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Since Haley joined PMJ there has been a good sized benefit to my channel, a big bump in views, a fair sized bump in subscriptions. It took me about 2 years to reach 2000 subscribers. Since Thanksgiving (I think that's when I hit 2K) I have gained 4.2K subscriptions, passed a million lifetime views, now approaching 1.5 million.

The most significant spike came from the release of the videos PMJ filmed in Switzerland, mostly Creep, probably some from Euro AATB. OIDIA has seen another spike, not as significant or sustained as Creep, but a decent spike. "Creep O2" is now entrenched as 2nd most viewed, rapidly catching up to "Sail" for top spot, viewed around 6-7k more views than Sail each month

The point is, up until Haley's collab w/ PMJ, my most viewed vids, from mostly Haley fans, have stayed steadily the same. Mostly the Stageit Vids, AI Red Carpet Moanin', and some Room 5 covers.

I assume many of my newer subscribers have come to my channel from their PMJ experience, so IMO, it brought 'new eyes' to my Haley videos, most likely fans who have found out about Haley from the PMJ vids, which meant vids that weren't given much attention before have a surge in interest they didn't get previously, before Haley joined PMJ

[Image: CKGTlYWUAAASZ3Y.jpg:large]

The video that appears to have gained the most benefit from the 4k+ new subscribers, to my surprise, is a video that doesn't have any video of Haley singing. Originally posted to help raise money for Haley's SMYM project, at the time, I was only given permission to use the audio. Which meant I had to come up w/ visuals for the audio. Using various photoshops I did of Screen Caps cut with images of Chicago shot by Greg Williams (also photoshopped to match the other images), I basically did a slide show, with one exception, I wanted to use some animation, not just still images. I searched for something that would be a visual representation of what I heard at the beginning of the song.

So yes, I'm kind of surprised that this video, "Dream a Little Dream of Me", featuring no video of Haley singing, has now taken 3rd most viewed video on my channel with over 80K views, passing Caley's HTRJ Stageit. I have to believe this is largely due to the 4K+ new subscribers and PMJ fans who've visited my channel after finding out about Haley through PMJ. The classic and clear sound of Haley's voice, her performance is magical, the video is simple and relate well to Haley's performance. I'm shocked it's become this popular and pleased at the same time Smile

Of note, Laguna Beach video of "At Last" is now 10th most viewed video, all time, on my channel in less than a month, just now crossing 30K views... again, I think due to PMJ fans, as there've been many many videos of Haley performing "At Last", including with Irvin Mayfield at the after party in NOLA, yet this performance has hit the sweet spot with fans, and have catapulted this old standard into a surprising number of views in such a short time Big Grin

Haley's cover of Amy Winehouse, also from Laguna Beach has passed 20K views in less than a month also Smile
Nice update, Tusk. Kudos to you for having such a varied selection of videos -- I know I view them often. The growth in you subscriber base is a good indicator of the interest in Haley's material. I will often look at the YT history of people who comment on the PMJ videos, and your videos, as well as Rachel's often show up among the videos the person has viewed.

I'm not surprised that those Laguna beach videos are doing well, they are good quality and solid performances by Haley. The band is really good and well suited to Haley's voice and style. I am surprised that the other videos from that show trail the two you mention by such a large amount. They are also worth watching.

The popularity of DALDOM has surprised me for a long time, but it is a great rendition of the song by Haley. Despite the slide show format it manages to stand out.

Something from BG Days like Better, belongs in the list, along with something with Irvin Mayfield and the NOJO. Don't Know Why should have more views, too. Smile
I'm actually a little embarrassed, I used to think the numbers I was getting were pretty good, compared to what I'm getting now, the first 2 years, pre PMJ, were a snail's pace compared to what "Creep" and "At Last" are getting. Rachel has more 'bigger' numbers on some of her videos. Her Room 5 AATB just passed 200k, she has several that get a very good number of views, but then she's cultivated and has been a part of the Twitter and Facebook community longer than I have so gets a larger response from her posts, in addition to getting views from her Haley news page.

I make up for it, somewhat, by having a large number of videos, over 260 and as you say, a decent selection, so I collect views in more of a 'volume' way, each video gaining views adds up to alot of views per month. The last 28 Days, my videos have been viewed 191K times.

