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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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(04-21-2015, 07:27 PM)john Wrote: [ -> ]Habits

Current views: 1,500,278

Quote:Postmodern Jukebox
30 mins ·
If you discovered Haley Reinhart's amazing voice through our viral "Creep" cover, check her out on our smoky jazz club remake of Tove Lo's "Habits" here!

Quote:Courtney Lynn Penry omg. I can't even with this. omg. omg. I LOVE her!!! Still can't believe I competed with her on American Idol!
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+Ashley Vincent Shephard congratulations
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+Margaux Rousseau Is been a few days i heard this cover of her for the first time and I can't stop singing to it since then. Not to mention is a song about a girl going to nightclubs, smoking weed and having a break down because of a break up.
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+Steven Ballor ... what, she lost?!... You must be pretty good too to be competing against that.
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+Steven Ballor it's nice... songs like this remind me that life's not about stress, it's about dealing with it... the bullshit doesn't make you, you dealing with the bullshit makes you.
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Quote:fabulous voice, one of a kind. i seldom give praise, but to a very few new singers!!!!

Quote: Haley you are incredible! The other musicians are fabulous also!

A couple of the Share comments
Quote:Haley Reinhart became my favorite female vocalist in 2009 when she appeared on Season 10 of American Idol...her voice is amazing on every single level...SO glad she is finally getting recognized by the media...should have never taken 6 years...but getter late than never

Quote:Another one American Idol missed on....she is a major talent
Quote:Haley Reinhart became my favorite female vocalist in 2009 when she appeared on Season 10 of American Idol...her voice is amazing on every single level...SO glad she is finally getting recognized by the media...should have never taken 6 years...but getter late than never

Time sure flies when you're havin' Haley fun. 2009 Haley was a senior in high school. Try 2011 and 4 years commenting dude.
Share comments and responses:

Quote:Really thought she shoulda won that season of American Idol

Quote:Another one from Postmodern Jukebox meets Haley Reinhart

Quote:Like and SHARE !!!! Let's make this clip go viral !

Quote:Maybe I sent you this already? Here's your favorite!

Quote:You did and I enjoyed it again!

Quote:Good! Double dose of Haley!


Quote:Haley Reinhart is the most beautiful creature on Earth.

Quote:Her version of Radiohead's 'Creep' that she did with Postmodern Jukebox was incredible.

Quote:I'll check it out.

Quote:She's great!!! I love her. Thanks for introducing me.

Quote:Amo Haley

Quote:Still in love with her, Haley Reinhart!

Quote:I still love her voice... Haley Reinhart

Margherita responds to a share (posted BATJ):
Quote:I just love her. When she started on American Idol, she was just another blonde. Sang Alicia Keys, had strange moves that seemed like she was trying to be sexy. Then she did Bennie & the Jets, and lots of us fell in love with her right then. It was quirky & funky and fun. She became a favorite of many after that, but sadly, it was not to be. So I'm really glad to see her in this career. Blues, jazzy music is her strong point.

original sharer:
Quote:I've never even watched that show! Never heard of her until Paula shared that video. I did hop over to YouTube just now, and I really liked her rendition of "What Is and What Should Never Be." Pretty gutsy choice.

response from another person:
Quote:I had no idea, Margherita! Thanks for the background. I really enjoy her...loved her House of the Rising Sun!

Quote:Watch how she left the show on her elimination night. So cool all the way to the end.

Quote:Love Haley Reinhart!!

Quote:YES! YES! I saw that "IT" factor in her on American Idol and I think it was the last season I watched. She is wonderful! I LOVE this!

Quote:Yeah, she's awesome!

Quote:Ughhh I love her. God she's so good...

response to the "2009" AI share:
Quote:What a fantastic voice.

response to a share:
Quote:I loved her on American idol!

share and response:

Quote:I had chills the whole time. I still cannot believe I competed with her on American Idol. She is unbelievable....gosh y'all. Check out Haley Reinhart.....‪#‎omg‬

Quote:Courtney she's literally one of my favorite singers! I'd marry her in a heartbeat tbh

Quote:She has the voice of an angel Andre. Also....she's very down to earth and sweet when I talked to her!!!! Lol

response to a share:
Quote:essa mina alem de linda tem uma voz incrivel
Besides this girl has an amazing voice beautiful
After slowly sneaking up to it over the past weeks, "Habits" has now passed "Stacy's Mom" in views on Youtube: 1,640,252 vs. 1,640,134.

