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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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Quote:Justin Farinosi
Ahh, the sound of a double bass with a full jazz band is amazing, and the voice is absolutely superb. Brilliant

Quote:Rafi Biouss
Godamn that voice is so damb good!!!!
Scott's upload of the Habits video to Facebook has now achieved one million views. Tongue While the number of views on FB is inflated by inadvertent brief autoloads, the H(SH) video is now buried down the timeline where much less scrolling by is likely to occur. Yet it still continues to get views and Likes, and people continue to share it with friends. Smile

On FB the video has more than 13,275 Likes. Aside from the Shoshana video it has more Likes than anything posted in Scott's timeline, which goes back to 2011. In fact, nothing comes close. It also has more Likes than anything in the Postmodern Jukebox FB timeline. Not a competition -- but it is a reality check. Cool It looks like Facebook introduces the video to lots of people who wouldn't otherwise encounter it. It continues to get steady visits -- right now it is getting more than one view per second.

Quote:Angelica Neer Dude she is awesome, she's from Anerican Idol.
Quote:Rafi Biouss Godamn that voice is so damb good!!!!

On the Youtube side of things, H(SH) has been up for 5 weeks. The current view count exceeds 620K. It also has 18,000 Likes. Although a number of other PMJ videos have more views, you have to go back more than four months to find a video with more Likes. The Shoshana video, for example, has 270K more views, but 3,000 fewer Likes. My guess it that on FB and YT there are a lots of links to the IWITW video, resulting in larges numbers of views with a smaller proportion of people moved to Like or share it.

Add: (1) The number of Likes on the Facebook video will soon pass the number of Likes on the YouTube video. This edit is occurring six hours after I initially put up this post; 45 Likes have been added to the YT video while 223 have been added to the FB video.
(2) "Shares" is probably the most important metric available on the the FB video since that represents viewers linking friends to the video. That number is currently 15,456 and it clicks along steadily.
Quote:John Shackie Phillips Love PMJ for a while now - BUT - to grab hold of the best American Idol singer who never won but should have won - that's fantastic.
Quote:Billy Denzen Yu Haven't heard of the original song but this is freaking amazing!
Quote:Mako Anthony Ybañez BRILLIANT! MAGNIFICENT!
Quote:Dharijata Iseni Obsessed my kinda tunes
[quote='john' pid='44668' dateline='1424384049']
JOHN: for me you are our official statician then I ask you:
¿Am I wrong or HABITS have a best day-wiews average than "FREE" when
was released? HuhHuhHuh
Interesting question lovinghaleyr Smile

Free was uploaded to YT on 03/24/2012. On 04/26/2012 it had 691,755 views.

Habits was uploaded to YT 01/13/2015 and as of right now it has 660,634 views. Habits is also getting a ton of views on Facebook that are counted separately. It has 1,557,000 views by the FB count, which is an inflated number but the video has hundreds of thousands of "real" views on FB judging by the number of Likes and Tags.

Free got a few pops from Haley performing it on American Idol, then Conan I believe. It was also aided by being featured on Vevo and having ads on Youtube. It got another pop when the album was released in May. I'm sure there were a few copies of Free uploaded by individuals getting views I'm not counting here, but those numbers aren't huge.

Habits hasn't received that kind of publicity and I think it will hold at a higher view rate than Free a few months out (because the PMJ videos continue to get views).

Currently the official Free upload has 2,909,506 views.

Bottom line: With YT and FB combined, Habits is ahead of the view rate for Free after its release. Moreover, Habits has 33,977 Likes on FB (15,175) and YT (18,802) combined. Almost three years after its release, the Free upload on YT has 29,960.
Haley's 'fan base' was much bigger back then, but Habits appeals to a wider audience, despite it's PG13 lyrics that you almost don't notice because you're paying more attention to Haley's melody and vocals Cool
I think the view count is more about PMJ's devoted audience than the popularity of Habits. Of course, PMJ's popularity comes from people discovering them through their covers of popular songs. When the songs they cover are really popular and current, they have generated very impressive numbers and press mentions.

Quote:Chloe Levy
Kelsey Harper is this that girl you showed me in first year?

Quote:Kelsey Harper
Chloe Levy it is! I haven't seen anything from her in so long!

^ Ontario

Quote:Bobby Billings
Omg what a classic voice!!

^ Washington (state)

Quote:RogerEden Molinos
She's really a great singer and performer. Postmodern jukebox queen!

^ Manilla, Philippines

Quote:Alexandria Rose Mazerolle
OMG omg omg I LOOOOOVE Haley Reinhart!! And I am so obsessed with this Justin Jones excellent find!

^ California
Some thoughts about FB videos....

