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THANKS for all you do for Halien Nation, Tusk.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and 2020, and here's to more exciting developments from Haley in the coming year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO HALIEN NATION!
Really some excellent performances in the that group you selected, Tusk. Also the sound is consistently quite good. Nice work.

The LoFi Soul touring band brings a lot of punch to the musical side of the performances.  The two guitars fit well and, in particular, Anders has a bluesy rock n' roll style that brings new life to many songs.

I have long felt that Haley would benefit from edgier and more powerful musical elements in some of her music, particularly with guitar, to complement her voice. Not just in live performances and not just as solos inserted in songs, but as part of the arrangement in recordings.  There are a number of her compositions that sound better with the bigger guitar presence.  For example, Good or Bad sounds great in the Seattle video -- and it becomes a better song.  Others, too. Of course, Haley was on fire in many of those performances but I imagine she draws some of her energy off the band.

I'd love to see her do some recording with Anders and also integrate some tastey guitar riffs into the songs. I think that could take her to a next level.
I especially like that 9 of 10 videos I picked were Haley originals.  I didn't think to do that in advance, I only had two rules going in 1) no repeat songs & 2) no more than two songs from one venue.

I just started at Jan 1 and scrolled forward, picking ones I liked until I encountered one that was better and replaced it.  I only noted there was only one cover after I'd finalized my list Smile

I did break one of my rules as you can see there are 3 videos from one venue in the list.  Hard as I might, I couldn't find any other video to knock any of the the three off, which not-coincidentally, all 3 were in the top 5 videos Tongue
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