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A new (old) Beatles cover to add to Haley's list w/ an assist from 'Pops" Harry Cool

The last couple videos from Portland WTS show have had an unusual bump in activity and popularity, both still keeping a pace of almost 1000 views a day when most of my WTS videos settle in around 2500-4000 views. "Better" from Portland is approaching "Valerie" from Seattle as the most viewed of my WTS videos, less than 1000 views away.

Recently posted "Can't Find My Way Home" has been up for less than a week, keeping a pace of more than 1000 views a day, but the most incredible thing about the video is, in less than a week, CFMWH from Portland already has 209 likes Exclamation

For context, I have to go all the way back to "These Boots are Made for Walking" from Chicago, to get to another video w/ more than 200 likes, that's six months...

Miguel informed me it might be someone posted it to facebook, but yeah, most WTS videos settle in around 60-100 likes give or take, CFMWH got more than 200 in less than a week Smile

Quote:videos w/ at least 200 likes since Dec 24, 2017

Can't Find My Way Home - Portland - May 19, 2018
These Boots are Mad for Walking - Chicago - December 24, 2017

I've posted almost 700 videos on my channel and still will never understand what get views and what doesn't. This video of Haley performing Black Hole Sun in Paris from Harry, Burns, for example, great video & Performance, good audio, posted last December... fewer than 3500 views... I have many, many lesser videos that have more views...

RE: Haley's Spotify playlist

Quote:y @Scarysspice 38m38 minutes ago

you added Make me feel by janelle! Queen of good taste

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 9m9 minutes ago

Been a fan of Janelle since her first album! Glad folks finally stopped sleepin on her Heart

I believe the story goes that it was Haley who convinced TPTB they should do this Janelle Monae cover Tongue
Two years ago yesterday (June 6th), Casey performed CHFIL w/ Haley at her show at the Sold Out El Rey on Better Tour

Every now and then I like to go through and listen to Caley Beatles duets. I was listening to their "Things We Said Today" from Idyllwild, then I remembered that I posted that video before I received Ira Abrams' video. He had said he would send it to me, but he went on a trip to Mexico, so I wouldn't get it back soon. I contacted him once, but didn't want to keep bugging him so I waited 'til he eventually got it to me after I'd posted almost half the videos.

Some day, I'll post the Idyllwild concert "movie", the entire concert front to back, since I have Ira's who recorded the whole things save about five minutes in the middle and the last five minutes.

Until then, enjoy "Things We Said Today" without the preceding banter, just the song and Ira's video Cool

The audio for this performance is fantastic, Haley's voice comes through in startling clarity Heart ....

I don't know what's going on but "Time of the Season" from Idyllwild is spiking big time!
It it got over 10,500 views yesterday.... Exclamation
Contributing to the most views my channel has EVER had in ONE DAY: 34,891
(previous Channel high 27,814 views in one day)

[Image: DmsALsxU4AE8lf6.jpg]

[Image: DmsAN17V4AEhRqU.jpg]

For comparison, I looked at the top viewed of my recent videos, Creep from Ribfest, which has 105,000 views in 6 weeks, is by far most viewed of the recent videos.... turns out the most views Creep had was 5,289, so TOS almost doubled that many views in one day. Last time I looked at it's views yesterday, it had around 56,000 views, right now, it has 71,000

Miguel informed me that he saw it getting shared on FB quite a bit, also Dave Matthews covers TOS on his tour.... I'd been getting posts from older fans, an uptick in comments about the musicality of the performance. GnR re-uniting for a tour ended up vaulting "Wild Horses" to the 2 million view club...perhaps some Dave Mathews are getting exposed to Haley Cool

[Image: DmsTFVcUUAE0Yzs.jpg]

Even Wild Horses' biggest one day view total is less than what TOS got. Wild Horses got 10,081 views in September 2016
One year ago October 24th, Haley's second show of her second US tour at the El Rey, the first Live performance of "Time of the Season" with both Haley and Casey. Also the second time they performed "Bring the Love Back Home" Live since they debuted it at Idyllwild Arts....

Thinking about it.... I might be one of a handful of people that have seen BOTH live performances of "Time of the Season" w/ both Haley and Casey (2nd time in Idyllwild 2018), as well as both LIVE performances of Haley and Casey performing "Bring the Love Back Home"? (First time in Idyllwild 2017) Tongue

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