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Improved audio, first time Haley performs Good or Bad with the #Blackstreet ending that she would continue on the #Better tour Cool

"New" video of old performance from 2013, "Oh My!" with the 'New' bridge Cool

Glad to have been able to 'salvage' a pretty great performance of "Creep" from Paris. Unfortunately, I didn't get any balcony video from Harry, so it depended on how well the image stabilization would work**.

At the time, I was trying to steady my tripod w/ one hand ( my sight was obstructed by a pillar, in order to see the whole stage, I ended up using the tripod as a monopod to reach around the pillar) and trying to also get some "B-roll" video w/ my iPhone in my other hand.

In addition, I was on a raised surface, next to where Angela was selling merch. Every other time Ray hit his bass drum, the floor vibrated. So in order to be 'postable', my Image stabilization had to compensate for all of that....

I think it turned out really well... Cool

**to give you an idea how shaky the original video is, above 'haleyreinhart.com' in the lower right corner, if you look a little bit above the "h" and the "a" you can see a little 'dead' cell*** that is jumping around. Another dead cell you can see that's dancing around due to the image stabilization compensating for the shake, is around Jesse's head, you can see a tiny little red dot that dances around in that general area. Yet the video came out remarkably still Big Grin

***A Dead cell is an issue w/ digital DSLR cameras, it turns out. It's like a part of the digital matrix that's not receiving any information, so it looks like it's twinkling. Fortunately, I did a search on the internet, after I noticed it in Paris, and it turned out there was a way to reset it, so those dead cells no longer appear in my DSLR video Smile

BTS: Here's a capture of the image stabilization, you can see that I've marked a white square on the video where I want my viewing area to be. You can see I've actually cropped it quite a bit, leaving a lot of area around my selection. This is important because I'm giving the software alot of 'wiggle' room to move the viewing area around to keep the video subjects steady. Because the software is moving the video around to keep the subjects still, that's why you see the 'dead' cells dance around, it actually indicates how much the software has to work to hold Haley still....

[Image: DbDAlGqUwAA4Q_q.jpg]

If you look middle-right, to the right of the green/purple squares, those are rows of frames, two rows for two video files. Those are all single frames. The program processes each frame singularly when image stabilization is initiated, which takes alot of PC memory.

So the next step before I edit will be to output these, then use those clips to edit, minus the memory it takes for the stabilization, which results in alot of lag Tongue

PPS The audio is two combined. In the end, although the iPhone audio is rarely distorted, it's fairly thin, little depth. The best situation is to have 'supporting' audio to provide some bass & fullness to the sound. It came out pretty well in this case Cool
Two years ago Today, One day after #Better debuted, Haley & Midnight performed songs from her new album including "I Belong to You" at Durty Nellies

In a very brief time, Wild Horses has become my first 2 million view vido Cool

(At Last just past 1.8)

It has an effect, I'm seeing an up tick in people that come from rock and metal Big Grin

Loved Haley's very beautiful voice together with her very soulful interpretation and loved Myles as always too. It's a perfect duet and thanks Slash for the killer guitar playing.

Quote:Darren Turner

Miles could sing the damn phone book and make it sound great! I have no idea who the chick is but she's not bad either.


What a blond!

Quote:Teacher inThailan

Amazing performance...in every respect... And I was really ecstatic and in high spirits.. Until I read some of the childish comments slating Haley! I get it.. You're Myles fans... Same as me... which is what brought me here.. as well as Slash of course.. Truth be told, I'd never seen nor heard of Haley before... But guess what...She put in an incredible performance... as of course did Myles and Slash... Stop trying to brown nose(impress) them just to look like hardcore fans... Because you actually just come across as uneducated and pathetic! Leave the school playground, please!! (My dads bigger than your dad s syndrome!)

[Image: DcYkj1gV0AAKFmq.jpg]
(05-04-2018, 07:04 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]In a very brief time, Wild Horses has become my first 2 million view vido Cool

The triple treat for me was watching this on TV for the first time with Harry & Patti Reinhart during a set break at their El Sombrero gig:
Figured w/ the announcement Haley will be returning to the Troubadour, a good time to bring out my video of Haley performing "Creep" w/ Scott, Casey & Jacob.... Of note, at the time, Scott states Creep has SEVEN million views. This July will be 3 years since the Troubadour performance and Creep has over FORTY SEVEN million views and counting Cool

Haley's "Listen Up!" debut was celebrated at the Hollywood Hard Rock on the eve of it's release, six years ago today (also the 5th year anniversary of my Twitter account, when I finally decided to dive head first into social media Tongue )

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