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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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(05-20-2015, 02:22 AM)john Wrote: [ -> ]YT comments for Habits
Quote:Dat jazz voice.

Quote:What a beautiful voice...

Quote:This girl mekes best covers on the internet


Quote:Omg amazing

Quote:Impresionante !!! Exquisito !

Quote:There is nothing not perfect about this.

Quote:This is absolutely amazing. LOVE IT

Habits continues to get close to 14K views per day. Current view count is 1,901,238.
#30 on Itunes Jazz Chart today HeartHeartHeartHeartCoolCoolCoolCool
PMJ reposted Habits today while promoting Haley's upcoming video.

A comment:
Quote:Great. More affected cooing and growling. I can't wait.

Other comments by that person on other posts on his FB page:
Quote:I'm so sick of the stupid ice bucket challenge. I want a Fire Hose Challenge. Either drink from a firehose or pay $100. Heck, get politicians to do it and you could even raise money with pay per view!

Quote:Hey Facebook! STOP changing my feed to top stories!!! — feeling annoyed.

Quote:If you didn't even notice that Facebook was down earlier today, you should be very pleased with yourself right now.

Quote:Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam - ...

Quote:I'm not sure which bothers me more, that Jackson sprayed half a can of shaving cream on the door, or he did it because he thought it was glue.
In following the Kai FB, I've noticed a few negative commenters (about a half dozen in the weeks I've been following it). I always wonder about the type of individual who would crap on something a "friend" has posted.
YouTube "Habits" comments:

Quote:Damn, talented women are sexy

Quote:I didn't like the original song but i love this cover, this is perfect i will download it....!! musicians, hayley, everything is perfect!

Quote:I prefer this to the original.

Quote:Do you see the way the drummer looks at her throughout the video? With complete adoration. I wish someone looked at me like that lol

Quote:Even if any of you is pretty good, THIS woman, is probably my choice. The one with the golden voice !

Quote:Her voice sounds like a mix if Sia and Rihanna

Quote:The way that drummer keeps biting his lip and smiling at the camera, the cameraperson must have been flirting while shooting...

Quote:Great performance. Bravo.

Quote:Excelente!! Saludos desde Chile

Quote:me gusto mucho!!!

Quote:Dat jazz voice.

Quote:What a beautiful voice...

Quote:When she did creep I just wanted to crawl in a hole of her voice.

Quote:This girl makes best covers on the internet

Quote:Definitely Haley was born at the wrong time. Spectacular!

Quote:Omg amazing

Quote:Magnificent performance by you all! I just worship your voice, Ms. Haley, holy crap!!!

Quote:Impresionante !!! Exquisito !!

Quote:thank you for existing haley reinhart!
(05-26-2015, 02:19 PM)InItToWinIt Wrote: [ -> ]2,001,092 views

Awesome Big Grin
FB comment update

In recent weeks the video has been getting about 14K views per day.

Quote::O awesome

Quote:Aunt Felicia 9 hours ago
yo dude-- literal first 5 seconds I started legit crying she is an amazing vocalist I cannot find words to describe how amazing this is omfg. I've never heard of Haley Reinhart...but she is sure a name I'd never forget.

Quote:best thing ever

Quote:My day = made.

Quote:I love how her voice has a certain raspiness to it Smile <3

Quote:This is intensely beautiful.

Quote:OMG That was just fantastic! Magnificent!

Quote:Damn! It's the first time I hear this singer - the roughness of her voice gives me chills...
Whoever made this arrangement is a genius.
I wish they will cover Fall Out Boy "Thnks fr th Mmrs", think it's gonna be huge!

Quote:I'm in love with Hailey's voice

Quote:only version of this song I want to hear

Quote:The way the drummer looks at her is just perfect.



Quote:good. so f'ing good

Quote:very very very good :3


Quote:My Favorite - Grande Bravo!!!!


Quote:marry me!!!! sweet girl!

Quote:Even her whistle is beautiful. This video is the real deal. You guys are amazing! Smile)

Quote:Haley, you are the real deal!!! Crazy over your voice. Loved watching you in Orlando.

Quote:Love Haley, I can listen to her all day, err'day.

Quote:not one bad comment here

Quote:I just love everything this girl sings. Her voice gives me the warm fuzzies.
Quote: I've never heard of Haley Reinhart...but she is sure a name I'd never forget.

Cool comment.
Looks like "Habits" finally passed over Morgan's "Take me to Church"
Quote: 4 days ago
Thank you Raven from Rupaul's Drag Race for lipsyncing to this incredible cover. I think I have a new obsession lol.
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