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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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PMJ FB comments from June posting of "Habits":

Quote:Listen UP....

Quote:Haley Une fabuleuse chanteuse de blues dans l'ambiance des années 30 dans un bar confortable comme on les aime à écouter jusqu'au bout de la nuit
Haley a fabulous blues singer in the atmosphere of the 30 s in a comfortable bar as we like to listen to the end of the night

response to share:
Quote:I saw Tove Lo preform it and don't hate me Tove but I think I'm more excited for this version

~~~~ Portuguese ~~~~
In Love.

Quote:This womans voice is phenomenal

Quote:Belle voix juste rauque à mon goût!
Beautiful voice hoarse just to my taste!

Quote:Had to share again, I just love her.

Quote:She is one of my American Idol bets who did not make it to the final 2. But hey!!!!!!!! Ü

Quote:Ang sarap mo kumanta, bata ka! Hooo!
~~~~ Filipino ~~~~
The zest to sing, child! Hooo!
^ same person v
Quote:She knows the idiom like she was born in that era!

Haley, you should have won that year's AI.

Quote:Now thats wat i call music why cant more ppl sound like this woman ‪#‎singmetosleep‬

Quote:Love her voice.

Quote:Totalmente enamorado de haley reinthart y su melodiosa voz, postmodern jukebox lo mejor.
Totally in love with Haley Reinthart and her melodious voice, postmodern jukebox the best.

Quote:Love her! Everything she vocalizes is just stunning.

response to share:
Quote:Me encanta ella..
I love her..

Quote:Let's make this viral. What a rendition!

Quote:Haley Reinhart could sing from a dictionary and make it sound sexy—such an amazing, sultry voice!

Quote:hayley é mt amor, ela e o fofo do Casey, melhor par que saiu do american idol heart emoticon
~~~~ Portuguese ~~~~
Hayley is a lot of love, she and the cute of Casey, best couple that came out of the American idol

response to share:
Quote:That was phenomenal. Honestly, what a stupid song with stupid lyrics. This version is awesome.

Quote:I like the original but I think I like this better tongue emoticon She did such a great job on this
Habits passed 3 million Big Grin
PMJ posted "Habits" to their FB page yesterday.

Share comments (s) and Responses ® to shares:

Quote:great voice

Quote:Haley should of won American Idol she is the only I have ever cast a vote for, lol

Quote:Chillin' with the fabulous Haiey Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox today! Blissful

Quote:Essa Haley Reinhart é divina na voz pai!
!This is divine Haley Reinhart in voice father!

Quote:Delícia de ouvir!!!!!!!
Delicious to hear!!!!!!!

Quote:Wow amazing vocals. I haven't listened to jazz in a long time, miss the trumpet solos.

Quote:Ugh I'm obsessed with her!

Quote:Ídola desde american idol impecável
~~~~ Portuguse ~~~~
Ídola Since American idol flawless

s, straight out of Compton:
Quote:Gosh, I can marry her voice!
‪#‎habits‬ ‪#‎goodhabits‬

Quote:Yes, I've heard it. Not a fan of the words so I didn't get this one.

Quote:Haley Reinhart !!!

Quote:Love Jazz...Haley is a gem...song for the night

Quote:I love listening to PMJ and Haley's voice is something else!! Amazing sounds!!

Quote:How I longed to hear nostalgic 1930's sounds in perfect harmony . Haley Reinhart and her band is doing just that and more!

Quote:Another fine rendition from Hailey Reinhart and PMJ!

Quote:Love her! ~K

Quote:Great voice jazz singing.

Quote:I like me some Haley Reinhart

Quote:Che tesoro
That honey

responses to a share:

Quote: love her voice

Quote:Perfection . I want every song she has ever done .

Quote:Love me some Haley

Quote:She could sing to me anytime!

share and responses:

Quote:Sheer raw talent

Quote:no kidding


Quote:Love this girl

Quote:Still my fave

Quote:One of my fav entertainers!!!!

Quote:Haley's one if my favorites from.PMJ.

Quote:Love it !!!! Her voice is wow

Quote:Me parece escuchar a Whinehouse
It seems to me to listen to whinehouse

Quote:La de creep es mi favorite smile emoticon
The creep is my favorite

Quote:Sa version du "Seven nation army" des White Stripes est excellente (autre vidéo),toute en douceur légèreté et puissance contenue et contrôlée, assez planant tout ça
His version of the ' seven nation army " of the white stripes is excellent (other video), Any smoothly lightness and power contained and controlled, enough hovering all this

Quote:Ela brinca com a voz.
She plays with the voice.

Quote:Haley is fabulous! Check this out?

Quote:Another video from this talented young lady...

