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Full Version: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
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According to Ryan Seacrest Top40 site, Haley had the Number One cover on Hot AC radio last year!

[Image: C0iY-xUW8AADGUi.jpg]
TeamHaleyFans edit, hopefully they don't mute it this time around...Tongue

I like the sparkly bells touch, from a performance in Boston, a minimalist, unplugged, Baby it's You Cool

From an interview in Kuala Lampur....her voice on the A Capella #Free at the beginning is just amazing Heart

'Nuff Said Blush
I was a bit disappointed Haley and Midnight didn't perform "Listen' at BGDays'cause in my opinion, the video/audio of the BGDays set was my best set of all of themTongue...then looking through my "Listen" vids, I realised, I did have an awesome video for Listen, from Petaluma...

Thanks again ISCAT, airghih and JMT for letting us witness a historic time, the first time Listen was performed Live Cool

Possibly my favorite performance of this song, a song I didn't feel at all when I first heard Haley perform it at Room 5, but since then.....so many awesome performances, but you won't get better than Haley and her 'Pops' on guitar....Heart
Since we're on the subject of Haley and Casey...for some reason, I've been getting an uptick in comments made on their "Hit the Road Jack" Stageit video, so I went to investigate...check this out, the graph is lifetime views for the video Exclamation

[Image: C8xsaKdXsAQo4bQ.jpg]

Either someone 'famous', with a lot of followers tweeted it out, or it was posted somewhere that gets decent traffic, it's been a relatively popular video for some time, gets consistent views as you can see by the graph, but wow, the last week....

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