As a video platform FB appears to be a boom and bust proposition. Go viral or die a quick death.

Casey’s video on FB, for example, is pretty much dead. In a 24 hour period (yesterday to today) the YouTube version of Stacey’s Mom has logged 9,960 views. It has been slowly dropping in daily views, as it now hovers around 10K per day (total views = 887,334 since 30 Dec 2014). On the other hand, FB version of Stacey’s Mom has recorded only 1,771 views in the past 24 hours. On YouTube viewership is steady with a gradual downward trend that will probably continue, but only at a very slow pace. But on FB it got an initial burst and then collapsed -- it was uploaded on Feb 2nd and has logged 458,821 views. Those views came with an initial burst and now almost nothing.

Apparently this happens because when uploaded a video appears at the top of the timeline or active feed where it is visible and people click on it. Especially at first, it also gets counts when someone lingers on the muted autoload for more than a few seconds. As new material gets loaded the typical video quickly drops out of the easily viewable feed and into obscurity. To stay alive and continue to get views a video needs to be accessed and shared actively. When that happens a video can explode and go viral, like Shohana’s did. Her video was also uploaded Feb 2nd and has 4.6 million views with most coming in the first few days. It faded fast despite the initial surge, but it still garners quite a few views.

The FB version of Habits was uploaded Feb 4th and now has 1.16 million views. In the past 24 hours it has logged 45,721 views. It hasn’t died and continues to be viewed and shared at a good clip. Scott has posted a lot of things since he put the video up, so on his timeline it is way down the page. But people are still getting linked in by their friends. It really hasn't faded (yet). I would also assume that a greater portion of the views on FB are legitimate as time goes on. Share and Likes are meaningful on FB since they require active engagement by the viewer. BTW, the YT version of Habits was viewed 13,561 times in the past 24 hours.

The view pattern on FB as it is currently implemented is quite different than the YT pattern. I think FB can be a good way to connect broadly to new viewers and with a good tune there is potential for viewings to rapidly escalate. But when a FB video fades beyond a certain point, it’s basically gone for good.
Does FB offer a program to monetize videos though? I think we can assume Scott's making a decent income from his many videos that draw hundreds of thousands of views, with nearly a million Subscribers... Other than the ability to spread videos at a faster pace than YT, is then the YT view, monetarily, more valuable, than a FB view?

I was curious about the monetization of Youtube videos as a 'partner'. What do people make from videos?... this article had some interesting insight, the reality is that you have to be able to have 100s of thousand to million views per month to 'make a living' doing it...

but even as a small time 'partner' you can look at it as a 'passive' income, it's not bad to supplement your espresso a day habit Wink

Quote:YouTube Economics

Making a few dollars of revenue on YouTube is easy; you can be up and running as a partner, pump out a few videos, and have your first ads appearing withing a day. The tough part is making enough money to support yourself full time. In a way, YouTube is a lot like professional baseball: a few stars make it big and get rich, but most toil in obscurity and retire without ever coming close to the big leagues.

Let’s put some more concrete figures around YouTube earnings potential:

Most publishers earn between $0.30 and $2.50 CPMs from YouTube. (I.e., they make between $0.30 and $2.50 for every video 1,000 views; this tool can help you figure out revenue potential.)

Some publishers are definitely getting rich from YouTube; the average of the top 1,000 channels is $23,000 of monthly revenue.

According to Google, “thousands of channels are making six figures a year”.
30% of the YouTube videos account for 99% of total views.

It’s very difficult to track down updated information about the average YouTube video, but the reality is that most videos posted on the site get fewer than 1,000 views. Here are a few older studies showing the disproportionate allocation of YouTube views:

The average YouTube video gets about 500 views, with 25% of total views coming in the first four days and most viewers watching less than 60 seconds. (2010).
Only about 10% of videos get more than 1,000 views in their first month (2008).
Half of all videos get fewer than 500 total views (2009).

I think where the REAL money comes in, for Scott, is the performance and touring, although as an 'advertising tool' Youtube is also lucrative to keep an income stream going, much like Song writers who sell song, they get that 'passive' income always coming in Cool
FB does not monetize videos. I don't think it really has a coherent strategy for video at this time and it will evolve. At this point probably more of an advertising or publicity thing. Scott seems to be experimenting with FB recently. I think with the networking (sharing) among viewers he may look at it as a way to broaden exposure of PMJ.

I agree that Scott's real money is generated by touring and performing. At this point he seems to be working to get PMJ established as a brand, and he is probably willing to put a lot of resources in that direction. He does some nice graphics to go with various releases. They sell T-shirts. He works a lot of angles. Busy guy.
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