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Full Version: Radiohead sudden favorite for new James Bond theme
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Quote:Nobody does it, better: Bond theme betting suspended after punter tries to put £15,000 on Radiohead

Think Radiohead, and what comes to mind? It’s obvious, really: fast cars, gizmos and gadgets, semi-clad women, high-stakes gambling, and brutal violence delivered with a raised eyebrow. In fact, putting Radiohead and a James Bond thing together seems like the most reasonable pairing since Dexys Midnight Runners recorded the theme to Brush Strokes, the 80s sitcom about an unlucky-in-love painter and decorator.

That’s clearly what some people think, at any rate. The bookmaker William Hill suspended betting on the identity of the next Bond theme singer on Tuesday, after a customer in Middlesex tried to put a £15,000 bet on Radiohead having recorded the song.

...pectre director Sam Mendes has said the song has already been recorded, and will be announced soon. After weeks of the bookmakers making Sam Smith the favourite to be named as the theme’s singer, Ellie Goulding became the favourite. She tweeted the title of the 1973 Bond film Live and Let Die, and posted on Instagram a picture of herself leaving Abbey Road studios, where the theme is normally recorded, with the caption: “That’s a wrap.” Betfair went so far as to suspend betting on her on Tuesday.

Radiohead have form for Bond-related activity. Though there is believed to be no truth to rumours they have a huge secret base beneath the ground in Oxfordshire, centred around a giant shark tank into which Phil Selway throws those blocking his path to world domination, they have previously tackled a Bond theme, performing Nobody Does It Better, the Marvin Hamlisch/Carole Bayer Sager song that Carly Simon performed over the credits of 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me.


My mind likes to entertain the thought that Haley's "secret weapon" -- that a friend thanked her for letting him listen to it -- is the new James Bond theme. And this person placed the bet on Radiohead after hearing a reference to "Creep."And that's why Ole moved the EP date back.

The honor usually goes to established names...

Quote:Live and Let Die marked the franchise’s first acknowledgment of the existence of rock and roll and debuted Roger Moore as Bond.

...Meanwhile everyone’s favorite martini-swilling womanizer went right back to swaying to adult-contemporary-ready ballads sung either by UK natives (Lulu, Shirley Bassey, Sheena Easton) or US counterparts trolling the same sonic ground (Carly Simon, Rita Coolidge).

...MTV favorites Duran Duran were tapped in 1985 to record the title song for “A View to a Kill”. It remains the only 007 tune to hit number one stateside or across the pond.

While Bond got another makeover, first with Timothy Dalton for a couple outings and then with Pierce Brosnan, there was no changing the outdated musical tastes of England’s famous fictional spy.

...the brains behind Bond turned to a stable of proven US chart veterans like Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, and Sheryl Crow who all proved woefully incapable of tackling the US charts.

In 2002, Die Another Day restored hope for musical relevance with Madonna’s top ten title hit. Naturally it signaled the end of an era rather than a beginning. This time, however, the change was for the better.

...To accompany the reboot, Chris Cornell delivered “You Know My Name” for the 2006 version of Casino Royale and Jack White served up “Another Way to Die” (with an assist from Alicia Keys) for 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

Because of their rock credentials, the songs were welcome entries in the Bond canon, but emphasized the same message as most of their predecessors: songs tailored to everyone’s favorite globe-trotting spy offer little or no insight on the music going on back home. That is, unless Mr. Shaken Not Stirred had secretly applied for American citizenship. Roughly the first half of the Bond movies were soundtracked by UK artists. Since 1989, the only act with any tie to the United Kingdom was when Garbage, fronted by Scottish singer Shirley Manson, trotted out “The World Is Not Enough” in 1999 for the movie of the same name.

The world’s top gadget freak wasn’t just abandoning his own country’s music, but jumping on musical trends a decade late. As the frontman of Soundgarden, Cornell had been right at the forefront of the grunge a decade earlier. As half of The White Stripes, Jack White was arguably the biggest star of the return-to-garage-rock movement at the turn of the century.

Still, Daniel Craig’s Bond Version 7.0 offered hope. This wasn’t the same secret agent we’d come to know through more than 20 movies. Maybe he could jump off buildings and into moving helicopters backed by music lifted straight from BBC Radio 1. It took 50 years, but by tapping Adele for “Skyfall” the Bond series finally picked a song by a British superstar actually at the cusp of a movement. Thanks to Adele and predecessors like Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, and Duffy, the Brits were right smack in the heart of an English blue-eyed soul singer era which would have made Dusty Springfield proud.

We’ll see what happens next time out.

Published January 2013:


Still seems like the best bet:

Quote:A knowing smile: Ellie Goulding left Abbey Road studios in London on Monday amid reports she has a song registered with BMI Music called Spy, which could be the soundtrack for the new Bond movie

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