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Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk 1m1 minute ago

@HaleyReinhart @CaseyBassy "Time of the Season" @idyllwildarts 2018 less than 28,000 views needed in the next 10 days to achieve something no video has ever achieved on my channel.... Half a million views in 3 months!

Which show would you like the next Haley video to come from?

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Quote:Jay MichaelsVerified account @jaymichaels13 48m48 minutes ago
500,000 views on #WhiteRabbit live video @HaleyReinhart [Image: 27a1.png] https://youtu.be/oPqmxRf_Ilg  [Image: 1f525.png] thanks to @ADoWitchesUK #DiscoveryOfWitches TV sync [Image: 1f389.png] @HaleysTusk
Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 44m44 minutes ago
Replying to @jaymichaels13 @HaleyReinhart @ADoWitchesUK
In only 9 weeks [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png][Image: 1f47d.png], faster than Idyllwild Time of the Season by 3 weeks
Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 6m6 minutes ago
My channel just passed last year's total views for the year w/ 1 month to go.  A record breaking 2nd half making up for an underwhelming 1st half [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png][Image: 1f47d.png]
Check out the 'views' graphs for 2018 & 2017

[Image: DtWec2OU8AAKAap.jpg]
[Image: DtWe2peU4AAqlAc.jpg]
#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

#15 @Haley Reinhart "Can't Help Falling in Love" w/ @Casey Abrams #BetterTour at the El Rey, LA
(2017 rank:  #11)

Haley's LA stop of her First Headlining Tour (2016) in the US included guests such as her American Idol Musical Soulmate, Casey Abrams.  That night, Casey reprises his role on piano on Haley's first Platinum Single recorded for Extra Gum in their Clio winning advertising campaign #GiveExtraGetExtra

#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos
(2017 rank:  N/A)

#14  The first and only
@Haley Reinhart original track on the list, "Check Please" appeared on Haley's 2nd album, "Better".  Performed while opening for Steven Tyler in Naperville for Ribfest, the reggae inflected piece is often used as a crowd participation tune, inviting fans to go lower in what Haley calls the new "Shout", a reference to a scene from National Lampoon's "Animal House" .

#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

#13 Haley Reinhart Casey Abrams "Moanin" #IdyllwildArts 2018.
(2017 rank:  N/A) 

The two friends quickly discovered their musical kinship when they starred in American Idol Season 10.  Little did anyone expect what was to come when Haley and Casey were paired to perform "Fever" for one of the show's group performances.  Haley suggested they perform a little known track by Art Blakey, "Moanin" to the show's music director (a song Casey already knew as he was seen performing it on his melodica in line during the show's audition episodes).

What would follow was a performance for the ages, as the Jazz duo tore up the Idol stage with some insane scatting, their musical synergy on full display, to a standing ovation.  The Jazz entity known as "Caley", was born that day.

When Haley returned to guest at Casey's show at his alma mater,  they reprised that performance on the Idol stage over 7 years ago Smile

#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

@Haley Reinhart "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" #HotelCafe 2014.
(2017 rank:  #8)  

Quote:#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

@Haley Reinhart @Casey Abrams "Hit The Road Jack" Stageit 2013
(2017 Rank:  #4)

#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

@Haley Reinhart "Oh Darling" with #HarryReinhart #LincolnHall  #BetterTour
(2017 Rank:  #20)

#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

#9 @CaseyBassy @HaleyReinhart "Steam Roller Blues" @IdyllwildArts 2016
(2017 Rank:  #15)

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