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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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(04-09-2015, 10:15 PM)dswim2 Wrote: [ -> ]The o2 vid is s0o good!

It's the impossible video... I am still AHmazed, the audio isn't all buzzing and blown out, I was litterally 5 ft from the speaker to my left, my ears were still ringing after the show... someone asked me how the heck was I able to get it so quiet at the very beginning when she sings the first notes, there's not even a 'speaker hummm, it's completely silent...

My answer? I have no flipping clue... usually there is some kind of crowd buzz, but the audio is completely silent, except for the sound of a piano and Haley's glorious vocal... The miracle video, the audio should not have come out this good...Tongue

It is the single greatest live performance I have ever witnessed... Angel

i'd love to hear her do a Ellie goulding song for her next video! her voice is perfect for it!
Habits shot up to #15 on the jazz charts!
(04-11-2015, 01:25 PM)dswim2 Wrote: [ -> ]Habits shot up to #15 on the jazz charts!

And crossed 1,300,000 views on youtube today.
(just for the record)

It also has this recent comment:
Quote:I don't know who you are, or where you live.

But I will find you, and marry you.

with this reply:
Quote:get in line
Most recent YT comment:

Quote:This chick is like a perfect combination of Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe. Can't help but smile.
Habits status report


It's no Creep as far as popularity goes, but Haley's first PMJ video keeps chugging along. I recall that when Shosana's first video came out a week after Haley's it leaped out of the starting gate and within a couple weeks had about 250K more views that Habits. I've been checking the numbers on the two videos and since the beginning of March and Habits has been closing the gap; slowly at first and rapidly since the release of Creep. Habits now has 27,000 more views than IWITW, which has slowed to a crawl in gathering views. It's funny how these things go as Shoshana's most recent video has made no big splash.

As far as "LIkes" go, the three videos that feature Haley are ranked 1,2, and 3 relative to all videos released in the past 6 months. While ranked #3 in Likes over the past six months Habits is ranked #8 in views (but gaining on several). BTW, one has to go back to the 5 Sep 2014 release of AATB by Kate Davis to find a video with more likes than Creep. (That version of AATB has almost 12 million views.)

Quote:She's and her voice are... so... so... wonderful isn't enough..
Hayden Smiley 1 hour ago
So glad she's making a come back!!!

A remark on "Habits" its nice when talent recognizes & supports talent, thought I would give her a shout out. she's quite good.


YT comments:

Quote:Wow. This girl just oozes style and presence. This is the kind of stuff she should be doing.

Quote:My inner hipster is rebelling hard against commenting on how great this woman's voice is but damn, it is. I love this.

Quote:there is somethin somethin sepcial about that voice!

Quote:Holy god she has such a beautiful voice. Saving this onto my phone for sure
I was on Billboard looking at Jazz charts interesting to note Selfies on Kodachrome (Habits and Stacey's Mom are on the album)it is currently #17 on the Jazz charts, it has been on the charts for 9 weeks - peaked at #8 - currently is #17 up from last week #18.

Current views: 1,500,278

Most recent comment:
Quote:I just became a HUGE fan!! Your amazing!! Please keep it up!!
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