And no, it's not a competition! Just a neck-to-neck race among friends!

Haley probably had support spilling over from the Creep video, which just goes to show how strong Casey's view numbers are on their own. Interesting question: why is there as of yet no next Casey video with PMJ?
He had I'm Not The Only One
(05-01-2015, 01:53 PM)Merlin Wrote: [ -> ]He had I'm Not The Only One

INTOO was the first recording Casey did with PMJ -- or at least it was the first video released.

Quote:XAtlantic wrote:
Haley probably had support spilling over from the Creep video, which just goes to show how strong Casey's view numbers are on their own. Interesting question: why is there as of yet no next Casey video with PMJ?

XAtlantic, it is an interesting question. It may have as much to do with Casey as with Scott. Obviously, I don't know why, but on occasion I try to put on a Haley or Casey "hat" as it were, to try to think as they might. Given that I don't know all of the elements on their respective plates, that is not easily done.

However, the thought occurs to me that for both of them, particularly Casey, there may be as much downside as upside. The obvious upsides are the increased exposure and "fine tuning performance skills." The downside is that some portions (and, perhaps it much larger than we would think) of the audience will associate them with PMJ to the degree that they (the audience) will be disappointed when they see either, but not with PMJ. Casey, when performing his songs with either his trio or the GBB, has a different sound than when he's doing his rollicking numbers with Scott. He still likes to be playful, but his arrangements are not what Scott's doing. (For example, Casey was performing INTOO before he made his recording with Scott -- and his rendition, without PMJ, was/is much closer to the way Sam Smith performed it originally.)

Just a thought....
Another PMJ video comes out today. I feel good about the odds of it featuring Haley.

Meanwhile, YouTube comments on "Habits" from the last month:

Quote:My favorites are with Haley Smile Loved her since American Idol. She's just a dream to listen to. xx

Quote:The beauty of this is she doesn't have to wear skimpy clothing or bikini's to get attention, her voice is enough!

Quote:I CANT EVEN ! ! ! !

same person, hour later:
Quote:How does this work, she picks how shes gonna sing it or someone else writes it in a way she could sing it best?

Quote:She sounds similar to Diana Krall

Quote:OMG She is perfection! I love the guys smiling behind her, like they know they have a damn good singer with them!

Quote:Someone wrote that Haley reminds them of a famous singer of the past but can't place it. I think she is a young Ella Fitzgerald.....with great things to come for Haley. Pure voice and sultry style just like Ella.

Quote:Omg! Esta chica canta bien preciosooooo.
Omg ! This girl sings well preciosooooo .

Quote:She sounds like Sia :oo a loooot like Sia

Quote:Wow PMJ awesome addition. I love her voice. I stopped watching American Idol when Paula left.

Quote:All of your works are awesome but this one is in a high level that i cant measure for sure. Addicted! Her voice is stunning.

Quote:pretty voice.

Quote:Her voice is so lovely, honestly perfectly suited to jazz.

Quote:wooooow!!! #haley you are the fucking voice!!!! thank you for this versioo-cover is amazing !! que voz que decir que fraseo Dios genia!! (that voice to say that God phrasing genius !!)

Quote:whoa!,.this made the song more likable for me!,.feel like i'm melting

Quote:I still stand by my word and say Haley should've won American Idol.

Quote:Rarely do I find covers that are better than the original, but +PostmodernJukebox has come up with several renditions that I find more enjoyable than the original. Thank you for thinking outside of the box! I've listened to this at least 30 times today!

Quote:LOVE her voice Smile

Quote:This version is insane!

Very good job well done.

Quote:Seriously, more people need to hear this.

Quote:This is incredible

Quote:This is amazing.

Quote:I really think that this cover is much much better than the original

Quote:She effin SLAYS!

Quote:Definitely the sexiest video posted by pmj

Quote:This girl is a muse, the world needs more of her!!!

Quote:Erhmahgrrh, after listening to PMI, the originals just sound wrong.

Quote:classiness overload

Quote:her voice is made for jazz <3


Quote:That whistle took me back to the snow white cartoon 20 years ago..

Quote:killer knockout voice

Quote:PMJ & Haley Reinhart make delectable music together.

Quote:Haley voices with your instruments so freaking awesome perfect match !

Quote:Holy shit this is sooo amazing!!!

Quote:Necesito que cante mas canciones asi... me encanta su voz
I need to sing more songs like this ... I love her voice

Quote:this is absolute amazing!!!!

