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(05-02-2015, 04:09 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ][align=center][Image: 11205885_1443942432584890_1350646155_n.jpg]
Nice comparitive photo find Tusk/John. Many Stevie's have been important in Haley's life...Stevie Tyler, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks, Stevie hairdresser that helped Haley's parents get to LA often during Haley's Idol run and even Stevie Klumpp.

(05-01-2015, 09:32 PM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: [ -> ]TNX.STEVE(HIMM) You know why AngelAngelAngelConfusedConfusedConfused
and yes I know why lovingh...Hope you never say "goodbye" to us.
KHaley news flash: as soon as Jamie Fox slaughtered the National Anthem;

Haley Reinhart insisted on taking him to Church, naughty boy ConfusedConfused
4 years ago today.....

I found this on YT was uploaded few days ago

^^ There are better greatest hits than those but it's a nice trip down memory lane.
Originally only able to post the audio of this performance, I was challenged to come up with the visuals to go along with the music. Luckily, This cover of "My Cake" has such a strong .....'Funk' personality(?) to it, that the more I worked into it, the easier it was to sense the funk attitude of the song, it started formulating in my head, not visuals as much, more like a vibe... something that would guide me, a psychic template to follow Tongue

I'd done a few 'videos' before but they were all basically 'slide shows', still images that transitioned in location, orientation and scale. This time I wanted to add animation into it, so I looked up some royalty free video, nothing in particular. If it seemed interesting, I'd pick it up. That's when the ideas for what visuals I wanted started coalescing more, I thought it needed a '70's' look and feel to it with a touch of psychedeliaCool ... I'm really surprised how well the animated sequence during Keith and Harry's solos synced up with the music, I just tweeked this here, applied that there, and it all worked out w/o much effort Big Grin

I know it's not some masterwork of animation, but it was a fun exercise, my first using found footage and editing the visuals to the music, that it kind of 'just happened' was fun to experience, one of the more satisfying things that can happen when you get that inspiration Angel

Now and Again, I get a reminder why, on a personal note, Haley has been such a motivator for me. Yes she's gorgeous and outrageously talented, a sweetheart on top of all that. But for me? The thing that hits me to the heart? She's triggered in me the possibility of enjoying, loving and the satisfaction of the creative process. From Day one, I've said Haley's my muse, she still is today.

Anyway... HUGE tangent, but I was thinking, IF "My Cake" makes it to the EP, out of all the versions, I hope the studio version has this 'Funk' spirit to it .

^Nice work Tusk...probably enjoyed best in Denver under a full haze. Cool

I like my videos and watch them too. Rolleyes
Quote:Haley Reinhart retweeted
Tusk @HaleysTusk · May 8
.@HaleyReinhart "Creep" 'unplugged' w/ @CaseyBassy @andersgrahn @ROOM5LA #SoVerySpecial

The night at Irvin Mayfield's Playhouse that started a whole new relationship:
Originally posted (audio only) to help raise funds for Haley's SMYM project, this cover, despite being a 'slideshow video', Haley not seen singing in it, "Dream a Little of Dream of Me" Surprisingly (at least to me) became a dark horse favorite on my channel (53,598 views currently, 4th most viewed...was 3rd most viewed 'til Creep O2).

Until "Creep O2", DALDOM was the only song in the top 5 most viewed videos on my channel that featured only Haley singing, the others were all #Caley videos, performances with her oft partner, Casey Abrams.

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