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Full Version: New Management in the House (possibly)
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Note from Miguel: This thread was split from the "Extra Gum: "Can't Help Falling in Love" thread.

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ht pj
^ He is a "Digital Content & Marketing Manager" at Strategic Artist Management/SRMGT in Los Angeles.

Someone replied to his post with "Omg! We love her!!!!"
and he responded with:
Quote:Oh nice! Met with her yesterday, and she is super cool! Should be fun to work with.

It doesn't appear there are any recent stories about Strategic Artist Management.
Hum, interesting. Met her yesterday? Are we sure this is management?




Facebook: Dash Radio

Dash Radio
I initially thought his post pertained to the DashRadio angle. But he said "we" and "roster" (not playlist) and then stated he met Haley and will be working with her. That sounds like a client relationship likely related to management and/or content development.
Quite likely.
http://staffmeup.com/profile/derekspartz clarifies his Dash Radio : on air personality

Old SAM article (2008) http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/ne...eter-asher

Quote:Derek Spartz
1 hr · Los Angeles, CA ·

On the set of Good Day L.A. to see Haley Reinhart slay her performance with Postmodern Jukebox! Oh and Brandy + Rev Run are in the house (Whhhhhoooo's House????)!

Includes picture of Haley performing(?) while standing next to the guy who asked her about Idol. Maybe during a sound check?

Quote:Derek Spartz ‏@DerekRadio 10 hours ago, Los Angeles, CA

Ran into #JasonAlexander just in time for #festivus & turns out he's a huge @PMJofficial & @HaleyReinhart fan!

[Image: CWCSlajUYAAVpIi.jpg]
They talked with Haley for a good 20 minutes after after the group photos, I knew I recognised him from somewhere, thought maybe from Jingle Jared. When it was Rachel & my turn, Haley told us "that was my management"
When you say "they" do you mean Derek and Jason Alexander?
No Derek and a group of four others
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