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I love this performance, and I imagine it may have had something to do with Irvin inviting Haley to sing it in Chicago. She seems very relaxed and the (almost) Ella style scatting just flows......I've had this on my Haley playlist since Tusk recorded it. Edit: Haleys scatting has gotten better too since this...even though I couldn't imagine it would be possible

I know the rule is one a day, but I haven't posted here in many days so I get 2 today - I claim it. [/u]

(05-16-2015, 09:05 AM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]Haleys scatting has gotten better too since this...even though I couldn't imagine it would be possible

I think it's all about her confidence on stage. I've heard it so many times since her collaboration w/ PMJ and the consequent tour, She is such an improved performer on stage... touring in front of an audience with other talented performers has really helped Haley step up her already formidable game Cool
TeamHaleyFans video using Audio from the Chicago Theater NOJO show using photos captured of Haley and Chicago by Greg Williams, "Come Rain or Come Shine"

^^ Excellent Tusk! (& Greg)
All rigth:She mesmerize us singing,scating,growling,belting and now WHISTLING!!!!!
There are quite a few things on my "Haley Bucket List" since I began supporting Haley, things I hope for Haley as well as things I hope I get to see/hear. One was fulfilled a few months ago... as far back in my support of Haley as I can remember, I've always 'known' that overseas fans will appreciate her more than US fans, I hoped that she'd get the chance to tour overseas....specifically in the UK, I hoped to be there if/when it ever happens...even made an agreement w/ a UK Halien after S10 Idol, that we would both see Haley perform for the 1st time in th UK together if it ever happened

So when I saw that she would be there AND the cost of the trip was ridiculously cheap (I mean RIDICULOUSLY Tongue) it felt like 'something' was saying "Here you go, take it" Tongue

So I took it Cool

Another thing that I had on that old Bucket List was to hear her perform Norah Jones' Don't know why. I've always LOVED that song, and I knew Haley's voice would fit it so very well. There's also the Beatles' tie with that song, Norah was the daughter of Ravi Shankar who helped George Harrison discover the Sitar, so many reasons I love the song....but that was a pipe dream...

Cut to 2 years later, having the opportunity to attend a private party as well as the ability to invite other Haliens as well... the signs were there that it could be very special. Add to that that they decided to fly Keith and Harry in to back Haley... Couldn't really ask for more..... then, as I was busy checking equipment... another "Bucket List" item was checked off as Haley's adorkable introduction lead into one of my all time favorite live performances I've witnessed (Creep in UK is no1 live performance)....

Haley's banter is one of the best things about seeing her live, it seemed a crime to not include it in the video, Keith playing the Jeopardy theme while Harry tunes his Santa Ana affected guitar, Harry's surfer riff coinciding w/ Haley exclaiming "By the end of it you all have to be in the pool" as if they'd planned it.... Then there's "the Balcony crowd, gotta have one of those" Big Grin Wink

To this day, I still get goosebumps how lovely and silky smooth her voice is on a song I wished, but figured little chance I'd hear Haley sing....."Don't Know Why"...

She was scheduled to perform 14 songs, they did almost 20...special night indeed Smile
Sorry, I'm cheating by posting two videos at once but a lot happened exactly 3 years ago today May 26, 2012 in the life of Haley Reinhart & her #1 Wheeling Neighbor Fan:

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk 10m10 minutes ago
Late night #SentimentalSaturday @HaleyReinhart debut w/ @PMJofficial #Berlin #pmjtour "Habits" #TeamHaleyFans edit

watch in 1080p Wink
The song that contains my sentimental favorite Haley lyric

Quote:@HaleyReinhart "Walking on Heaven" @lollapalooza on the @bmi stage

watch in 1080P Smile

Sorry KHALEY Radio fans...she didn't sing but it was a historic first meeting between haleylvr4evr & I and it was then that Haley signed my vinyl Haley Anthem sung at U.S. Cellular Field placard that exists on the Halien Headquarters Minigolf Course as hole #12 (same number she wore on he shirt while singing-A.J's #). You sink your ball in 1 stroke -she sings the Anthem, sink it in 2 she sings God Bless America (cutoff before her very minor flub) in 3 it's the short BMI interview at Lollapalooza, and in 4 it is the audio track from the Youtube above.
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