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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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(02-20-2015, 10:38 PM)john Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting question lovinghaleyr Smile

Free was uploaded to YT on 03/24/2012. On 04/26/2012 it had 691,755 views.

Habits was uploaded to YT 01/13/2015 and as of right now it has 660,634 views. Habits is also getting a ton of views on Facebook that are counted separately. It has 1,557,000 views by the FB count, which is an inflated number but the video has hundreds of thousands of "real" views on FB judging by the number of Likes and Tags.

Free got a few pops from Haley performing it on American Idol, then Conan I believe. It was also aided by being featured on Vevo and having ads on Youtube. It got another pop when the album was released in May. I'm sure there were a few copies of Free uploaded by individuals getting views I'm not counting here, but those numbers aren't huge.

Habits hasn't received that kind of publicity and I think it will hold at a higher view rate than Free a few months out (because the PMJ videos continue to get views).

Currently the official Free upload has 2,909,506 views.

Bottom line: With YT and FB combined, Habits is ahead of the view rate for Free after its release. Moreover, Habits has 33,977 Likes on FB (15,175) and YT (18,802) combined. Almost three years after its release, the Free upload on YT has 29,960.
Thanks John: If some person have very clear the statistics numbers,that
person is you,tnx.again IdeaIdeaIdeaCoolCoolCoolCoolCool
HALEY'S HABITS BROKE 700K¡¡YESSSSS!!!!!!! HeartHeartHeartHeart
(02-24-2015, 02:57 PM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: [ -> ]HALEY'S HABITS BROKE 700K¡¡YESSSSS!!!!!!! HeartHeartHeartHeart
Oh yeah!!
(02-24-2015, 03:10 PM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-24-2015, 02:57 PM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: [ -> ]HALEY'S HABITS BROKE 700K¡¡YESSSSS!!!!!!! HeartHeartHeartHeart
Oh yeah!!

Thanks for the statistical update lovinghaleyr TongueBig GrinHeartExclamation

And, Nug, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Those Haley vibes should help. Wink
1st FB upload - 1,247,825 Views - 16,728 Likes
Quote:Nicolas Massicotte David Martineau that's what I'm talking about
Quote:Savanna Rae Am I the only one who is completely mesmerized by her?
Quote:Marian Lee Coppedge Nicholas this is crazy amazing
Quote:Freya Barr Jamie van Dyk no words omfg
Quote:Lyka Bautista Manalo Oh My ! it was so amazing and she have an amazing voice....

Recent FB upload - 92,595 Views - 2,376 Likes
Quote:Don Berlin Rosarito We want to see more of her please?
Quote:Haras Miy Her voice is perfect for jazz of this kind.
Quote:Art McCain This has become my favorite PMJ song
Quote:Paul van den Hoorn Wow. I think I'm in love.
Quote:Crissy Jung her VOICE
Quote:Jessica Maria Montalvo LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
Quote:Sofiane Tim Riwa, the moment you shared this video, I became addicted to it. Do they have pubs like this here in Beirut

YouTube upload - 704,950 view - 19,634 views
Quote:Jace Maniquis
More song from this lady please Smile)
Quote:Brian Krall
This is amazing
Quote:Yz rafil
they way she sings really makes the lyrics stand out huh?... never noticed how sick this song was... lovin' it Big Grin
Quote:Darinee Laboy
Quote:Francisco Cordova
Wow this is really incredible.
Quote:Christine nolol via Google+
Welp. New favorite PMJ song and new favorite version of this song. Pow pow!
Intoxicating voice, lovely. 
Quote:Heero Yuy
My god she is good

This BLEW MY MIND!!!!Wow!!

Tasha Aneshia
Sexy and beautiful cover of that song!
Quote:Maia Levin
The best video on youtube today, straight up. Scott Bradlee and the band are amazing. Haley Reinhart is ridiculous. I'm obsessed. 
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGVOcNcrT8ZDkH4E3Yk_5...bWLp624zxw]

Another milestone. The Habits video on Youtube has achieved 20,000 Likes. You have to go back to early October to find a PMJ upload with more. It has been getting about 11,000 views a day recently.

