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Full Version: "HABITS" - Haley with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
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Exciting news on the PMJ front. Habits would be an easy song for Haley and with the right arrangement it could really showcase her voice. It looks like Scott was happy with the product, since her song is on the album and her video is being used to kick off the release of the album. I like it that Scott seems to respect the Halien Nation, too.
(01-07-2015, 09:57 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-07-2015, 12:51 AM)30CamdenSquare Wrote: [ -> ]Take Me to Church has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I posted it as a song suggestion for Bria & tweeted Josh about covering it on The Voice last spring, but idk if either of them would've sounded any better than Morgan James does in this vid. It's pretty friggin' gorgeous.

(I'm assuming you mean Bria Kelly.) I am absolutely dying for one of "my girls" (Michelle, Haley, Bria, Jacquie, or Mary) to sing that song. But Bria is at the top of my list. I think she'll absolutely kill it. (Totally OT but if you haven't, check out her cover of "Break even"...she's improved tremendously since being on the show. Seems to happen with the younger kids.)

Take Me To Church is just a brilliant song, and I'm dying to hear a great voice on it that has some edge too it. (Morgan has a beautiful voice, but it doesn't have that edge to kill that song.)

That being said, as much as it would have been cool to hear Haley do the arrangement PJM did, I'd love for her to do the actual arrangement, so it's okay that she didn't do the PMJ one. (Okay..it broke my heart a little..) Actually, this seems like a great Caley collaboration song.

Also, speaking of broadway...I love that Haley seems to be socializing with Shoshana Bean. I saw her in Wicked, and although she's not Adele Dezeem, I will forever have stars in my eyes when her name is mentioned. Big Grin

Merc - Yeah I meant Bria Kelly. I guess I'm usually more impressed when someone flips a song into a new version than I am w/ straight covers especially when the original has a strong vocal to begin w/, which Take Me To Church does. But I get what you're saying. I would like to hear Bria cover it using the more guitar driven arrangement of the original and use a really raw hard edged vocal in parts. I think it'd be extra good if she dropped it down soft in the 2nd verse Morgan does here (that was a nice touch), except she wouldn't have to sing up an octave, just drop the bottom out of it more like Haley did in the middle of House of the Rising Sun.

Btw, I think if Bria had performed Take Me To Church & Put The Gun Down during lives instead of Rolling in the Deep (It'd already been overdone by that point) & that Avril Levine song, she would've been around a lot longer. Usher didn't know enough about rock music & he didn't listen to Bria enough to be a great coach for her.

I guess I had more to say about that then I thought I did. I was going to get into the song Haley's covering w/ PMJ but I'll do that tomorrow since it's so late & this post is kinda long already.

Edit: A lot of great pics coming from the after party last night. I kinda love BC. She's very talented & is such a sweetheart to Haley. Write some tunes w/ BC Hales!
I can like song flipping if it's done well. But I think mostly I prefer if a contestant "makes it their own" (god help me with the randy language), while still keeping the main components of the song. I think Haley and Casey are very good at doing that. But I really did love the PMJ arrangement and cover. It's just it's a great song, and the "rock" component of it is something I love, so I'd like to see Bria or Caley cover it that way.

Honestly, as much as I love Bria, I think her elimination was her own doing. She just didn't sing well. Rolling In The Deep was a song she'd been covering for a while pre Voice, and that's probably why it was chosen for her. (Trying to throw her a softball to start the lives). Usher likes to do that for his contestants. And I saw her do a cover of "I'm With You" after the show..had she sung it the way she did then, she wouldn't have been eliminated.

Usher could have been more creative, but at the same time..she was hard, IMO. She had an old school voice, and she was still in high school. Not only does he "age" her with old school songs, but there are a lot of rock songs that are far too sexual to be giving to a high school kid. Usher couldn't give her the song "Take Me To Church." She would have been awesome with Led Zeppelin, but you just can't go there. ZZ would have been a good choice though, and it's too bad she never got to sing "Put The Gun Down." But I do think she would have had she lasted longer.

Anyway, enough about Bria. I would love for Haley and BC to write together. I don't think BC is the best singer, but hey...she wrote "If I Were A Boy"...so definitely write with her Haley. Tongue

I also think it's probably fun for Haley to have another girl in her musical clique. She's been surrounded by the dudes for a while now.

Also, I like that dress. But I swear we've seen it before?
Hmm. I thought there had been mention of Tove Lo's "Habits" here months ago, but it must have been on Twitter.

I know I checked out the song and video then, and liked it. I also recall checking out her other songs and videos, but I didn't find them as appealing.

This is interesting.

Two weeks after they released "Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)" they released, Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix (see video at bottom of this post)


Original: 74,985,746 / 424,300 / 17,839
Remix: 135,749, 030 /647,283 / 20,219

Why is the remix so popular? It's about a minute longer and there seems to be fewer video cuts and many of the shots appeared slowed down. Her natural voice is altered.

Is the remix the stoner version? Or is it supposed to be more radio friendly in sound and content? I found this comment online:
Quote: the lyrics of the original version make it basically unplayable for pop radio. The remix is where it's going to be at if it has any hope at all on pop, and even the "stay high" lyric might give some PDs pause.
I'm not sure I agree given the length of the original seems more radio friendly.

Do we think it's possible that the video is released early (around midnight?) tonight?
Only the iTunes albumn mention so far -fingers crossed Wink
If it's on PMJ's next album....

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 19m19 minutes ago
Get the new Postmodern Jukebox album at midnight tonight on iTunes! #selfiesonkodachrome
*crosses fingers*
Can't help but wish/hope about the iTunes thing either way the video will be great!
If it is "Habits" by Tove Lo, the timing might be good as she just released another video today, "Talking Body (explicit)," that has 109K views so far.


Quote:In Tove Lo's new "Talking Body" video, the Swedish singer runs through seedy motels, sex clubs, and a glitter-bombed street festival all in search of a mysterious man on the lam. The song — one of the standout cuts from her 2014 release, Queen of the Clouds, one of SPIN's 20 Best Pop Albums of the year — is a true "cut to the chase" track, with a memorably slinky chorus ("If you love me right / We fuck for life / On and on and on") and now an equally as alluring video, which is above.

Tove Lo recently finished a stint opening for Katy Perry's Prismatic tour in Australia, and also just underwent surgery on her vocal chords. Here's to a speedy recovery and many more video treatments like "Talking Body."


I know this because Google knows I recently watched the other video.
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