Quote:Thanks for reintroducing me to this music. It is really very good stuff and opening my mind to appreciate music I do not regularly listen to.
share comments from PMJ's April FB posting of "Habits"

Quote:Love her voice!

Quote:Si hay algo que me da envidia de verdad son estas voces.... ¡qué lujo poder cantar así!
If there is something that I envy of truth are these voices.... What a luxury to be able to sing as well!

Quote:I really like the different spin Postmodern Jukebox put on songs. This one is lovely and the vocalist has a great voice!

Quote:Remember Haley Reinhart. Fabulous voice.

Quote:I love seeing amazing talent like this

Quote:remember Haley?! amazing voice! so classic!

Quote:YES! YES! I saw that "IT" factor in her on American Idol and I think it was the last season I watched. She is wonderful! I LOVE this!

Quote:She is great!

Quote:Still in love with her, Haley Reinhart!

Quote:Her voice is one of a kind!

Quote:I like her - thanks Chip - had never heard her. Will add her to my Pandora stations

Quote:She was third place on American Idol in 2011. Glad to see she's still around!

Quote:I don't care for this cover. But I still love her voice.

Quote:Really thought she shoulda won that season of American Idol

Quote:Isn't she wonderful? She was on Idol a while back...

Quote:what a voice!!!!!!!! I'm in love


Quote:Such a talented and beautiful person. I am thrilled that she is worth more than both the people who beat her on AI. She and Casey should have been the two finalists! They are so much talent and fun in one room! So glad they are so successful.

Quote:Damn, is she talented or what?


Quote:Fabulous voice. Wow!!

Quote:She is amazing.... wait you guys musicians are amazing too! PMJ is a great discovery for me in the south of France... Will be coming to see you in Istres in the spring! Sorry gotta run get the tickets! Smile

Quote:Phenomenal quite amazing, I just fell in love a little more

Quote:Sweet Jesus, if you can watch/listen to this and not fall in love with Haley on some level, you're superhuman! I am WEAK! That voice. And she's so beautiful. Excellent arrangement and cover as usual.

Quote:g-od damn she is crème de la crème

Quote:shes so dreamy

Quote:her voice really has something to it... don't know what it is, but its beautiful..

Quote:Best voice I've heard in years. So classy and flawless

Quote:Мурия Щукина 2 weeks ago (edited)
Haley Reinhart - а diamond,... faceted diamond ... Thank you Scott Smile

Quote:God I fall more in love with this girl everytime I see here sing.

Quote:I tought she was incredible in "Oops, I did it again" but... Wow... Just amazing talent, amazing style, amazing color of voice... OMG

Quote:She makes it look so effortless wow

Quote:is it bad that i've listened to this so many times that i've memorised every single little shake and vibrato in her voice
30 [Image: thumbs_up.gif]

Quote:After watching this video and all the other Haley videos, I've come to one conclusion.....this defines real pure sexy on every level. I'm so sick of the trends now where society and media defines sexy as trying to be as slutty looking as possible and that wearing less is more. NO NO NO!!!
Haley in these videos is sexy. The dress which isnt revealing at all but is so beautiful on her and ties into everything so well, her movements, her hair, and omg that voice! This is real music to love. I fell in love with her voice from the first few seconds of listening. Now it's more about the image than the voice and that's why music is in the sad state it is now. We need to go back to this style as I can get lost in her voice and overall performance for hours. Innocent can be and still is sexy!

Quote:Ugh, she's amazing, I honestly don't think I would have liked this cover as much if it wasn't her voice singing it, it just sounds wonderful!

Also, the drummer is pretty cute ^^
The drummer is CRAZY CUTE! Tongue
(10-02-2015, 05:48 AM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]The drummer is CRAZY CUTE! Tongue

I'll give you Skip Thomas's autograph NUG...butt you'd rather have his photo, right?
(10-02-2015, 06:31 AM)Himm2 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll give you Skip Thomas's autograph NUG...butt you'd rather have his photo, right?

Is Skip Chip's brother? Tongue
I must say, I am kinda proud for Haley that Habits has such legs with 3.67 mil views by now. I appreciated it when it first came out but since then it has grown on me a lot more and I find myself now appreciating it on a whole different level. Seeing how even 7NA and Oops aren't automatically in the quick multi-millions (of course they're doing very well, too with way to go) Habits is really holding its own - which makes me smile every time I see it (#justrandomthoughts).
(10-02-2015, 12:58 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-02-2015, 06:31 AM)Himm2 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll give you Skip Thomas's autograph NUG...butt you'd rather have his photo, right?

Is Skip Chip's brother? Tongue

oops... I Skipped the Chip off the old block
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