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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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... and just like that, he gets a reply and a favorite Wink

Quote:Life As Told By Film
@HaleyReinhart's "Habits (Stay High)" cover has hit 500K views! Check out a review here https://lifeastoldbyfilm.wordpress.com/2...h-alright/ … #Habits #music #awesomecover

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart · 4h 4 hours ago
@LATBFBlog Thanks a bunch for checkin me out! Love the write up & your continued support. Heart
It looks like Casey Abrams/PMJ of "Stacy's Mom" has leveled off at 750,000 views but Haley's "Habits" keeps increasing meteorically past 530,000 views. I bet Haley will Catch up with Casey before they join up in Europe. I'm sure Casey will welcome Haley with open arms if she catches him...if ya know what i mean!
Some recent comments on the FB copy of Habits. Often sharing it Smile
Quote: Andrew Taguas Haley Reinhart...I`ll remember her name from now on... she`s good, very good

Julia Gomez Wow. Rebeca Solis
..Rebeca Solis I love it!

Stephanie Kim omg i love this!!

Joy Kris Raza Velarde Chloie Velarde you'll love this. i know I do..

Stella Teo I love Haley Reinhart!!! She should have won the American idol.

Kat Mendozaa Ariane Krystle Matta OMG
Reply ·
..Ariane Krystle Matta You know her?
..Kat Mendozaa Nope
..Ariane Krystle Matta Sumali sa American Idol. Trivia. Hahahaha! Chos.

Brenda Davis Was she on American Idol?

Carly Schroeder Cheyanne Kolinac uhm perfection

Samantha West Christian Almeida she is literally bae. I love Haley. <33

Lizcary Perez This is freaking amazing

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The Facebook upload of Habits continues to be busy a week after Scott posted it.
Recent Activity
8,708 people like this.

The FB post now has 658,150 views. That number is hard to interpret, but if 25% of them are "true" views that represents 165K views on top of the 551K YT views.

On YT her Habits video has been averaging about 13.5K views per day during the past week.

One nice thing about FB comments are the shares. Comments often link to a friend and go like this:
Quote:Carolynn Ann Jamal Peters, I thought you would appreciate this.
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Jamal Peters I more than did. Thank you Carolynn Ann that was pretty dope.
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Or this
Quote:Fran Lenard Katrina Cacal
Like · Reply · 3 hours ago

Katrina Cacal DUDE this is freakin' sweet
Like · about an hour ago

Quote:Jar Kow Ski Jakob Eckstein ees rly gud
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Jakob Eckstein Jar Kow Ski oh man oh man oh man. Thank you
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago

Quote:Priscillaa Tolusefulu Laveaa Vineta Ioapo here another version, since i saw the one you shared xxxx
Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hours ago

Vineta Ioapo Gahhhhh I love this girl! Thanks pepe love it!!!
Like · 4 hours ago

Quote:Emily Harris Rachel Roberts I feel like you will appreciate this as much as I do if not more!

Rachel Roberts I do! That was super good and I don't even like that song!

I ran into some external links from media sites for the Shoshana video uploaded to Facebook. That may partially explain why that video shot quickly into the millions.

On YT, it looks like Stacey's Mom (790K views) gets about 12K+ views per day. It may have gotten a slight bump from the tour publicity, but not much. But it does look like it will soon overtake his INTOO video (816K views) in views.

SM is also uploaded to Facebook and garners steady attention, although not to the extent of Haley's Habits.
I don't get the comment about her sounding like Wayne Newton ??
(02-12-2015, 05:47 PM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]I don't get the comment about her sounding like Wayne Newton ??

I found that puzzling as well, NUG.
(02-12-2015, 05:47 PM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]I don't get the comment about her sounding like Wayne Newton ??

That had never occurred to me. LOL.

Quote:Devin Valencia Shai Ben-Dor this is the girl that sang Benny and the Jets on American idol and got it stuck in my head

Quote:Raymond Loiselle magnifique, rare voice.......A+ vibrato

Quote:Abi Lawson Christina Sibley your time era?

Christina Sibley OMG


Christina Sibley SO GOOOOOOD

Quote:Ronald Scorp's My opinion is she dominated American idol but randy had it out for her. She still sounds and looks amazing!

Quote:Sarah Elizabeth Rainey Thea Autry

Thea Autry Sweet!

Sarah Elizabeth Rainey She's badass!!! I thought you'd appreciate it.

Quote:Danna Reeder Andrew I REALLY like it .-.

Andrew James Scarisbrick I love this more than the original 0__0

Quote:Rei Lasay Nicole Lopez so sexaaay. Grabe. Haha

Nicole Lopez Fuck i love her voice shet

Rei Lasay I know! Hahaha grabe. I was smiling the whole time gwatch ko to. Hahaha

Nicole Lopez I loved the last part also

Quote:Elisabete Ferreira-Ahmed Wow! What a voice!
Broke 600K

Views on Facebook:

Quote:912,529 Views

ht PJ

Some recent FB comments:

Quote:Jeremy Solorzano
This girl is amazing!

Quote:Mia Phasay
Why do I like this so much, she's so perfect

Quote:Marla Lou when you get to the whistling part you'll cry

...Mickey M Ouse
me too omg her voice yes

Quote:Birger Karlsson
The new Marylin. But with a better voice..

Quote:Elisabete Ferreira-Ahmed
Wow! What a voice!

Quote:Josee Harnett
love her voice

Quote:Raymond Loiselle
magnifique, rare voice.......A+ vibrato

Quote:Joy Kozlowski
Robin Newey!!!

...Robin Newey Omg. I love love her!!

......Joy Kozlowski I know, me too!

Quote:Stephia Ann Claus
I freaking love her !!! That was awesome !!

Quote:Zuri Johnson
Her voice though... i love it!

Quote:ineta Ioapo Gahhhhh
I love this girl! Thanks pepe love it!!!

Quote:Ralph Roesler
She is very good! I'm going to start to follow this talent!

Quote:Kena Marshall
I love this song. And she just made it better.
Quote:Dolores Basulto
I love her!! Omg she's amazing. I wanted her to win which ever singing show she was in
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