Quote:jeremie ngo 18 minutes ago
Incroyable feeling, elle est sublimeeeee

[Image: canstock2969035.jpg]
On the Facebook side of things, the original upload (Feb 4) of the video continues to get a lot of visits. In the past 24 hours it has had more that 50K views, although that number varies a lot from day to day. Whereas YT has been steady Eddie, FB views tend to surge and slacken. Since a lot of videos become rather stagnant quickly I think that most of the views on Habits are legit (A "dead" video - one that gets very few new likes or shares -- on Scott's site might get 1-2K views per day. Early on any video posted with get a ton of views and this is most likely where the view count really gets inflated.)

The sharing aspect is interesting to watch as comments and tags (I guess) show geographical pulses. Five or six hours ago it was getting action in Montreal and Quebec and in the past hour the Philippines and Indonesia show up. Looks likes lot of college students and others who are probably 16-25 years old.

Quote:Tina LeVasseur I'd listen to her sing anything!!
Like · Reply · 7 hours ago
Me too.

While the first FB upload remains very active, views of the more recent one (Feb 22) have slackened. And in the past 24 hours it only has a couple of thousand views, which is a sudden drop off from recent days. Who knows, it could blast off tomorrow again, but more likely it is dying. It appears that it was just redundant with the 1st upload for Scott's FB friends and email recipients. These are the "first responders" and if they don't respond by sharing it, the video will quickly lose traction.

Quote:Erin Horan Hollayy Marie I am obsessed with this, do you remember her from American idol? Anyways I feel like you would appreciate this!

Quote:Adj Acquah oh my! Her voice is as sweet as honey to my ears!! Merci bien

BTW, the video featuring Shoshana singing I Want It That Way was uploaded to FB on Feb 2 and has almost 5 million views. But viewership has really tailed off. In the past 24 hours it has logged about 3.5K views. If it continues to register views at that rate it won't get its next million until late fall (with additional fall off it may never get there).

(My analysis is all pretty much speculation.)
On iTunes I sorted the PMJ catalogu by popularity. Number one is AATB featuring Kate Davis. Number two is Habits featuring Haley Reinhart.

I also want to give a statistical shout out to Casey. By the end of next week both of his PMJ videos will have passed the one million view mark. Not too shabby.
Latest comments on the YT video. Second one is a poor translation from Portuguese:


I really don't want to sound negative at all. I find the young ladies voice awesome and the musicians are top notch. For me, it's the song itself, it doesn't really translate well ( I am speaking strictly about the lyrics). Again, they young lady singing has a great voice and the musicians are top notch. I went back and listened to the original song, I'm sorry (maybe I'm just old or something), but this song sucks donkey balls. Haley Reinhart obviously has tremendous talent, as do the musicians playing. The song is horrible, I would love to see her singing another tune though. She has a great voice.


his songs beating on its own merits , and we are happy to provide this exposure that Haley Reinhart won . " His voice is characterized by its ability to growl emotional, and go from a whisper sweet , a belt at the fort. It can move to head tones within a breath and shows great skill here. Your mix is stellar and uses large technique to achieve that sound.

Quote:suas canções merecem ser apreciados por seus próprios méritos, e estamos felizes em fornecer esta exposição que Haley Reinhart conquistou . "Sua voz é caracterizada pela sua capacidade de rosnar emotiva, e ir de um sussurro doce, a um cinto no forte. Ela pode mudar para tons de cabeça no espaço de uma respiração e apresenta grande destreza aqui. Seu mix é estelar e usa grande técnica para atingir esse som. 
YouTube comments:

Quote:Michael Sawtell
3 hours ago

I watched a lot of these Scott Bradlee remakes and they are really great. That being said, this young lady takes these vocals to another level. I am not sure there was any one back in time who could sing this song or others for that matter, quite like her-- and that includes Ella and Billie.

9 hours ago

simply amazing! her voice is so silky

Quote:Kion Sutton
12 hours ago

When i first heard her voice, I immediately bought this song. Her voice is euphoric and this cover is phenomenal! 

12 hours ago

the arrangement was amazing. haley's beautiful voice makes it even better

Quote:Alex Schaerer
16 hours ago

omggg that's so amazing!!!! Her voice is so good.

Quote:Shelby Cross
1 day ago

Quote:PPplubploy 1 hour ago
Omg this is frickin amazing!!
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