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I'm surprised that "Creep" #Vegas is still getting decent views (last date 319 on 4/18 according to analytics )

You would have to go all the way back to May 30th of last year to find a "Creep" video on my channel w/ more views Tongue
Half way through 2016 Here's the Top 10 viewed videos on my YouTube Channel for the year with view counts Cool

Here's the Top 10 viewed Vids 1st Half 2016 in Playlist form, counting down from #10 to #1
Running a poll, If you have Twitter plz Vote Cool

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 6m6 minutes ago
@HaleyReinhart #NoVacancyOrchestra 2 #AtLast performances #Laguna is Sax-centric #MD is Piano-Centric which do u Heart

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 5m5 minutes ago
@HaleyReinhart "At Last" #NoVacancyOrchestra #LagunaBeach feat. @Dan_Kaneyuki #Sax

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 4m4 minutes ago
@HaleyReinhart "At Last" #NoVacancyOrchestra #Maryland feat. #GaryMatsumoto #Piano

Haley always does that song justice, her voice is perfect for that song. And I never get tired of hearing her sing it. Smile Both of those performances are superb, but if I were to chose between the two, I would choose the second one (piano). Haley seemed to be more laid back, comfortable, in that performance.
Haley is great in both videos. While the tree is really cool, I really don't care for the character and atmosphere of the Laguna setting. The audience - ugh. I like the jazzy nightclub ambiance in Bethesda much better. I enjoy the expressions of the female saxophone players, too. However, I really dig the saxophone solo in Luguna, as well as the interplay of Haley's voice and the sax music throughout that performance. So, for me, Laguna comes out on top.
(08-04-2016, 01:57 AM)yanni5 Wrote: [ -> ]... but if I were to chose between the two, I would choose the second one (piano). Haley seemed to be more laid back, comfortable, in that performance.

It's likely the difference in that respect is directly related to rehearsal time, Haley had rehearsal time in Maryland, in Laguna, she arrived maybe 2 hours before the show was supposed to start and just out of rush hour traffic that made her late. I wasn't aware that anyone drove her, I'm guessing she drove herself.

Like John said, the ambiance of the Maryland performance was far superior to that of Laguna. I'm surprised we didn't hear much cutlery or glasses clinking, the audio is terrific, and that's on top of the superb Video, Thnx Popfly Big Grin
Speaking of popfly's excellent audio, if this performance were done at Laguna, no way my mic would've picked up the notes Haley ends the song with.....sublime HeartHeart

In the end, for me, comparing how each instrument dances w/ Haley, the sax or the piano, the texture in the sound of the sax, there's a more sensual affect, they interplay very well, where as the piano is more a supplemental influence....and as earlier stated, for degree of difficulty, diving in cold w/ a band she had no time to rehearse with, I think Laguna has a slight tip of a lead for me Smile
I definitely would go for the recent one..

like I raved about in the other thread, it's power and optomism move me ...every performance brings a bit of the mood and feel of the day and the person's outlook at the time with it in some ways.. but whatver the reason I like that spin on the song

edit One of my Other top contenders I'd choose edit for Haley "at last"s is this one Tusk captured with Irvin Mayfield

I really enjoy Irvin as much as Haley ... .so I suppose it's not a fair comparison.. more a 2-fer
Haley's performance w/ Slash and Myles Kennedy has recently had a resurgence on my channel... it started slowly enough, I noticed it overtook, "Dream a Little Dream of Me" from it's long time perch of 2nd most viewed/month video, behind Laguna's At Last. Then I noticed it beginning to gain some steam.

It was pointed out to me, it's probably because the Guns and Roses tour has begun, increasing interest in the performance. As with many 'popular' videos, I started getting comments pro or vs Slash, Myles or Haley....alot of comments, back and Forth.

Cut to this morning, I checked Analytics and saw that WH was now within 2.5K views of At Last.....

I just checked... 'something' happened on the 21st, it got viewed over 13k times in just one day. My channel's views/day had been averaging around 11k-12k a day....it just shot up to over 20K on the 21st and now, we have a new 'most viewed per month' video, knocking out the seemingly immovable Laguna "At Last" from it's perch atop the analytics for my channel Cool

[Image: CtEI1W0UEAEgj66.jpg]

I like the comment about Haley "fangirling" over singing with those two, and her baby face. So true, so true. I have always loved that performance. Heart I'd love to see Haley and Miles do a duet again sometime.

Also, I LOVE it when Haley wears her hair wild like that. She doesn't do it often enough. Smile
^^^ Still climbing, at the time of the post, I think WH had around 50K views.... as of right now, WH has 111K views in the last 28 days.... it hasn't taken away views from At Last, in Fact, AL has also gained views/28 days since then, sitting at 59K views/28 days, overall my channel has grown 82K views since this last post from 307K views to 389k views/28 days.... I'm not sure how long this 'bump' will last, wondering if it might hit the 150K views/28 days mark?

3 Years ago today....Heart

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