Quote:actually kinda obsessed with this

Quote:this girl CAN SING! LOVE her!

Quote:Been listening to this everyday. One of my favorites

Quote:OMG this is definitely one of my favorites so far <3


Quote:é um sonho a voz dessa menina !
~~~~ portuguese ~~~~
is a dream the voice of that girl !

Quote:Such a great tune with a great voice. Well done!

Quote:My American Idol favorite.


Quote:No puedo dejar de escucharla, tiene una voz tan espectacular, es puro amor de mujer, tengo claro que a la mujer de mi vida le gustará esto, algún día.
I can not stop listening , has a spectacular voice is pure love of a woman, I am clear that the woman of my life will like this, someday.

Quote:That voice

Quote:She is one of my favorite singers and she just made this one of the hottest jazz covers of all time. Love her

Quote:This girl was so wronged by AI, randy and J. Lo kept criticizing her meanwhile they kept praising scott

Quote:Really hope they Haley do more covers. <3

Quote:love her <3

Quote:the whistle was probably the cutest thing i have ever seen/heard in my entire life awawaw

Quote:She absolutely killed it omg amazing vocals

Quote:So far, Haley is my FAVORITE!

Quote:Haley Reinhart you are simply amazing... I melt down every time I hear you singing... Great covers.

Quote:At first I didn't really feel this, but when she got to the hook I felt differently. Very interesting, and well done by both the band and singer

response to a Google+ share:
Quote:Soy un mar de dudas, no se si me gusta mas la interpretación o la interprete. Un saludo
I am a sea of ​​doubt , I do not know if I like the interpretation or interpreter. greetings

Quote:She sings like an angel

Quote:I just wanted to say that this is the best version of this song that I have heard ever!!!! Thanks!

Quote:That voice is so amazing! With a voice like that you can turn even the worst songs (not referring to Habits don't worry) into a sensation to listen to!

Quote:haley Reinhart was Perfect to Sing A Song Like This
Like Old Music This Song is The BEst

Quote:Oh jeez...her voice is like liquid gold. I really wana belt like that.

Quote:One word " unbelievable ".

Quote:I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! dying for the new album

Quote:this is her element awesome

Quote:I just became a HUGE fan!! Your amazing!! Please keep it up!!

Quote:I love all of these with Haley!


Quote:Love her so much <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Quote:She is definitely my favorite, her voice is more suited for this genre.

share on Google+:
Quote:Amazing cover to one of my new favorite songs. Dare I say better than the original? d(-_^)

Quote:She is INCREDIBLE!

Quote:So glad she's making a come back!!!

Quote:Haley loved you from day 1. You can sing!!!!

Quote:She's and her voice are... so... so... wonderful isn't enough...

Quote:Exquisito. Simplemente entrañable.
Exquisite . Simply endearing.

Quote:OMG, love you , really amazing~!

Quote:She's perfect...

Quote:This is so amazing! What a voice ... Also, the instrumentation is fab x

Quote:I just LOVE the way Haley sings....bravo!!

Quote:gosh!!! shes got amazing farking awesome voice!!!

same person:
Quote:now im remember she the owner of song call free!!!! nice!

Quote:what an angel Haley is, phenominal
(05-01-2015, 06:46 AM)XAtlantic Wrote: [ -> ]Haley probably had support spilling over from the Creep video, which just goes to show how strong Casey's view numbers are on their own. Interesting question: why is there as of yet no next Casey video with PMJ?

Good question regarding Casey. Haven't heard a peep about him doing another cover.

Scott linked to Haley's Creep today on his FB site...
Quote:Scott Bradlee
7 hrs ·
5 million views!!! Congrats, Haley Reinhart!!

Share exhange
Quote:Karen: Thanks Kevin for introducing me to Haley Reinhart!!

Kevin: She's my future wife.

Karen: Excellent choice!!

Kevin: I agree!

Karen: I am on my way to Headliners for LAKE STREET DIVE!! So freaking excited!!

Quote:Ok so i was super nervous about hearing this cover because this is my all time favorite song but hot damn this girl is amazing and did my favorite song justice!!!!
YT comments for Habits
Quote:Dat jazz voice.

Quote:What a beautiful voice...

Quote:This girl mekes best covers on the internet


Quote:Omg amazing

Quote:Impresionante !!! Exquisito !

Quote:There is nothing not perfect about this.

Quote:This is absolutely amazing. LOVE IT

Habits continues to get close to 14K views per day. Current view count is 1,901,238.
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