Surprisingly, BGDays doesn't bring as many views in as you might expect "Better" from BGDays only has 15.1K views, in 19th most views and "Cake" from BGdays has only 12K, 23rd most viewed video. 6 of the 21 videos in the BGDays playlist have fewer than 1,000 views Tongue

The most viewed Irvin Mayfield performance is "At Last" after hours (combined 2 videos) 18.5K views, putting it 18th most viewed on my channel

So yeah, even though there are videos you and I think get viewed often, when you compare what they had been doing to what my videos do now, after Haley joined PMJ? It's kind of a neat way of seeing how impactful Haley's collaboration w/ PMJ has really bumped up awareness and searches for her video and past performances Cool
Also cool to see 'surprising' videos rise out of the group, lifted by fans who are 'discovering' Haley Heart

BTW, Don't Know Why is near, if not at the top of Haley performances that I love, IMO, The banter, the delivery, Haley just becoming the song, it's also a magical performance. DKW has a respectable 29.5k views (combined 2 videos). Combined count would actually put it in 11th place, just behind "At Last" Smile

"Blue" also has been breathed new life, benefiting from the PMJ collab, coming in at 12th place
In the UK, when I suggested giving Haley a flash drive of my videos, if she wanted, she could post them, Haley asked if DALDOM was one of them?

Earlier she retweeted my tweet marking when it passed HTRJ to take 3rd most viewed on my channel....

Quote:Haley Reinhart retweeted
Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk Jul 16
@HaleyReinhart "Dream a Little Dream of Me" passed #Caley's "Hit the Road Jack" #Stagit now 3rd most viewed (80k)

Guess she must also like the vid Smile

Using John's Like/Dislike ratio statistic, DALDOM comes in at a very respectable, 224 Big Grin

(07-19-2015, 08:13 PM)john Wrote: [ -> ]Creep is probably lowered by Karen Marie loyalists,

That read funny when you posted this in the Oops thread.... there's such a thing as a "Karen Marie Loyalist"?.... well, apparently there is. In the DALDOM comments section, in the "
There are comments awaiting approval. Review comments" section, there is this post, aparently from a KML

Quote:Earlier PMJ studio version of Creep


Let me remind you, this was posted in the comments section of Haley's "Dream a Little Dream of Me" video, not her "Creep" video. KML's do exist Exclamation
If not for the unusual upsurge in popularity of "At Last", possibly due to the increase in views from PMJ fans (as opposed to Haliens) on my channel, we'd notice DALDOM's rise is pretty dang incredible.

It's about to pass 90K views, only 14K behind, newly crowned 2nd most viewed on my channel, Creep O2, which has declined in views significantly. In the last 28 days, DALDOM has 7k more views than Creep....

It's possible DALDOM may pass Creep O2 Tongue

If there's any doubt I'm not imagining that 'something' happened that boosted DALDOM, here's the graph of views from March 2014:

[Image: RNej8vnw.jpg:large]

At closer look, the boost came after "Creep" debuted w/ PMJ (4/7). On 4/8 DALDOM leaped from 201 views in one day to 623, the peak views occurring 4/15 with 1,172 views in one day. Since then, the views have been consistently elevated. The second spike came from OIDIA... Big Grin
Is it KML's, or is it being loyal to the original?
"Dream a Little Dream of Me" Became my 3rd video to reach 100K views as it's remarkable charge into my top 10 most viewed videos began once Haley joined PMJ....

It's a bittersweet accomplishment as another song 'juiced' by the PMJ fans, "At Last" Laguna, is set to also reach 100K views this weekend, not only that, but it looks like AL is likely to also pass DALDOM to take over as 3rd most viewed on my channel, on it's way to catch "Creep" O2 for 2nd place (107K) Cool

[Image: CNCW_YrUsAAguDf.jpg:small]

[Image: CNCYbOCU8AAZsnJ.jpg:small]

Top 4 viewed all time/last 28 Days views:

#1. Sail (135,781 views)
6,104 (2.6%)*

#2. Creep O2 (106,937 views)
5,559 (2.4%)*

#3. Dream a Little Dream of Me (100,217 views)
15,491 (6.6%)*

#4. At Last #Laguna (99,378 views)
53,565 (23%)*
(*) percentage of views from 234,436 views in last 28 days

Haley introduced me to so many styles of music that I never heard before and now I'm hooked on. I used to be familiar with just rock and pop from drives in the car. In fact, I was never that into music in the first place until Haley came around and showed me how awesome it could be. This is the first jazz song of hers that I got hooked on. And that scat at the end!!!
(08-31-2015, 12:24 AM)dswim2 Wrote: [ -> ]

Haley introduced me to so many styles of music that I never heard before and now I'm hooked on. I used to be familiar with just rock and pop from drives in the car. In fact, I was never that into music in the first place until Haley came around and showed me how awesome it could be. This is the first jazz song of hers that I got hooked on. And that scat at the end!!!

I was always into music, but I got stuck in the 60's, 70's and 80's. So, as time went by, I went from being into 'current' music to classic rock. Jazz, swing, big band was my Dad's music, so, of course, being a child of the 60's, I didn't like it. It has only been over the last 10 yrs that I have come to really appreciate it. This video and the others from Haley's pre-idol days are some of my favorites. Thanks for posting.
With all the extra gum excitement, I totally missed that "Cry me a River" from Room 5 just passed 100K views

Less than 1000 views, "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay" will be next to cross 100K views Cool
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