'd like to post, And don't really care bout the credits.Smile
(01-29-2015, 08:55 PM)midnightblues Wrote: [ -> ]Cool I do have 200 + photos of the Hales I'd like to post, And don't really care bout the credits.Smile

that's kind of the point, Team HaleyFans is not one of us, it's all of us Wink

The only reason I put credits on the video is so people can't take it and claim it's theirs when it clearly has "Team HaleyFans" on it (on my earlier videos, I put "haleyfans.com" on them )
OKKKKKKK Can you send me the directions in a day or to?iLL LET ya know when
? Literally or metaphorically?

Do you mean you want to send me something?
Yeah from the start to the end Can I P/M ya?
H(SH) now has 400,017 views [Image: smiley-dance013.gif] as well as 13,955 Likes and 1,035 comments.

Quote:Paulo Christeus Directo-Taduran 1 hour ago
You, Ms. Haley, are the most wonderful person I've ever seen.
Quote:filipinayeahbaby 11 hours ago
This is my new favorite, love it sooooo much! Her voice reminds me of Wayne Newton.
Quote:João Carlos Fonseca 5 hours ago
The way she sings... it's funny!

Casey's first video INTOO now has 724,034 views and Stacey's Mom has 650,632 views.
Quote:Pritt060414 minutes ago
OMG! This is your best one, so far! Very good job. VERY good job.

Tati Isabel 18 minutes ago

dea hun 6 hours ago
omg her voice _ 

Ella lavie 8 hours ago
OMG,best so far!
@scottbradlee Hi Scott, is the lineup for Europe set or will additional vocalists be announced? - 02 Feb

Scott Bradlee

@JohnKess another one will be announced very soon
The H(SH) video now has 15,000 Likes (thumbs ups). Smile

Habits and the other PMJ videos went flat view-wise during the Superbowl weekend, but Haley's video has picked up nicely today. The announcement on FB by Scott that she will be going on tour links to the video and is probably responsible for some of the uptick.

How amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Long
Wow.... simply wow! Other superlatives to follow, later!!!

salvador perez
Im utterly obsessed with this version of the song tbh. God what genius came up with this idea? Bravo

Paula Barahona
Love this chick! Watched her through American Idol then never heard of her again until today. Glad she's still singin'! I love her voice! 

omg her vocie im jealous great cover


Karla Karlović1
i'm in love with this music <3 maravilhoso

She is perfect ! 

Thundering Typhoons
Oh wow wow. I found my second favorite singer next to Gatti.

I just love this. c:

Brianna Valentin
Such an amazing cover! 

Jalen Cole-Williams

Caio Lins
damn girl!

Lucy Qian Tan
extremely sexy. best one from all ur videos in my opinion.

Tessa Mata
I love listening to this version. Keep it up! Smile 

Shannon summers
She's such a doll! And what an incredible voice!

And a few of the comments under Scott's FB posting re the tour (with the embedded link to the video):
Quote:Arthur Minsu Jones This is probably my favorite cover now. I've listened to this song approximately 15 in the last 48 hours.

Jovel Antioquia More Haley Jazz song please!!

Mary Martin Haley's voice is amazingly perfect for this rendition!! Love it!!

Roman Parissi Haley Reinhart... the best I have heard since following Postmodern Jukebox. Her voice, her style, perfect. I hope to see more of her in the future..

Judy Rad I love her voice!!!

Nicola Molinaro freaking love her voice

Matthew Arremony I can't stop watching this! I'm never gonna get anything done tonight lol.

Donald Dean Koslowsky I know covering modern songs in different styles is your "thing" -- but everyone is such great talents... and 30's, 40's and 50's jazz and blues is such great music.... would love to hear straight up covers from that era. Hayley is amazing, Scott is amazing, please keep making great music.

Wanda Tallis Soooo GOOD!!!!

Gino De-chellis truly love this song ... never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined it being performed in this way .. Great job .. Great job!!

Tess Pincus Bradlee Wow!

Alicja Glitterati WOW.

Joni Christine Fraser w w!!

Olivia René Graves HAILEY OMG

Christa Rose Unger That was wonderful!

Ulyn Small not a fan of the message of this song but like her interpretation and loved her voice.

David Millar She is spectacular !

Mark M. Medina This made my day.

DJ Wheat Haley is fucking KILLING it.

Anu Salminen Gotta love Haley

Lisa Boeke Hailey !!!! Haven't seen her since American Idol I Benny and the jets ! She was perfect for this !!!

Laleh Afshar Angelica Neer yesssss this version omgggg
Reply: Angelica Neer Dude she is awesome, she's from Anerican Idol.

Solange De-Ré AMOOOOO!!!

Wanda Tallis Lina Kulisi she sounds meeean!!

Michelle Marrotte McKee Beautiful voice! She did amazing

Lithiely Almeida Douglas, sensacional!
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